Easy Full Body Workout for Teenagers at Home (No Equipment)

full body workout for teenagers

Exercise for teenagers is crucial to stay healthy and build muscle. Here’s an easy full body workout for teenagers at home without any equipment!

Before we begin though, you should note that a few muscles will not be targeted in this workout. Muscles like your back and biceps are very hard to workout at home and I didn’t want to lie to you with some magical exercise without any equipment.

Aside from that, this full body workout will hit your abs, legs, shoulders, chest, triceps, and more! Plus, this exercise will give you an excellent cardio workout to get your heart going.

This is a 5-step exercise that will be done twice (minimum). You can skip to the end for the full workout summary in a list format, but I recommend reading through to make sure you’re doing everything properly.

Let’s dive into this workout for teenagers…


Burpees Workout for Teenagers

Burpees are an excellent workout for teenagers at home because you just need some space and your bodyweight to do them.

If you haven’t heard of or done burpees before, here’s how they’re done:

  • Start standing
  • Reach your arms up high and jump
  • Get down into a pushup position
  • Do 1 pushup
  • Come back up

Do this 10 times. When you do it all together, it should look like one fluid exercise. Try not to stop in the middle, or crawl your way back up from the pushup. Please, don’t skip the pushup either!

This workout is meant to be explosive. So when you jump… jump high. Kick your feet out into pushup position and you’ll really feel the cardio.

This works out the chest, legs, and gives you a great warm up into the next workout…

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Air Squats

Air Squats Workout for Teens

Now we’ve all heard of squats, but let’s make sure that you’re doing them properly. This is an air squat, meaning no equipment necessary!

  • Stand slight more than shoulder width apart
  • Keep feet flat and back straight at all times
  • Arms out in front of you
  • Squat all the way down (no cheating!)
  • Make sure your knees never go past your toes
  • Come all the up and squeeze your glutes

Do this 30 times. It may seem like a lot, but this is the only real leg workout on the list and it really does burn.

Do not cheat or try to rush this leg workout! The next exercise will give you a break from your legs…


Plank Workout for Teenagers at Home

Time for an ab workout! This is your chance to fight the voices in your head telling you to give up at this point. This is how to perform the plank:

  • Start in a push up position
  • Get your whole body flat
  • Forearms touching the ground
  • Hands together
  • Squeeze your core
  • (Use image above as a guide)

Hold this position for 1 minute. Try to have some sort of timer in front of you or do this with a friend and have them time you.

If at any point the plank gets too hard, try lifting your butt into the air and bring it back down. This will give you a tiny break and reset your mind for the rest of the plank.

Once your 1 minute timer is up, get prepared for this next triceps workout…

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Tricep Dips Teen Workout

Dips are an excellent exercise for targeting your tricep muscles! Find a low bed frame, side of a couch, or even a chair to perform the exercise. Here’s how you do them:

  • Place your hands behind you (shoulder width apart)
  • Have your fingers point towards your body
  • Legs flat out in front of you (heels touching the ground)
  • Bring your body down as far as you can go
  • Use the bend of your elbows to come back up

Do this 10 times. These burn so much, but that just means it’s working! If you think you can do more, do more. The workout might be slightly more or slightly less effective depending on what you’re doing the dips on.

Your body doesn’t need to be completely flat like a plank. Let your butt relax because you’re still lifting the same amount of bodyweight.

Now keep that chair or whatever you’re using, because you’ll need it for the 5th and final workout for teenagers at home…

Elevated Pike Pushups

Full Body Workout for Teenagers At Home

Elevated pike pushups are a great way to workout your shoulders while you’re home. No you don’t need that bench, you can use anything to get your feet up. If you’ve never heard of them before, here’s how they’re done:

  • Find a chair, bed, or side of a couch
  • Place your toes on it while hanging off the side
  • Put your hands in a pushup position (shoulder width)
  • Make your torso as vertical as possible (bend your hips for this)
  • You should be in a handstand position with your feet on the chair
  • Do a push up straight below your head
  • Come back up

Do this 10 times. It may be quite tricky to get down at first, so I recommend trying it before doing the whole workout. Use the picture above to get a better idea.

If it’s too hard for you to get to 10, just do your best. Eventually your muscles will get used to it. You really feel the burn in your shoulders when you do it right and it’s a great way to end the full body workout.

