How to Manscape for Teenage Guys (Shaving Down There)

How to manscape for teenage guys

Want to perfect how you shave your pubic hair? Here’s how to manscape for teenage guys without getting any nicks or cuts down there!

At some point in your life as a guy, you’re going to have to manscape your body. It’s part of life and it comes with many benefits.

You might be afraid of doing it for the first time because you think you’ll cut yourself or because you don’t want the hair to grow back fast from now on.

There’s nothing to be worried about! Every guy has been there before and it just becomes a way of life for men.

Benefits of Manscaping for Teenage Guys

Shaving your pubic hair comes with a lot of advantages:

  • Makes the little guy look bigger
  • Increased hygiene
  • Easier to clean
  • More attractive (according to surveys of women & men)
  • Boosts confidence

As you can see, it’s not just for the purpose of making your friend down there look bigger. There are actual scientific benefits to manscaping!

Picking the Right Tools

In order to manscape properly, you have to use the right tools for the job. 

Now you might be thinking… “why can’t I just use a normal razor?”

I highly recommend that you start shaving with a trimmer before ever laying your hands on a bladed razor.

As a teenage guy, there’s absolutely no reason to shave completely down to your bare skin when you’re grooming down there. A simple trim will do just fine.

Plus, trimming prevents a lot of those nicks, cuts, redness, and bumps that you would normally experience with a regular razor.

Definitely DO NOT use scissors to trim down the hair down there. It creates a messy job and can be even more dangerous around that sensitive skin.

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Where to Manscape

The bathroom is going to be your best bet, as it allows you to have some privacy and ease of clean up.

You have a few options as to where you can manscape in the bathroom:

  • In the shower (before turning on the water)
  • Standing over newspapers/towel
  • Sitting on the toilet (less recommended)

Whichever option feels most convenient for you is the option you should go with. There’s no perfect place to shave, but these 3 spots are usually easiest to clean up.

Make sure to only shave over the toilet if you have very little hair to shave. Otherwise, you can clog your toilet with all that hair.

If you’re doing it in the shower, don’t turn the water on, wipe all the hair off the shower floor with toilet paper, and throw it away in a trash can.

How to Manscape for Teenage Guys

Now that you know the benefits of grooming and where to perform your shave, here are the actual steps to manscaping down there…

1) Shaft

Grab your grooming tool and attach a guard that is just slightly higher than the blades themselves. This will offer a closer trim.

Remember these words very carefully… Tug and Pull! That’s the name of this shaving game.

Grab your shaft with one hand, tug it up, and pull it to the left. Whatever side you pull it to, you shave the opposite side (pull left, shave on right side).

Run the trimmer down your shaft (from tip to base) on the right side until the hair is completely trimmed. Do the same on the left side by tugging to the right.

To shave the top, pull your shaft all the way out in front of you (holding the tip) and run the trimmer straight down, being very careful and going slow.

To shave the bottom, tug and pull your shaft up towards your belly button. This is the most sensitive part, so raise your guard a little higher if you’d like.

Run the trimmer down the shaft again, but be VERY careful of the skin that attaches to your balls. Keep the trimmer lifted slightly higher than the skin and go slow here.

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2) Balls

Your balls are the most delicate and most easily cut body parts to manscape for teenage guys, so take your time!

The same rules apply as the shaft… tug and pull. Apply the guard to a slightly higher distance than before, to really avoid any cuts here.

Start from all the way underneath your balls by pulling everything up towards your belly button and running the trimmer upwards until you reach the base of your shaft.

On the sides, run the trimmer in the direction from your balls out to your legs. Be very mindful of the skin by pulling everything very taut and looking closely at what you’re doing.

Go back in around the entire balls area and clean up any missing hairs with a closer attachment.

Don’t make contact between your balls and the base of your trimmer at any point here. You’re not running the trimmer along the skin, but slightly above it.

3) Pubic Area

The main pubic area is defined as any hair from your belly button down to the base of your shaft.

How you trim this part is completely up to you!  You can go really close with the trimmer and you don’t even need a guard.

I would still recommend that you don’t completely shave this area with a razor since this is the most common place to get redness, bumps, and irritation.

You have the freedom to trim super close to the skin here so it will look really clean anyways. 

The happy trail (line of hair down your belly button) is completely up to you. Most guys trim it to the same length as their main pubic area.

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What to Do When You’re Done Manscaping

Once you’ve finished trimming every part and you’re satisfied with the results, it’s time to clean up and rinse off.

Depending on where you manscaped, you should always clean up all your hair with toilet paper and throw it in a trash can (not in the toilet)!

I highly recommend taking a shower after trimming just because it’s a lot easier to clean off and cool down the area.

You want to shower with warm-cold water. Hot water is going to open the pores or cause irritation to your skin, so avoid it at all costs.

Use a body wash or soap to gently clean the area thoroughly without scrubbing too hard. Wear something breathable for the next 12 hours or so if you can.

If you have some sort of non alcoholic moisturizer, you can apply it to the shaved area if you feel any irritation.

That’s it!


Hopefully you’ve learned how to manscape for teenage guys by following these steps carefully and using the right tools!

Remember… Tug and Pull! 

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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