100 Best Graduation Cap Ideas in 2024

graduation cap ideas

Need some cool graduation cap inspiration? Take a look at these 100 best graduation cap ideas that are insanely funny and creative!

Whether you’re looking for grad cap designs that are inspirational, match your personality, are movie/tv show inspired, or fit your major, you’ll be sure to find your favorite idea in this list!

By the way, congrats on graduating college! It’s a huge step into the next chapter of your life after years of hard work and sleepless nights.

That’s why it’s important to have a ton of fun with your graduation cap design because why not!

Let’s dive into the ideas!

Best Graduation Cap Ideas

Funny Graduation Caps

1) SpongeBob Inspired, “Ight Imma Graduate Cap”

funny graduation cap ideas

If you’re a SpongeBob lover like we are, then you’re going to love this funny and creative graduation cap idea!

2) Finding Nemo, “See You Later Dudes”

best graduation cap ideas

This Nemo inspired cap is easy to make with some sticker letters and a printer.

3) Office Inspired Graduation Cap

funny Office graduation caps

Not only is this graduation cap probably one of the easiest ones to make (just print out the meme and glue it onto the cap), but it’s absolutely hilarious!

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4) Michael Scott Graduation Cap

Michael Scott graduation cap ideas

Another genius graduation cap decoration idea if you’re a fan of the office is a classic Michael Scott quote.

5) Princess Diaries Cap Decoration Idea

princess diaries graduation cap design

Take a book out of Princess Mia’s playbook with a Princess Diaries inspired graduation cap.

6) Mindy Kaling Cap Decoration Idea

Mindy Kaling graduation cap decoration idea

Mindy Kaling has so many iconic quotes, so why not put her best one on your graduation cap? This genius and easy cap idea will be a crowd favorite.

7) Jersey Shore, “Grads Are Here” Cap

funny graduation cap designs

This “Grads are here” graduation cap decoration idea is genius, easy to make, and easily one of our all time favorites.

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8) Guy Fieri Grad Cap

Guy Fieri grad cap

Flavortown? No, graduation town. If you love Guy Fieri, you’ll love this college graduation cap idea.

9) Dwight Schrute Graduation Cap

Dwight Schrute graduation caps

We all know the iconic, “bears, beets, battlestar galactica,” quote from Dwight, and this hilarious take on it for a graduation cap is genius.

10) Olive Rodrigo, “It’s Brutal Out Here” Cap

funny Olivia Rodrigo graduation cap idea

We’re big fans of Olivia Rodrigo but even bigger fans of this hilarious and creative cap decoration idea.

Graduation Cap Designs More For Guys

11) Drake’s, “If You’re Reading This…”

graduation cap ideas for guys

Inspired by the king of rap, Drake, this graduation cap is the perfect decoration idea for any guy who loves all things hip hop and Drake.

12) Nike, “Just Did It”

simple graduation cap designs for guys

If you’re an athlete, or just a fan of Nike, you can’t go wrong with this easy and creative cap idea.

13) Biggy Smalls, “It Was All A Dream”

grad cap ideas for rappers

Another great idea if you’re a hip hop fan, specifically of the OG rappers.

14) Just Winged It

funny graduation caps for guys

Sometimes simple is effective, especially this beer and wings inspired graduation cap idea, especially if those got you through those last two years.

15) Marvel for Graduation

Marvel graduation cap design

Calling all Marvel fans, we’ve got the graduation cap for you.

16) Spiderman Inspired Cap

Spiderman graduation cap

It’s okay that the suit didn’t fit you, you got to go to college, graduate, and make this hilarious cap instead.

17) I Graduated… But At What Cost?

graduated at what cost thanos cap idea

This easy graduation cap is hilarious for all the Marvel meme fans out there!

18) Avengers Inspired

Avengers inspired graduation cap ideas

Avengers, assemble, let’s do whatever it takes to graduate.

19) Post Malone’s, “Congratulations”

Post Malone congratulations grad cap

You’ll be hearing congratulations a lot, so why not pup the iconic song, and rapper, on your cap?

20) Travis Scott Cap

graduation cap ideas for guys

If you love Travis Scott and Astroworld, try this creative and easy cap idea.

Graduation Cap Decorations More For Girls

21) Hot Girls Graduate

graduation caps for girls

Hot girls graduate, and that’s you honey!

22) Ariana Grande Cap

Ariana Grande inspired grad cap

In the words of Ariana Grande, you wanted it, and you got it! Graduation is here.

23) Fun with Florals

best graduation cap ideas

Have fun with paper elements on your graduation cap with this flower and butterfly decoration idea.

24) Tina Belcher

Bobs Burgers college graduation cap

Tina Belcher is an icon, and a legend, so why not put her on your cap?

25) Drippin in Success

graduation cap decorations for girls

We love the white feather and baby pink combo on this graduation cap idea.

26) Rhinestones All Over

graduation cap with rhinestones

Bling out your cap with a full jaw-dropping rhinestone cap design.

27) Pearls Everywhere

easy graduation cap ideas for girls

Add in some small and simple pearls to create a big impact on your cap.