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So let’s recap…

Full Workout for Teenagers at Home

Now that you know how to do every exercise, let’s make a summary list of the full workout:

  1. Burpees (10 Times)
  2. Air Squats (30 Times)
  3. Plank (1 Minute)
  4. Dips (10 Times)
  5. Elevated Pike Pushups (10 Times)
  6. Repeat!
  7. Take 10 Second Rest Between Each Workout
  8. Take 30 Second Rest After 1 Full Cycle

That’s it! A simple 5-step workout to get your heart going and workout your whole body. Try it out and leave your feedback below!

I recommend you do this every other day if you want to do it consistently. It takes around 15 minutes to complete depending on your pace, so there’s no excuse to not do it.

Keep your form in check and push yourself to do your best. You got this!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

  1. I’m really looking forward to doing these exercises! It has been a dream of mine, to start exercising and staying fit..
    So far the exercises are doing a great amount of work to my body… I can really see some results after 2 weeks!!

  2. hey so im 14-15 and im wondering if this plus pushups and situps will help me get fit bc i really just started and i dont really know what to do

  3. Hey Hector!

    Because it is a high intensity workout, I recommend repeating it just once for a total of 2 cycles.
    As the workout gets easier, you can always add more cycles to keep the intensity up!

    – Daniel

  4. I’m 13 and my god does these exercises hurt. I can barely do most of them (specially Dips and Pike Pushups), so I am really looking forward to this since it’s still my first week. Hopefully, I can properly do them in these next weeks!

  5. Hi Henry,

    That’s awesome that you’re already trying to work on your body at such a young age!

    This is a pretty high intensity workout that you can adjust based on your strength. Lower the reps if you need to and work your way up.

    Best of luck on your fitness journey!
    – Daniel

  6. Hi Shaun,

    You can definitely lose weight doing these exercises as they do require a decent amount of movement to complete. However, you should note that losing weight mainly comes from diet and a smaller portion comes from actually working out!

    – Daniel

  7. Hey I was wondering if these exercises could help me lose weight . And How long it will take me to lose at least 30 pounds?

  8. Hi Esther!

    You can definitely lose weight doing these exercises as they do require a decent amount of movement to complete. However, you should note that losing weight mainly comes from diet and a smaller portion comes from actually working out!

    On the faster (but safest) end, you can lose 30 pounds realistically in about 15-20 weeks of consistent effort. This would be about 1.5-2 lbs lost per week.

    Take care!

  9. Hi there,

    There is technically no prime hour to do any type of workout. Whatever’s comfortable for your schedule is usually best (maybe before you shower every day or right when you wake up).

    I’d say most people prefer to do it first thing in the morning to start their day off fresh and energized.

    Hope this helps!
    – Daniel

  10. Hi,I’ve been doing this workout for a couple of weeks now,what should i do next?should I change my workout or stay with it? what’s the next step?

  11. Hi David,

    I’m glad you’ve been doing this workout for a while! If the workout is getting easy for you, you can either add more repetitions, switch to a different workout, or incorporate some more abs into the workout.

    Here’s my favorite ab workout.

    Hope this helps!

  12. Hi there,

    The pike pushups are definitely the hardest exercises in this workout. If you’re following proper form, but can’t seem to lift yourself up, try to at least control yourself on the way down as slowly as you can and then reset to the starting position.

    This way, you’ll still feel the effects of the workout without having to do the full rep. Hope this helps!

    – Daniel

  13. Is it ok to do this workout every day instead of having a one day rest, or does it have to be every other day?

  14. Hi Jack,

    Doing this workout everyday is definitely acceptable. I would still recommend you take 1 rest day during the week for some muscle recovery.

    Hope this helps!
    – Daniel

  15. Hi!
    I’m 11 years old and im wondering if I can still do this or if I should wait until I’m older. Thanks!

  16. Hi there!

    You can definitely get started on this workout. Maybe save the pike pushups for when you’re older, but the rest of the workouts should be just fine!
    – Daniel

  17. Hi,I’ve been doing these workouts for a while and their getting easy. I really love this workout and I’m seeing good results but I’m starting to get bored,what should I add to this program? is there more exercises that i can do?i wanna step it up and not do the same exercises for more reps.Thanks

  18. Hey David,

    I’m actually happy to hear that the workouts are getting easy… it only means it’s working!

    You can try out this upper body workout (has some of the same exercises) and incorporate some ab workouts as well. Additionally, if you have some sort of big laptop case or backback, you can fill it up with textbooks and start using it as a weight for curls, to wear during pushups, etc.

    Hope this helps!
    – Daniel

  19. Hi! Im 13 and just recently got out of physical therapy for n injury on both my knees. They pop a lot and hurt while doing squats. I used to be very physically capable and in gymnastics, so i was pretty strong and flexible. Since the injury lasteed almost 2 years, i lost most of my strength from it, not just one area, all, like arms, core, legs, ect. Any suggestions on getting started again? Ive started stretching as well to gain flexibility back too before going back o gymnastics.

