18 Things To Do Before You Turn 18

18 things to do before you turn 18

Not sure what kind of bucket list activities to do before you’re an adult? Here are 18 things to do before you turn 18!

Your teen years consist of some interesting times. Don’t waste them sitting at home and watching Netflix.

Go do a few things before you turn 18. There are a lot of regrettable topics in this list that you don’t want to miss out on.

Let’s dive in!

Go to a Concert

things to do before you turn 18

Go see your favorite artist live before you can’t anymore. It’s a super fun experience to do with friends or family that you have to try before college starts.

Get Your License

things to do before turning 18

If you live in an area where driving is convenient, it’s worth getting the freedom of driving alone. 

Getting your license is one of the best things to do before you turn 18 so that you can take yourself wherever you need to go without parents.

Drive Somewhere Far

bucket list things to do before turning 18

Now that you have your license, go somewhere at least an hour or two away for the day with some friends.

Most teens haven’t even left their home town before, let alone on their own. Go explore some nearby towns in your area!

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Learn to Play an Instrument

18 year old teenager playing an instrument

It’s always cool to have a little something to play anywhere you go. Plus, having an ear for music makes you a stronger cognitive thinker.

It also makes for one of the best hobbies as a teenage guy or teenage girl!


volunteer as a teenager

Go do something good for people who need it more than you do. You’ll feel great afterwards too.

You can volunteer at places like camps, hospitals, charity organizations, schools, churches, or through summer programs!

Make Some Money

things to do before turning 18

Whether it’s with a job or mowing someone’s lawn, make some cash on your own and see how it feels.

Making money on your own teaches a lot of independence and will stop the need to ask your parents for money.


exercise as a teenager

If you haven’t started yet, get into exercising. You’ll only get lazier as you get older if you don’t start early.

Complete an at home teen workout, hit the gym, or join a sport at your school. Either way, working out will provide you with a ton of benefits!

Find Your Style and Hairstyle

find your style in high school

Figuring out what clothes fit you best and satisfy you most is one of the most important things to do before turning 18.

There are tons of hairstyles for teenage guys and teenage girls that you can choose from an experiment with!

Tell Your Crush You Like Them

teen talking to crush

Stop being afraid and just let them know how you feel. Don’t take it too seriously, just tell them like they’re your best friend.

By the time you turn 18, you’ll realize that all those high school nerves about talking to your crush was a joke.

Take the leap and have fun with it!

Write a Story About Yourself

things you have to do before turning 18

Writing about your life often is healthy in general, but write a small story sharing a moment in your life that you can always have to look back at.

You can dive deeper into journaling, story writing, or starting your own blog to boost your creativity and make a new hobby!

Find a Book You Actually Enjoy

It wasn’t until I realized that I was interested in business books that I got into reading and found a book that I actually liked. Find your book niche and pick a favorite.

It’s only once you’re older that you realize just how important it is to read and learn something new.

Kiss Someone

teens kissing


If you haven’t had your first kiss by 18, that’s okay, but if it’s because you haven’t taken that leap yet, go get it done.

Everybody’s first experience is nerve-racking and awkward, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re afraid that’s going to happen to you.

You’re going to end up laughing about it the next day anyways.

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Go Skinny Dipping

skinny dipping bucket list for teens

It’s fun. Take the exhilarating risk and get naked in the water either by yourself or with friends in private.

As a teenager, don’t do this in public. If you’re going to try it, at least do it at a friends pool or something.

Do Laundry Yourself

things to do before you turn 18

Learn how to take care of yourself a little before that day comes when you won’t know how to do it.

Understanding that you have responsibilities as you get older is important to avoid that initial shock when you have a bunch of stuff on your plate.

Learn to Cook 3 Good Meals

teenager cooking a meal

Mastering at least 3 meals that you can make for your family, a date, or spoiling yourself is important to get down.

At some point in your life, you’ll have to cook yourself a few meals, so get started on it early!

Make Something with Your Hands

teenagers building something

There’s something relaxing and satisfying about making something by yourself. It doesn’t have to be some creative gift either.

For example, I learned how to make a bow and arrow from things in nature.

Your builds can involve things like necklaces, coasters, or even building a desk from IKEA.

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Go to a Sports Game

things to do before 18

A sporting event is one of those things to do before you turn 18 that you’re really going to enjoy. 

They make for a fun experience with family, a cool date night with your crush, or a fun weekend with friends.

Get Your Hygiene Routine in Check

Face routine, brushing and flossing, colognes, and everything else should be figured out by this time to ensure a fresh body everyday.

The key is to build good habits for yourself when you’re older, so that you don’t have to develop them much later in life when things are harder.

Ultimately, you’ll thank yourself for it in the end!


Well there you go, 18 things to do before 18.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading.

  1. I really like this blog as I am turning 18 so I want to known these things must I thing according to me all under 18 should read this blog as they can be independent and enjoy their life. This blog makes me feel very good that some of the things that I will do from now and make changes in myself till turned 18.
    This blog is so interesting and must attract every teenagers.

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