28) Legendary Queen

legendary queen graduation cap

Be the queen you are with a royal tiara graduation cap that stands out. 

29) Elle Woods Inspired

cap decoration ideas for girls

Channel your inner legally blonde with an Elle Woods inspired graduation cap.

30) Mean Girls

Mean Girls grad cap design

If you love mean girls just as much as we do, then you’ll love this cap idea for graduation.

Inspirational Graduation Cap Designs

31) Always Seems Impossible…

inspirational graduation cap designs

This cap is right, it seemed impossible, but you did it.

32) She Believed She Could

inspiration graduation cap quotes

You believed you could and now you can make this inspiring graduation cap.

33) The Best…

the best is yet to come graduation cap

Feel inspired with this graduation cap knowing the best is yet to come!

34) Dreams into Plans

inspiring college graduation cap

You’re graduating, which means you turned your dreams into plans!

35) Community

unique graduation caps to copy

Feel inspired by your community by adding them to your graduation cap.

36) Memorial Cap

memorial graduation cap ideas

If you lost a loved one before graduation, bring that inspiration you get from them and put it right onto your monumental graduation cap.

37) Start of Something New

the start of something new cap design

It’s the start of something new, so feel inspired by this cap idea for graduation.

38) Adventure

inspirational graduation cap ideas

No time to be anything less than excited for your exciting next adventure.

39) Feminist RBG

feminist graduation cap ideas

If you’re also inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, try this creative cap idea.

40) Don’t Give Up

don't give up graduation cap decoration

You didn’t give up, and now the best has come as you graduate!

Simple Graduation Cap Ideas

41) Chanel Cap

simple graduation cap ideas

If you love all things Chanel, try this simple and easy cap decoration idea.

42) Done

easy graduation cap ideas

Nothing says a simple graduation cap idea more than just one word, “done.”

43) Year in Gold

last minute grad cap design

Highlight your graduation year with gold sticker embellishments and gold sticker numbers.

44) You Finally Made It!

simple cap decoration ideas

If you’re wondering, “how can I make my graduation cap look cute,” then let this be inspiration that decor paper and stick-on letters can make anything cute!

45) Finally!

finally grad cap

After years, you finally did it! So celebrate with this simple graduation cap idea that only requires sticking on glitter letters.

46) Better Late Than Never

easy graduation cap

All you need is a white sharpie to make this super simple graduation cap.

47) That’s All Folks

that's all folks cap design

Grab your paint markets, this graduation cap is easy to make, and a crowd favorite!

48) Cap for Gamers

graduation cap ideas for gamers

Calling all gamers, do you wish to continue? Click no to graduate.

49) Thanks Wikipedia

thanks Wikipedia cap idea

If Wikipedia got you through college, then this relatable cap design was meant for you.

50) Pacman Lovers

pacman inspired graduation cap

With a printer and some glue, you’ve got yourself an easy Pacman inspired cap for graduation.

Graduation Caps For Student Athletes

51) Athlete Cap

graduation cap ideas for athletes

If you’re a student athlete, this graduation cap will be way too relatable, and might hit too close to home.

52) Baseball Quote

baseball student athlete grad cap

If you’re a baseball student athlete, then you’ll love this fun and easy cap idea!

53) Soccer Athletes

soccer cap ideas for graduation

Calling all soccer student athletes, we’ve found the perfect cap design for you.

54) Athletic Trainers

athletic trainer cap

If you’re finally becoming an athletic trainer, you’ve got to try this graduation cap idea.

55) Keep Calm

athletes cap ideas for graduation

Keep calm, you’re now an athletic trainer, and ready to rock graduation!

56) Love Of Weights

cap ideas for fitness trainers

Bookmark this graduation cap idea if you love all things weights, gym, and training.

57) Do You Even Lift?

do you even lift grad cap

Another genius graduation cap design for all those student athletes.

58) Baseball Cap

baseball player graduation cap design

Turn your graduation cap into a baseball cap, with this creative design!

59) Basketball Athletes

basketball grad cap

Add in your love for basketball and Nike with this creative graduation cap idea.

60) Volleyball Players

college graduation cap for volleyball players

For all the volleyball players out there, this cap idea is for you.

TV Show & Movie Inspired Cap Ideas For Graduation

61) Up

Up movie graduation cap

If you love all things Up, then you’ll love this cute and inspirational cap idea.

62) Shrek

Shrek graduation cap designs

Shrek is iconic, so you already know this cap will kill it at graduation.

63) Cars

Cars cap decoration ideas

Get that Lightning McQueen confidence with a Cars inspired cap design.

64) Stranger Things

Stranger Things graduation cap ideas

Stranger Things has taken over pop-culture, and now, graduation.

65) Twilight

movie inspired graduation caps

With the Twilight resurgence on TikTok, this cap is creative gold for graduation!

66) Clueless

Clueless inspired cap design

Channel your inner 90’s Cher with a Clueless inspired graduation cap.

67) It

IT movie graduation cap decoration

We aren’t fans of horror movies, but we do think this graduation cap design is creative and genius.