  20. Hi Dakota,

    I’m definitely no expert in the recovery side of things. I would at least recommend for now that you take things slow while doing these workouts and really put an emphasis on your form.

    Hope this helps!
    – Daniel

  21. Hi,do you have a harder full body workout or a workout with more exercises for whole body muscles? everything is getting really easy

  22. Hey David,

    Not sure if you saw my reply to your previous comment, but I’ll copy/paste it below 🙂

    I’m actually happy to hear that the workouts are getting easy… it only means it’s working!

    You can try out this upper body workout (has some of the same exercises) and incorporate some ab workouts as well. Additionally, if you have some sort of big laptop case or backback, you can fill it up with textbooks and start using it as a weight for curls, to wear during pushups, etc.

    Additionally, you could order a set of resistance bands to incorporate more back and bicep workouts if you have the money for it (they’re not too expensive).

    I understand it can be hard to see a huge amount of progress without a gym, but these at-home workouts are the best you’ll get to stay in shape in the meantime. Like I said, if you can incorporate some more weight in the form a backpack, the workouts will become much more difficult 🙂

    Hope this helps!
    – Daniel

  23. Hi Daniel,
    I play the piano somewhat seriously and don’t want to hurt my wrists/ get trigger finger. Should I avoid any of these exercises or should I be fine? Thanks!

  24. Hey Keagan,

    A few of these exercises do require a big back bend of the wrist. I’d recommend trying the workout as it is (being careful not to be too explosive) and maybe lower the reps just so you have a feel of what’s right for you.

    The workouts that are likely to cause wrist strain (if any) would be the pushups, burpees, and pike-pushups. Best of luck!

  25. Hi,i wanna add some ab exercises to this program,where should I add them so i can do the circuits? or should I do them before my circuit workout

  26. Hey David,

    If you’re following the ab workout that I recommended, I would do it before the full body workout just because you may get tired out after the full circuit. It’s really just your preference, but that’s what has been most comfortable for me 🙂

  27. Hi Daniel, thank you so much for this. I’m planning to do thus 3 rimes a week + your abs workoit and some curls & stuff. I’m worried I’m not doing it often enough but i do dance once a week and pe twice, so should this be okay ? Also do you have any recommendations for warmup/cooldown, because ive been doing jump rope to warm up and i dunno if thats good.

  28. Hey Max,

    The amount you’re doing is definitely enough. Any start is a good start (you can always do more as you build your strength and stamina). Jump rope is actually a perfect warmup and makes for excellent cardio. The plank in the full body workout technically is the cool down exercise, so you can just follow the routine as it is 🙂

    Hope this helps!

  29. Hey Daniel,
    i’m 12, almost 13, and I play volleyball. I want to do this every chance I get, but I have school, volleyball practice…it’s kind of stressful. I want to stay fit, and I love this workout, but I can’t even do it every other day. Do you think you can create a workout that could be done maybe twice a week for people like me?
    P.S. I love your ideas, and I’m so glad you created this website!!!

  30. Hi!

    I completely understand your situation (I’m a volleyball player myself haha). Doing this workout every other day is simply a suggestion… you can do it as often as you’d like!

    If twice a week is the most you can handle, then stick with twice a week. If you’d like, you can also incorporate this ab workout before starting the full body workout.

    Hope this helps!

  31. So i just start doing this today (day 1), and it hurts my right hand wrist especially when i bend it upward. Should i keep doing it or lower the rep or take a rest for 1 day to let it recover?

  32. Hi Ray!

    I would recommend taking a little rest day just for your wrist to recover. Here are a few other tips to help prevent it in the future:

    – Keep wrists directly under shoulders when doing pushups
    – Bend wrists in opposite direction against a wall to stretch them out
    – Squeeze your core to put less pressure on your wrists

    Hope this helps!

  33. Wow! I’m 12 and this workout is really helping. I want to get more fit for lacrosse and just for life. Thanks for the workout!

  34. Hey,
    Is there an exercise that I can do instead of squats? I have to avoid knee stressors per my doctor’s orders, so I need another exercise.

  35. I was wondering if the one full circuit is going to be enough of a workout to show progress or would it be too much to do 2 full circuits and then rest until the day after?

