25 Best Hobbies for Teenage Guys (At Home and Outdoors)

hobbies for teenage guys

Looking for fun hobbies as a teen boy to take up your time? Here are 25 hobbies for teenage guys, both at home and outdoors!

Before we start, you should note that hobbies are meant to be tried based on your personal interests. This is just a list of hobbies for you to get inspiration from and possibly pursue.

The list will be categorized between hobbies at home and hobbies outdoors. That way you can decide based on your preference.

Some of these hobbies may require a startup cost. They are usually no more than $100 or so if they do, but most of them are either very cheap or completely free.

Let’s get into the first section!

Hobbies for Teenage Guys at Home

Prefer to stay inside for your hobbies? Not a problem at all!

Here are a few options for you to consider that don’t require you to step a single foot out of the house…

1) Reading

Reading is a very calm and relaxing hobby to get into. There is such a large variety of books out there that it’s kind of impossible to not find something you enjoy!

If you’re not much of a reader, you can also opt for audio books or listen to podcasts instead.

I thought I hated reading as a teenage guy, until I picked up the hobby of reading business books. Pick a genre or topic that personally interests you and then look for books on those topics.

2) Woodworking

While you might imagine woodworking to be an expensive hobby, there are actually a lot of ways to make it a rather affordable activity!

Woodworking can be as simple as finding a stick in your backyard and whittling it with a knife to make different shapes, animals, or human figures.

There are tons of Youtube tutorials to look at if you decide to get into woodworking, making it one of the easiest and best hobbies for teenage guys at home.

3) Programming

If you see a future in coding or developing, then you should definitely consider giving programming a shot!

There is barely any startup cost since all you really need is a computer (which you probably already have access to) and the software to code (some are completely free).

Additionally, Youtube has expanded its array of programming tutorials so much that most people can become better coders than those who go to school for it.

All you need is some dedication and patience to learn that skill everyday.

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4) Writing

As a teenage guy, writing can be a rather therapeutic hobby to consider getting into.

If you enjoy creating stories or simply want to write out your feelings, all you have to do is open a Google Doc, Word Doc, or grab a piece of paper and a pen.

From there, the choice is yours. You have full creative freedom and a chance to clear your head when you’re feeling down or stressed out.

Writing can also help you in future careers. You can even start your own blog and eventually make money from this hobby!

5) Play an Instrument

Playing an instrument is one of the best ways to wind down and turn your brain into creative mode (and I’m not talking about Minecraft here).

If you’ve always wanted to pick up a new instrument and start learning to play everyday, now’s the perfect time to do it. Especially because you’re staying at home!

The only real startup cost you need is the money to buy the instrument itself (which you can find most of them used online).

Lessons are completely optional, but Youtube is more than enough to get you off the ground.

6) Gaming

Gaming is probably the most common hobby for teenage guys. I get it, playing video games is like an escape from the world and we feel a lot safer when our headset is on.

Gaming can come with a ton of benefits if you know what you’re doing. A lot of games can actually teach you about the real world like survival, history, or strategy.

It’s a great indoor activity that still allows for social interaction amongst your friends or gives you the potential to make new ones!

7) Cooking

No matter how old you are, cooking will always be a useful skill to pick up.

If you have the patience and motivation to get in the kitchen and start cooking, it’s a great way to be active and get moving around the house a little.

A lot of videos on Youtube have quick and easy tutorials to learn from and imitate in your own home with ingredients you probably already have.

It can be an excellent way to bond with your parents as well if they like to cook with you.

8) Flipping

For those of you who don’t know what it is, flipping is the act of buying something for cheap and selling it for more.

In other words, if you’re good at negotiating or finding really good deals online, this could be a great way for you to make some money as a teenager and learn some useful skills!

Here are a few things you can flip as a teenage guy:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Phones
  • Basketball and Baseball Cards
  • Yard Sale Purchases
  • Video Games
  • Candy and Drinks

Please be careful when you sell these items online! There are creepy strangers out there that can either scam you or put you in danger since you’re under age.

With that being said, you should still do your research and consider giving it a try, even if you have some old clothes lying around to experiment with.

