25 Best Graduation Outfits for Guys

graduation outfits for guys

Don’t know what to wear to graduation? Here are the 25 best graduation outfits for guys that you can copy from in 2024!

These outfits range from suits, casual, simple, and semi formal outfits.

No matter what style you’re planning on rocking at your ceremony, you’ll be sure to find a graduation outfit that matched your taste.

Let’s dive in!

The Classic Suit

graduation outfits for guys

If you’re asking yourself what guys should wear to graduation, then you’re in luck, because we’ve got your back.

You can never go wrong with a classic, well-tailored black suit and white button down.

This is a great, simple go-to graduation suit for all guys.

college graduation outfits for guys

A closet staple for any guy once they turn 21 should be a navy suit.

A navy suit is one of the best graduation outfits for guys because it’s formal, appropriate, and colorful enough for a grad ceremony.

Navy is a classic color and makes for the perfect graduation suit for guys, especially when paired with brown accessories like a belt and shoes.

Patterned Button Down

best graduation outfits for guys

If you’re going for a more casual graduation outfit, we will always recommend a subtle patterned button down for guys.

Wear this with a nice pair of pants, like trousers or khakis, and if you want to class it up a bit, try adding on a tie. 

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Statement Button Down

button down men's graduation outfits

If you don’t want to play it safe and you want to be a bit more bold with your graduation outfit, then try going for a statement button down that is far from subtle.

This is a great graduation outfit idea for guys who want to stand out, but still be fashionable.

Pair a statement button down with complementary pants and accessories, like black, gray, or navy.

Gray Suit

graduation suit ideas for guys

If you’re adding to your list of graduation suits for guys that you might want to invest in, then add a gray suit to that list.

A gray suit goes with almost any tie, and can be worn to college graduation, parties, weddings, and more. 

A gray suit is a classic and a staple for any man’s closet.

Statement Tie

graduation outfit ideas for guys

Keep it simple with your college graduation outfit and let the tie do the talking.

A statement tie is a great addition to any outfit and takes it from simple and basic, to cool and fashionable.

A statement tie is recommended for any guy who wants to be a bit more bold, but doesn’t want to commit to a statement shirt.

Matching Tie & Slacks

casual graduation outfits for guys

We love a coordinating graduation outfit idea for guys, especially when the coordinating items are slacks and a tie. 

This is a great, classic, and easy outfit to rock for graduation, a party, or any other big life event. 

Monochromatic Outfit

blue graduation outfit for men

Why have one clothing item be one color when you can have all of them be in that color?

A monochromatic graduation outfit for guys might be bold, but it sure is fun, especially when you coordinate with your school’s color.

Simple Tee & Slacks

simple graduation outfits for guys

You don’t need to wear a fancy, expensive suit for graduation, even a fresh, crisp t-shirt will do. 

As long as your t-shirt is wrinkle-free and paired well with nice pants and accessories, this is a great casual look that still works as a graduation outfit for guys.

Maroon Suit

graduation suits for guys

If you’re wondering what guys should wear to graduation if they want to be cool and fashionable, without being too “out there,” then we’ve found your perfect outfit.

A maroon suit is a unique graduation suit for guys that will stand you out from the crowd, but won’t be too weird to be comfortable in. 

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Pop of Color Bowtie

bowtie graduation outfits for guys

Have some fun and add a pop of color to your graduation outfit idea with a fun and colorful bowtie.

Bowties are truly underrated and can make a big difference with your graduation outfit if you find the right one.

School T-Shirt

casual college graduation outfits

Bring out that school pride in your graduation outfit by representing it with a school t-shirt and coordinating outfit. 

This is a simple and casual graduation outfit idea for guys who don’t want to get all dressed up for their graduation party.

Checkered Suit

men's graduation outfits

Another great graduation suit for guys that’s also fun, and a bit more unique, is a checkered suit. 

A checkered suit might be underrated in our opinion since it can look so good, especially when dressed up with the right shit and accessories. 

We think this is a win for a graduation outfit. 

Button Down Shirt & Shorts

graduation outfit with shorts

Graduation can be some of the hottest days of the year, and if you’re in a city that gets really hot, ditch the suit for something more suitable, like a nice button down short-sleeve shirt.

As long as your shirt is fresh, clean, and wrinkle-free, we think this is the best summer time graduation outfit for guys, especially when paired with nice shorts and matching shoes.

Light Gray Suit

light gray suit graduation outfit

One of the best graduation suits for guys is a simple light gray suit.

There is something about a light gray suit paired with a simple white button down that we think just looks fantastic.

Layered Sweater

sweater graduation outfit

Layering a sweater on top of a collared button down is a great way to add a sophisticated edge to your graduation outfit.

This outfit works for your college graduation ceremony or party!

Suit Jacket & Jeans

graduation outfits for guys with jeans

Go for the perfect mix between dressed up and casual with an outfit that’s perfectly in the middle.

When you pair a suit jacket on top of nice jeans and a crisp white shirt, you get one of the best college graduation outfits for guys.

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Simple Polo

polo graduation outfit for men

Sometimes simple is better, especially if you’re looking for a casual graduation outfit for guys.

Rocking a polo with khakis can be a great go-to for a graduation party if you don’t want to get all dressed up.

Light Blue Collared Shirt

best college graduation outfits for guys

Another simple and easy graduation outfit idea for guys is a dressed up light blue collared shirt. 

Most guys have a light blue collared shirt already in their closets, so this shouldn’t be too hard!

All Black

all black graduation outfit men

If you want a more alternative graduation outfit idea for guys, try going for an all black outfit with ankle hemmed slacks and a simple black tee.

This outfit might not be for everyone, but if you can pull it off, you’ll look great.

Neutral Cardigan

cardigan graduation outfit

Another more alternative/hipster graduation outfit idea for guys is a clean, all black outfit with a neutral cardigan layered on top.

A cardigan gives off the old-money vibe that has become the biggest trend on social media.

All Black Suit

black suit for graduation

You can never go wrong with an all black suit. It’s timeless, classic, and always in-style. 

White Pants

button up outfits for graduation

White pants can be such a great look, especially if they are the right pair of tailored trousers that fit you like a glove.

When paired with simple black accessories, this might be one of the best graduation outfits anyone can pull off.

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Denim On Denim

denim graduation outfits for guys

Hear us out, Canadian tuxedos are back, and they’re cool.

When you pair the right denim together, you can make a super unique and fun denim on denim graduation outfit for guys.

Red White & Blue Outfit

red white and blue graduation outfits for guys

Nothing represents an American college graduate like a red, white, and blue outfit to take pictures in.


Hopefully you found your favorite graduation outfits for guys within this list.

Which one are you going to wear?

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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