  36. Hey,

    The workout naturally suggests to do 2 full circuits, so I would recommend doing that and then take a rest day whenever you feel like you need one! It definitely wouldn’t be too much 🙂

  37. Hi Daniel

    I wonder will these workouts make me stronger or can I get bulk up doing your exercises

  38. Hi there,

    These workouts can definitely make you stronger because you will get more and more used to lifting your own body weight. Bulking up your muscles boils down to getting in enough protein and also doing these exercises consistently.

    In short, this workout can do both as long as you are eating properly along with it!

  39. Hey I just started to do your workouts and I’ve been doing this one the ab one and the upper body one together, how long do you think it will take to see results and is this a good workout to do every day?

  40. Hey Jack,

    Smart of you to combine all 3 workouts together to get the most out of it! It’s definitely a good workout to do everyday and I encourage you to make it harder on yourself as the workout gets easier by increasing reps, cycles, sets, etc.

    Seeing results really boils down to diet (making sure you get in enough protein) along with all the exercises together. If you are eating properly and pushing hard with these workouts, expect to see some big differences after about 2-3 months! Hope this answers your questions!

  41. how many cycles should I do a day. I normally work out but haven’t in a while due to covid, and am wondering if i should start slow and work my way up, or start with like 5 cycles.

  42. Hey there!

    The workout suggests to do 2 full cycles as a workout. Of course, this is for beginners who want to work their way up. If 2 cycles doesn’t feel like much for you, I encourage you to add on a few more cycles or to increase the reps within each exercise. Hope this helps!

  43. And here comes the otaku guy , the inspirer wanna-be for other otakus that they can make abs😌. So here are some questions 1.is it necessary to do it 2 times a day Or 1 time in evening is enough? 2.so, after workout how much time should i wait to have drink .

  44. Hey!

    You can do the workout as often as you’d like. One time in the evening is great though!

    Also, you can have a drink whenever you’d like after a workout. There is no time limit to drinking!

  45. Hey bro like two days ago, when I first tried it I sweated like insane and the second was the same and belive me my body was through hell damn pains I couldn’t even walk normally and today the third time I not sweating at all. Was that supposed to mean i somewhere did something wrong or what??!! 🥵🥵

  46. Hey!

    It’s very likely that your body regulated the intensity of the workout and you already got used to it. Another possibly is that you took longer rest periods in between.

    Hope that answers your question!

  47. Bro a little question so, does losing weight and losing fat is the same thing or both totally different cause bro i do want abs and do want to lose fat .

  48. Hey Otaku,

    Great question! They are technically different since you can lose weight from loss of muscle, water, or other minor factors. However, abs do require you to lose body fat and a good way to see progress is by checking your weight.

    So in summary, they are technically different, but mostly the same (losing fat will make you lose weight and reveal your abs).

    Hope this helps!

  49. You can add exercises like “Supermans” or “trap shrugs” to increase the workout size. You can also increase the reps, sets, or lower rest periods to boost intensity. Hope this helps!

  50. Hello there!
    Right now I’m a bit out of the shape, so is there some advice you want to give me……

  51. Hey Harshal,

    Here are a few things you can start looking into right now:

    – find out how many calories you should be eating per day to lose weight or gain muscle (there are a bunch of calculators online for this)
    – focus on your diet
    – do cardio workouts and this full body workout daily if you can
    – stay motivated!

    Hope this helps!

  52. Daniel,
    I can’t do 2 cycle. After 1 cycle I get very tired. Is it okay to do only 1 cycle?

  53. Hey,
    I don’t like doing burpees. How about I replace it with pushups and jumping jacks. So, tell me how many pushups and jumping jacks to do (consider for doing 2 cycles). I’m 15.

  54. Hi,
    I’m 14 and have been out of shape for years, but for the passed month I’ve been doing something about it. I’ve been dieting but I havent had the chance to exercise, so I thought I’d start. I had a couple questions.

    1. How do I keep motivated to exercise? I always feel good about myself one day then terrible the next about my weight and looks. I find it hard to keep going instead of saying “what’s the point?”. Any tips?

    2. If I kept it up, doing it every 2nd day to maybe 3 times a week, what would be a reasonable amount of weight I can lose in a month?

    All the best!

  55. Hi there,

    Good for you! I’m happy to hear that you’ve been doing something about how you feel 🙂

    1) Always remember why you started. This sentence always helps me stay motivated when I’m feeling down about my fitness. It’s also great to set goals and to stay on top of them so that it feels like progress is being made.

    2) Losing weight does depend a lot on your diet and how many calories you’re burning per day. I would say a healthy range at your age would be around 1/2 pound per week and no more than 1.5 pounds per week.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can answer. Hope this helps and best of luck!