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9) Finance

Similar to cooking, finance is one of the best hobbies for teenage guys to learn about money, investing, credit, and more no matter how old you are!

If you want to build wealth now and for your future, definitely consider doing your own research on certain finance topics and go with your gut.

There are plenty of guys out there who talk a lot of bs about money and you can usually spot them out pretty easily.

There are also a lot of incredible resources nowadays for you to learn from on Youtube. Here are some of my favorite finance Youtube channels for teenagers:

  • Graham Stephan
  • Tom Blake
  • Nate O’Brien
  • Andrei Jikh
  • Ask Sebby

There are tons more to choose from in the link above, but those are definitely great places to start!

10) Survival

You would think survival needs to be an outdoor hobby, but it doesn’t have to be.

You can get into survival by learning how to craft things out of wood, build shelters, make paracord bracelets, or create a survival kit.

There are huge survival fanatics out there who have turned this into a massive hobby amongst most males.

If you’ve always wanted to have a better survival sense, consider giving this hobby a try!

11) Baseball and Basketball Cards

Collecting sports cards is an extremely popular hobby for young men because they usually know the sport well and have a decent sense of player potential.

Baseball and basketball cards cost money to get a hold of. A lot of packs go for anywhere between $500-$2,000 (most of them on the lower end).

Although it can be expensive, you can also flip those cards to make a profit and you’ll learn a lot about the world of collecting.

This hobby has been around for so long that the first baseball card ever made was created back in 1886!

12) Photo/Video Editing

One of the best hobbies for teenage guys at home has to be editing. You can learn a lot about marketing, getting creative, and you can make money from it as well!

It is by no means an easy business to get into, but you can also edit photos and videos for fun if you’d like to.

If you plan on making money from this, make sure you reach out to as many people as you can and pitch them your services, ask for editing advice, or to just start networking.

Photo and video editing will always be a useful skill during our generation, so take advantage of the knowledge whether you end up using it in the future or not.

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13) Magic

Magic is a hit or miss for guys. We either think it’s really lame or think it’s the coolest thing ever.

If you’ve always found interest in magic, you should take your first step to learning the basics.

Startup costs are low since you really just need a deck of cards to get started. Watch a few Youtube videos and you could learn your first trick in 5 minutes.

It’s always a great way to impress people at parties/school which can become extremely useful for social interactions.

Outdoor Hobbies for Teenage Guys

Indoor hobbies are great for occupying our time when we’re feeling lazy, but being at home all day can be quite frustrating.

If you’d prefer to get outside more and find something to do outside of your house, here are a few hobbies to consider…

14) Fishing

Fishing is a great hobby that doesn’t require many frequent costs (just mainly the startup costs) to get started.

All you need is a fishing rod, fishing line, bait, and a local lake to catch your first fish. There may be additional costs depending on how you want to fish.

Altogether you’re looking at an average cost of around $100-$150 plus a whole lot of fun if friends and family join you.

15) Sports

Sports are the best hobbies for teenage guys who are athletic and want to burn a few calories while they stay occupied.

You can join a sports team or gather up some athletic friends at the park to play basketball, football, soccer, ping pong, tennis, swimming, and more!

Some of these sports require a small purchase for equipment (if no one has anything). You can also buy sports games such as Spikeball and learn it together with friends!

If there aren’t any sports teams or friends available, check for clubs online that you can join (either through certain programs or even Facebook groups).

16) Hiking

Getting into hiking is a perfect way to get some alone time, break a sweat, and enjoy nature.

You most likely have some hiking trails near your house that you can drive to (or get dropped off). Most of them are easy hikes that are quiet and peaceful.

If you’d prefer not to go alone, you can always organize a certain day of the week to go with a friend or family member and get some one on one time.

Plus, there’s no startup cost at all to get into this hobby!

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17) Photography

Good with a camera? You may find yourself becoming an expert at taking pictures!

Getting into photography is a great hobby and skill to learn in life. It can open many doors at your high school or even in your future career.

I have a friend who used to make over $2,000 every graduation season, because everyone knew to come to her for graduation photography.