68) The Great Gradsby

The Great Gatsby graduation cap

Whether you like the movie, or the book, this cap design is sure to wow the crowd.

69) Breaking Bad

TV show inspired graduation cap ideas

For all those Breaking Bad Fans, make sure to bookmark this cap design.

70) Austin Powers

Austin Powers grad cap

Feel the groove of graduation with a totally groovy Austin Powers cap.

Graduation Caps With Quotes

71) Taylor Swift

Graduation cap quotes

It was miserable, and magical, but now, it’s finally over!

72) Winnie the Pooh

graduation caps with quotes Winnie the pooh

Channel your inner childhood memory with a Winnie the Pooh graduation cap quote.

73) Harry Styles

Harry Styles graduation cap idea

Who doesn’t love a Harry Styles quote, especially when it relates to graduating!

74) Ruth Bader Ginsburg

powerful quotes for graduation caps

A powerful graduation cap quote for any girl graduating college!

75) Nick Miller

New Girl quotes for college grad caps

For all those New Girl fans out there, this graduation cap design is for you.

76) John Mulaney

John Mulaney grad cap quotes

Calling all comedy fans, this John Mulaney cap design was made for you!

77) Michael Scott

Michael Scott quotes for graduation

Whether you’re fans of The Office, or of Steve Carrell, this cap design is comedy gold.

78) Mulan

Disney quotes for graduation caps

Disney not only makes incredible movies, they incorporate powerful quotes throughout that you can use for moments like graduation!

79) Harry Potter

Harry Potter quote for graduation caps

For all the Harry Potter fans, you’ve got to try this quote on your graduation cap!

80) Barack Obama

best graduation caps ideas

Leave it to former president, Barack Obama, to bring the best female empowerment quote!

Graduation Cap Ideas For Your Major

81) Registered Nurse

graduation cap ideas for Registered Nurse

For all those graduating as Registered Nurses this year, you have to try this creative RN cap idea!

82) Engineers

graduations caps for engineers

Calling all mechanical engineers, you might want to switch up your previous graduation cap idea for this tech-savvy new one.

83) Architect

creative graduation cap ideas Architect

We’re blown away by the creativity in this architect graduate’s grad cap design.

84) Civil Engineer

civil engineer graduation cap design

If you’re a Civil Engineer major, you need to bookmark this cap design idea ASAP.

85) Interior Design

simple interior design graduation cap

Graduation caps don’t have to be crazy to resemble your major, even this simple color swatch perfectly represents interior design.

86) Aerospace Engineer

aerospace engineer graduation cap

This graduation cap design is truly out of this world.

87) Accounting Majors

funny accounting major graduation cap ideas

We’ve also been accounting for a graduation cap design this clever!

88) Pre-Law

graduation cap ideas for law school

First stop, pre-law. Second stop, the Bar. What a perfect play on words for a college student!

89) Education

clever grad caps for teachers

For all those future teachers, we see apples in your future.

90) Medical Students

graduation cap ideas for med school students

We support all of our future doctors, especially if you have a cap design like this.

Other Creative Graduation Cap Ideas

91) Big City Inspired

creative graduation caps

Making a move to a big city after graduation? Then this cap design is perfect for you!

92) World Map

inspiring cap ideas for graduation

If you’re still figuring out your next great adventure, try using a map for your cap.

93) The Beatles

The Beatles graduation cap design

Pay an homage to The Beatles with this creative graduation cap idea.

94) Queen

Freddie Mercury grad cap

Nothing beats a Queen inspired graduation cap design, nothing!

95) Bookworm

genius grad caps for bookworms

If you’re a certified bookworm, take some of your favorite literature pages and turn them into a gorgeous graduation cap that reflects your favorite hobby.

96) Mental Health

Psychology graduation cap

Help end the stigma on mental illness with this incredibly powerful cap design.

97) Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss quote for graduation

We’re loving the Lorax inspired graduation cap, especially the creative fuzzy trees.

98) Photo Collage

photo collage graduation cap design

Bring your memories with you during and after graduation with a photo collage.

99) Monopoly

Best graduation cap ideas

Just like college, Monopoly also seems to last forever!

100) Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch cute graduation cap ideas

Go crazy like Stitch with this fun and creative graduation cap idea.

What Should I Put On My Graduation Cap?

Your graduation cap should be fun, personal, and unique to you!

It can either relate to your major or what your next step after graduation will be. Caps can be funny, serious, or a quote you live by.

Whatever you choose, make sure your graduation cap represents you and is everything you want it to be.

Wrapping Up – How To Decorate Your Graduation Cap

Hopefully you’ve found your favorite graduation cap ideas in this genius list!

Be sure to decorate your graduation cap with fun picture cutouts, markers, stickers, or whatever else makes you happy.

There are also a ton of popular Custom Patches for Hats that can be used to decorate your graduation cap. It’ll make for a much more exquisite design when used to decorate your caps.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can make your favorite pattern into a patch and stick it on your graduation cap, which will also last longer.

Remember that graduation is one of the few days in life that is genuinely about you. So, have fun with it and get crazy!

Which grad cap design was your favorite?

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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