  56. Thanks, I really needed this. I’m thinking about trying to get back in to basketball. All Other work outs were super confusing but I understood this one.

  57. Hey Caden,

    I’m glad this workout was easy to understand and that it helped! You should definitely get back into baseball and use this workout to increase your strength 🙂

  58. Any arm workouts ? I’m 14 years old and am currently using 4 kg dumbbells… how much time will it take to get noticeable muscles . I’m a bit skinny

  59. Hey there,

    This full body workout doesn’t include biceps and back. However, you can copy some of the exercises from these bicep workouts at the gym. Some of them use dumbbells which you can utilize to build your arms!

    The time it takes for your muscles to become noticeable varies upon your diet, exercise, genetics, and age. However, you should definitely see change after about 3 months or so of consistent exercise and diet!

  60. Hi Keon,

    Yes, that’s a perfect swap to make! I would argue that shoulder press is better for building muscle (at least in my experience). Just be careful not to lift too heavy over your head at a young age 🙂

  61. I do some stretching plus light exercise before this workout but then I have only enough energy for 1 cycle is it ok or should I do 2 circuits ?

  62. Hi! It’s ok if you just want to do 1 cycle (especially if you’re doing other exercises before). As things get easier over time, try to incorporate a second cycle. Hope this helps!

  63. This is an awesome workout! I’ve been doing great with it, but the pike push-ups and dips aren’t very possible with my house, could i replace them with a different exercise, and if so, which exercise?

  64. Hey I’m so happy you like the workout! Working out triceps and shoulders are difficult without doing dips and pike pushups. Literally any table, chair, bed, or bench can make those 2 workouts possible. Alternatively, you could do close grip pushups to hit some of the same muscles if you have to replace them. Hope this helps!

  65. Hi, I’m 11 years old and I am wondering if this workout is okay to do? The pike push-ups and dips are very hard for me to do, so do you have any advice about this?

  66. Hey, great workout! Just wondering, is it okay to eat breakfast first in the morning and then do the workout, or is it better to just do it first thing in the morning?

  67. Hi! The workout is ok for you to do as long as the exercises aren’t completely straining you. Maybe avoid the pike pushups for now. If you still want to feel the benefits of the pike pushups and dips, try starting at the top and going down as slow as you can and then just reset every time. Hope this helps!

  68. Hey, So the air squats feel more like they are burning my arms more than my legs, (lol) so could you maybe explain how to do them better, or tell me what I’ve been doing wrong?


  69. Hey Harper! Instead of putting your arms out in front of you, try holding them to your body (like a mummy) or make a big fist with both hands in front of your face. This will take the burning sensation off your shoulders. Also, make sure you’re squatting as far down as you can while keeping your back straight. Hope this helps!

  70. First off, great workout! However, I know it’s also a lot on the diet too! Do you have any specific healthy foods to eat; and what foods to stay away from? I think that could really help.

  71. Hey Kelly! I’m glad you enjoy the workout. It’s definitely a lot on the diet and I think you might be interested in checking out this fitness guide for teens! It goes over diet and also a few food recommendations and things to avoid.

    If you want the bare minimum breakdown, try to up your protein intake and stay away from high fats and sugary foods. Hope this helps!

  72. Hi, great workout! I’m 11 years old, and weigh 88 pounds, is that healthy for my age?

  73. Hi Ava! I totally understand. You can still do this workout to the best of your abilities and if something doesn’t feel right it’s ok to skip it. You’re so young and your body hasn’t even had time to fully develop, so don’t think it’s the end of the world if you’re insecure right now! Best of luck!

  74. Hey there so I have taken a look at some overweight people and it got me worried because I don’t want to be overweight. What should I really be doing early in my teens to avoid becoming overweight?

  75. Hey there so I have taken a look at some overweight people and it got me worried because I don’t want to be overweight. What should I really be doing early in my teens to avoid that

  76. Hey Madison! You should be proud of yourself for wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle at such an early age. I recommend exercising everyday and avoiding sugary/junk foods when possible. Hope this helps!

  77. Hi there! So, by chance is it that you are born with a certain body type..? Because all my friends are really skinny and they eat more sugar than me…So was It just genetics?

  78. Hi Marina! Here’s 2 things you should note:
    1) you can’t target where you burn fat. When your body burns fat, it gets rid of it from all around your body.
    2) Burning fat is a product of eating less calories and exercise. This exercise can help burn calories, which can help you burn fat.
    Hopefully this helps answer your question!

  79. Hello. I am an 11 year old, and I really want to be fit when I grow up, but I have a lot of fat and I don’t know what to do!