Start up costs can be extremely high here, so it’s definitely not for everyone. Consider looking into used photography equipment if you do take on this hobby.

18) Videography

Similar to photography, videography can be your go-to hobby if you enjoy capturing the world in its most active form… videos.

Knowing how to make high-quality videos can also turn into a side-hustle for you. Plus, it makes for pretty cool Instagram shots.

If you’re someone who already takes a lot of videos or wants to get into vlogging, this could be your gateway into videography.

Please note that startup costs can also be very high if you don’t already own a good camera.

19) Biking

For all my adventurers out there, biking is an awesome way to explore your city while also being outside.

It’s one of the best outdoor hobbies for teenage guys because it involves being active, getting some fresh air, and having a better understanding of the world around you.

You can bike casually or start taking it more seriously by going mountain biking or timing yourself around your neighborhood.

Intro level mountain bikes can go for $2,000 or more, but a basic bike to ride around town should only cost you around $300.

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20) Cars

Cars aren’t going away anytime soon, and learning how to properly work your way around one is crucial.

If you already own a car, learn how all the parts inside of it work, how to fix them, and other cool car life hacks that can come in handy!

Just do me a favor, don’t start racing with your car or spend $5,000 on tuning it up and stuff. A lot of my friends just recently got out of that phase, and every single one of them said it wasn’t worth it.

Learn the mechanics, but be safe with the choices you make regarding your vehicle.

21) Archery

Archery is a personal hobby of mine that I picked up as a teenager and instantly fell in love with.  Besides, who doesn’t want to feel like Hawkeye or the Green Arrow?!

The startup cost for archery is around $150 if you pick out some affordable equipment and start with the basics.

There are usually tons of archery ranges around. Check your local area and see if there are places available for you to shoot.

Some places are completely free (especially at government parks) while other ranges require a monthly membership (usually no more than $10/month).

It’s extremely fun and teaches you a lot about patience, controlling your breathing, and an insane amount of accuracy!

22) Bowling

I’m sure you’ve given bowling a try before, but have you really tried to get good at it?

There’s a lot more to bowling than you might think. It’s not easy learning how to spin the ball properly and get a strike every time.

Tons of bowling alleys offer deals during certain hours or for certain age ranges (usually students) so take advantage of that and go when it’s cheapest.

Competing against friends is always fun. Plus, there’s always something new to learn about bowling.

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23) Pottery

Pottery is essentially the process of taking soft clay and shaping it into a certain object (usually cups, bowls, and pots), then putting it in fire to completely solidify and harden its shape.

Believe it or not, pottery is actually really hard to do. It can actually help you build muscle if you do it often.

Start up costs can be high, but check with your high school or pottery clubs nearby to see if they offer a monthly membership deal.

You can always take a course for your first time to see if you even like it. Most first time classes are around $40-$60 dollars.

It’s a super calm and enjoyable hobby for teenage guys to get into. Plus, you get to take home your own creations when you’re done!

24) Skateboarding

If you’ve ever tried to hop onto a skateboard, you know it can be difficult at first.

Skateboarding is one of the best outdoor hobbies for teenage guys because it teaches us how to control a very important emotion… fear.

In order to even ride a skateboard, you have to completely eliminate the fear of falling from your brain. Otherwise, you won’t be able to ride.

It’s a fun enough sport that you’ll actually want to go outside and ride it when you can. Riding with friends is always a good time too.

A skateboard usually costs around $70-$100 on the lower end.

25) Thrifting

If you’re someone who’s into fashion and like to experiment with different types of clothes, then you should definitely try thrifting.

If you buy most of your clothes at thrift shops, you’ll know how cheap it is compared to buying at big brands. Plus, it’s really fun finding interesting pieces.

You’ll always stand out, have unique style, and get to save a ton of money while also getting outside more!

You can compile an entire week worth of outfits for only $100! That’s the power of thrifting your clothes.


Hopefully these 25 hobbies for teenage guys gave you some inspiration to get started on your next activity. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll turn that hobby into a career!

Let me know which hobby you’re going to try.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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