  80. Hi Samantha! Good on you for wanting to be fit at such a young age 🙂
    I’d recommend getting at least 30 minutes to an hour of exercise per day and avoid junk food as much as possible. Keep in mind that it takes time as well for fat to go away, but stay consistent and you will get there!

  81. Okay. As an 11 year old, I’ve recently found myself extremely insecure about my weight, for everyone around me seems so effortlessly thin. Im wondering if there is something wrong with me..,?

  82. Hi, specifically what are some easy and healthy to-go lunches for school , without a site with signups.
    (Btw, I’m really starting to see results with this workout! :D)

  83. Hey I am turning 13 on the 7th of April i want to do this workout and the ab workout, do you think that is too much and is there any other excersises i can do?

  84. Hello! I’ve decided that I do this as a night time workout. I also have a morning one, my morning one is a full body workout but I made it up. (25 push-ups, Plank,burpees, mountain climbers, bicycle crunches, jumping jacks, lunges, leg lifts and 1 minute arm circles) is that a good workout routine ? Am I Missing something?

  85. Hey Salma! It’s totally normal to feel a bit insecure about your weight as your start to enter your teen years. Keep in mind that your only competition should be yourself and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Luckily, if you don’t like what your body looks like, there are natural ways to work on it over time (like regular exercise and eating healthier). Hope this helps!

  86. Hi Rachel, I’m so glad you’re seeing results with the workout! I’ve copy/pasted the list that I have on my free guide so you don’t have to sign up to see it. Take a look:

    Breakfast Foods (can also be snacks):

    -Eggs and toast
    -Egg burrito
    -Protein Shake
    -Yogurt with granola
    -Protein pancakes
    -Peanut Butter Sandwich

    Lunch and Dinner Foods:

    -Chicken, rice, and veggies
    -Ground beef, pasta, and tomato sauce
    -Fish, quinoa, and broccoli
    -Tofu, noodles, and avocado
    -Seitan, pita bread, and salad
    -Greek yogurt parfait
    -Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and toast
    -Taco bowls with your choice of protein
    -Tuna salad, bread, and tomato
    -Chicken, rice, and bean burritos

  87. Hi there! Doing both of these workouts is great for your age and isn’t too much. Of course, if you feel like it’s too much after trying it, you can ease off and adjust how you want.
    Happy early birthday by the way!

  88. Hey Maggie! That’s awesome that you’ve created a morning and night workout for yourself! Your workout looks great, I would just suggest adding something like dips so that you can target a muscle in your arms if that’s something you want to tone up over time 🙂

  89. Hi there! There’s no requirement in life to workout everyday. However, it’s recommended to get some sort of physical exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes (or to do a more intense workout like this one). Hope this answers your question!

  90. Hi, great workout! However, I have a couple of questions. First, I’m wondering if workouts make you muscular, because I want a more lean body style. As a female, muscle is usually not seen, right? I’m just confused, and i don’t mean to be offensive to females or anything.

  91. Hi Olivia! Great questions. Workouts and diet can make you as muscular as you choose to be. In other words, if you got to a point of leanness that you’re happy with, you can just stop and maintain that shape. Muscles don’t grow overnight, so you would see them growing very very slowly and just stop when you’re satisfied. Keep in mind that it mostly depends on what you eat and especially how much you eat. Hopefully this answers your questions!

  92. Hi, I know it’s a lot on the food, but how do I possibly turn down sweets all the time? It’s really hard, because I have such a sweet tooth. I am able to decline some sweets, but I feel like if I don’t eat sweets ever, I’d be wasting my time. That’s why I’ve decided to go with not an exactly skinny type of body. How much should I be eating to maintain my body type?

  93. Hey Olivia! The amount of calories you eat really depends on your current weight, height, age, and other factors. If you’re interested, you can look up a calorie calculator online and input your information to get a more accurate answer!

  94. Hey Sarah! I totally get it. I have a massive sweet tooth also, but I just try to eat something small for sweets at the end of the day after dinner. That way I still get to eat something sweet and I have something to look forward to after eating healthy all day. The amount you eat depends on your age, weight, height, and other factors, but try looking up “maintenance calories calculator” online and see if you can get a better answer!

  95. Hey there! As an 11 year old, I just have one question. Is it okay to have dessert every night after dinner? Is that healthy? I definitely try to eat healthy during the day. Most people say don’t worry too much until you’re older, but I was just wondering.

  96. Hey Amara! I wouldn’t worry too much about it at 11 years old, but maybe just eat something small for dessert to fill your sweet tooth.
    Hope this helps!

  97. Thank you! At what age should I worry about this? And also how small should the dessert be?

  98. Hi Amara, I would start caring a bit more about your health as you get closer to 14/15 years old. It depends on the dessert, but maybe try halving your desserts. For example, instead of 2 scoops of ice-cream, just eat 1 scoop. That could help you regulate things a bit better!

  99. Sometimes my ridiculously enormous sweet tooth gets in the way of my health! For example, if I already had some candy in the middle of the day, then if i am offered some ice cream at night, i find it hard to decline…What can I do to fix this?

  100. Hey Leslie,

    As someone with an enormous sweet tooth as well, it’s definitely hard to decline dessert. You don’t have to decline. Instead, ask if you can just have a little bit instead of your normal amount. Also, if your goal is to lose weight, that goal needs to be strong enough to avoid eating too much sugar if you genuinely want to stop. It’s all about building discipline slowly 😁. Hope this helps!

  101. Hey Riley! You’re never to young to start exercising. However, it’s recommended that teenagers don’t start lifting weights until around 12-13 years old. Hope this answers your question!

  102. It’s so hard to lose weight, so what is a good weight for me to start maintaining my shape?

  103. Hey Sophia! That weight depends on what you weight now, how old you are, and a few other factors. I recommend checking out a calorie maintenance calculator online to see what your goals should be!

  104. Hi! Too make sure I don’t overeat, do I stop eating when I’m not hungry anymore, or when I’m super full?

  105. Hi Payton, oatmeal is a very healthy meal to eat for breakfast. Cereal is tricky because most popular brands are filled with sugar, but some can be healthy. Either way, oatmeal is usually the better option (especially if you’re not adding brown sugar/syrup to it). Hope this helps!

  106. Hi Rae! Great question! Overeating is usually caused when your portions are too big to begin with or you’re skipping meals. Try to keep portions smaller, drink tons of water to keep you more full, and overall be mindful about overeating when you catch yourself doing it. Hope this helps!

  107. How do I decline sweets? It’s so hard..I want more than anything to be fit and healthy, but I just can’t turn down that brownie. Do you have anything I can do?

  108. Hi Beatrice! You don’t have to necessarily decline that brownie. Sometimes just limited that brownie to half and only once a day which is totally appropriate! Hope this helps 🙂

  109. Hi! So, I’ve decided I won’t eat any junk food throughout the week except Wednesday and on special occasions. Those days I can eat up to 4 junky foods. Is that alright?

  110. Hey! So, to make sure I don’t overeat the directions are eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you aren’t hungry anymore. But once you take two bites of food you aren’t hungry anymore. Does that mean you stop eating then? Or continue eating?

    (By the way, this workout is really working for me! It’s short and helpful!)

  111. Hey Kate! You don’t have to stop eating after 2 bites of food. Otherwise, you’re going to be hungry 20 minutes later. Eat until you’re ACTUALLY full (aka finish your meal), but make sure that the meal is healthy.

    At the end of the day, what matters is how many calories you ate throughout the entire day. As long as your food is spaced out appropriately, it shouldn’t matter when you stop eating a meal. Hope this answers your question!

  112. Hi as an 11 year old girl is it normal to be bloated after meals or am I eating too much? It feels unnatural after meals so I was just wondering.

  113. Hey! It’s completely normal to feel bloated after meals. Bloating is a common digestive trait in women that usually comes from swallowing too much air while eating or having a weaker stomach. As long as it goes away after a little while, it’s nothing to worry about 😄.

  114. Hi, so what do I do if maybe I have a party today with pizza and cake, and i already ate a pastry for breakfast and tomorrow being Mother’s Day we’re going to brunch and having cake for dessert. What should i not eat? Or is that a good amount of junk food..?

  115. Hi Lucy! Hopefully it’s not too late to answer… as long as you’re eating things in moderation and staying committed to limiting the junk food during the week, then it’s okay to eat a few sweets here and there (again, all in moderation). Have fun though it all sounds like fun!

  116. So, I’ve just got a quick question. How many sweet/junk food should I eat in a day?

  117. Hey Sophie, there’s no magic number. I would say to just eat as little as possible. If I had to pick a number I’d say 1-2 small pieces of sweets per day and that’s it. Hope this answers your question!

  118. So, school is out. I haven’t been working out because I’m 11, but I don’t feel like I’m a healthy weight. I’ve been trying this workout but the pike push-ups and dips are hard. They don’t seem to be working. What can I do?

  119. Hey Tori, because you’re so young, it’s actually ok if you skip those 2 workouts for now and just continue on with the rest. Plus, you can always do some sort of cardio if you’re looking to lose more weight. Hope this helps!

  120. Hi! I’ve been gaining weight lately at age 11. I really want to be fit and thin when I grow up, so what can I do to assure that?

  121. Hey Maggie! Eating healthy and exercising regularly will always help you reach that goal. If you get a chance to check out the fitness guide that I made on teachable, I highly recommend reading through it 🙂

  122. I am not getting embarrassed while writing this comment I am 14 years old and I masturbating my self I can’t control my self and I am weak Can you tell me something to stop that ?

  123. Hey David,

    It’s very normal to feel the way you do, especially at 14 years old. The best way to limit it is by diverting your attention to something else. Pick up a new hobby that you enjoy. Every time you think about masturbating, go keep yourself busy with that hobby. It can be anything… video games, riding a bike, etc. A lot of times, excessive masturbation can stem from boredom, so work on keeping yourself busy. Hope this helps!

  124. I was just wondering if the cycle should be done with no pause throughout the whole thing or if I can take pauses between some exercices if it gets too much, if so, how long. Thanks so much for this though, it’s exactly what I needed

  125. Hello! I’m 12 years old and I’ve definitely found myself craving more junk food lately and not being able to deny my cravings. I’ve been pretty unhealthy! Any tips on how to get back into a healthy lifestyle?

  126. Hi Erica! It takes about 3 weeks to completely build a new habit. If you can hold off of junk food for just 21 days, you can fix this. Keep sweets at home in hard to reach places, reward yourself for eating healthy, and make yourself a plan and stick it on your wall to remind yourself to stay consistent. Hope this helps!

  127. Hey! I’ve been doing this workout and honestly, I’ve got to the results i want. Like, I want to keep this body build! But unfortunately, i’m only 12. And I mean, gaining weight is going to happen when i get older. So how do I keep this body build? I don’t want to be unfit later, so how do I maintain my body as it is?

  128. Hey Raylee! I’m so glad you got what you wanted out of the workout at such a young age! You should be proud.

    Because you’re so young, you’re of course going to grow, but you can still gain weight proportionately to your size.

    So, as long as you stick with the workout and eat healthy foods (aka avoid the sugar and junk), you’ll definitely find yourself satisfied with your build as you get older. It’s all about consistency!

    Good luck 🙂

  129. Hi! This workout is great! Just one question, how long would you say it would take for me to slim down my thighs if I’m doing this workout and also a 7 minute workout on YouTube? It’s perfectly fine if you can’t answer, i was just curious. 🙂

  130. Hey! A lot of that progress is going to depend on what you eat as well. At the end of the day, you’re going to lose weight if you burn more calories than you take in. Just stay consistent and you can definitely see changes in 2-3 months!

  131. I am currently taking coaching of lawn tennis and basketball ( 1 hour each ) so can i do this

  132. Hi there, I’m 14 and I’m 84kg,
    Will this workout help? And or will you have other recommendations?

  133. Hi Flas,
    This workout will absolutely help no matter what age and weight you are. Stay consistent and check out our free teachable guide for more advanced workout tips!

  134. Please can videos of these workout be made available too just to be sure am doing them right

  135. Hey my parents don’t have buy all these protein food and other healthy foods but I eat what my parents cook which is usually chicken and rice with potatoes and vegetables, pasta and fish. Also this is a very good workout for me ima do it one time a day or something like that.

  136. Hi! I’m 13 years old and I’m pretty skinny. I’ve been doing these exercises every day (only 1 set though since I’m not ready for 2 yet), and I’ll start increasing sets once I feel more comfortable. How long do you think it’ll take me to see results?

  137. I don’t know if you saw my previous comment but I would really appreciate an answer ASAP, thanks!

  138. You should expect to see your abs having more tone to them, but it all depends on your genetics and how much body fat you have. The key is to stay consistent 🙂

  139. Hi!
    I had reallyy sore muscles after day 1 so I took a day’s break but it’s still just as bad, should I wait till they are healed a little or continue with the pain?
    Also I’m unable to do a proper push up in the burpees, is there any easier way or alternative to the push up?
    Thank you!

  140. Hi Preksha, You can take another day or 2 to heal your sore muscles before you get back to the workout. It will get less and less sore as you continue to do the exercises over time.
    Instead of a full push up, you can start in the plank position and just go down as slowly as possible, then reset to the plank again without pushing yourself back up. In other words, just do half of the pushup and then reset. Hope this helps!

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