How to Get Clear Skin for Teenage Guys – The Ultimate Acne Guide

clear skin for teenage guys

Teenage guys are very susceptible to acne. This guide will show you how to get clear skin for teenage guys and all the fine details of acne treatment.

Having struggled with acne for years and trying hundreds of acne products, it’s finally time to share how to achieve clear skin.

If you have severe acne, please seek a professional for specific product recommendations and possible acne medications.

But before we get started, let’s talk about why taking care of your skin is so important…

Why Teenage Guys Should Take Care of Their Skin Now

Prevention is extremely important when it comes to getting clear skin. Starting now instead of later will prevent things like acne scars, bad hygiene habits, and even faster aging in the face.

If you allow things to build up in the beginning, a lot of the acne you receive is almost irreversible.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you’re screwed if you already have acne. It just means that you should be taking care of it more than ever and continuing to do so until your acne is gone and beyond.

Bad hygiene habits are a huge issue for teenage guys as well. If you don’t take care of your face now, what makes you think you’ll take care of it for the rest of your life?

Staying on top of your skin care routine is the most important part; more than products, medication, or any other method. Consistency will always be your best friend long term.

With that being said, let’s get into a few methods to get clear skin for teenage guys:

How to Get Clear Skin for Teenage Guys – Methods That Work

There are 4 main things you should be doing to take care of your face and acne as a teen. Towards the end, we’ll be covering a few more recommended skin care tips and products that you can implement into your routine.

Wash Your Face With a Cleanser!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to wash your face, and especially with a cleanser. Please don’t just rinse your face with water or (even worse) use a bar of soap to wash your face.

Most bars of soap contain chemicals that are way too harsh for the face and can cause serious dryness which only makes things worse.

Guys have different skin than girls do, meaning guys should be using different skin care products than girls do. Be sure to read until the end for a few product recommendations for teenage guys.

Wash your face twice a day with a gentle facial cleanser. Make sure your hands are clean before applying the face wash and gently lather it around your face in circular motions.

Be sure to get your neck area as well, especially if you shave in that area.

A morning and night routine will be the best way to stay on track with your skin care and develop good hygienic habits.

The face wash you purchase (or already have) should be strong enough to get rid of the oils and dirt from the surface of your skin while also being gentle enough to not dry it out. Gel cleansers are usually great for this.

Every time you wash your face, you should always follow it up with this next tip…

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Moisturize Your Face

A lot of guys forget this step and it’s one of the most important ways to get clear skin.

Always moisturize after you wash your face! This is what happens if you don’t:

  1. You wash your face with a cleanser/exfoliator
  2. Your face gets dry
  3. Your sebaceous glands produce excess oils
  4. The oils get caught under bacteria
  5. Acne forms as a result

Don’t let your skin get to that stage. Find a moisturizer with a cooling feeling to keep your face hydrated and awake for the day.

This will trick your skin into thinking it’s already lubricated enough, stopping it from producing excess oils.

Apply moisturizer twice a day, considering you wash your face twice a day as mentioned above.

Getting a good one can be the difference between smooth clear skin and oily dirt-trapped skin. Invest in yourself because it will pay you back in the near future when you feel more confident than ever knowing your skin is clear and you’re using healthy products.

Consider getting a moisturizer with an SPF (around 15-20).

Exfoliate the Skin

Getting an exfoliator is essential for going a little deeper into the skin to get rid of oils, dirt, and especially dead skin.

Exfoliators usually have a gritty texture, making it slightly more abrasive than a smooth facial cleanser.

Because of this, exfoliating is only recommended to do twice a week at the maximum. It is still important to keep this step in your skin care routine since the face wash doesn’t always get everything off your face.

It is great to use an exfoliator before you shave to get rid of the dead skin cells that interfere with your razor. The shave will feel a lot smoother and reduce your chances of breaking out.

Consider getting a rotating face brush as well for added efficiency when you exfoliate the face.

Prevention – How to Stop Acne Before It Appears

Getting clear skin for teenage guys doesn’t always start with products. Sometimes the biggest cause for acne is daily habits, activities, and even diet.

Here are 7 Possible Things Affecting your Acne:

  1. Sweating
  2. Diet
  3. Hormones
  4. Touching your Face
  5. Stress
  6. Poor Hygiene
  7. Dehydration

For more details on each of these causes, read this post.

Any one of these 7 things can be affecting your acne and you didn’t even know it. Some of them are inevitable such as hormones and stress, but most can be worked on!

Talk to a professional dermatologist that can examine your face and tell you if you have an underlying factor causing your acne.

Aside from that, work on wiping/cleaning your face right after sweating, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding touching your face.

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Other Ways to Get Clear Skin for Teenage Guys

Here are a few extra methods/products to consider when working on your skin care:


Toners are excellent products to help reduce acne overnight and, with consistency, remove acne altogether.

They’re usually applied after washing your face and before your moisturizer. They’re also great for removing a little extra dirt that might still remain after washing your face.

Consider a toner if you have oily, clogged skin and want something to go directly into your face and reduce your pimples.

Rotating Brush

As mentioned before, a rotating brush can really give you that extra deep clean you might need.

After testing out a face wash using my hands compared to a brush and using a cotton ball to wipe my face, here are the results…

I noticed there was still a little dirt left over on my face after using my hands. When using the brush, my face was a lot cleaner and there wasn’t any noticeable dirt left.

Keep it in mind especially for using an exfoliator with it and before shaving.

Overnight Recovery Oil

Although it’s not necessary, a recovery oil can help revive your face overnight while relaxing your skin.

It also gets rid of dirt while moisturizing the area at the same time. It’s almost a face wash and moisturizer in one, but definitely do not replace an actual face wash and moisturizer with this product.

If you decide to use this at night, replace it with your moisturizer after washing your face.

Consider an overnight oil if you want something to leave you skin feeling soft and replenished in the morning.

Drinking Water

Drinking water almost deserves a spot on the main ways to get clear skin. It’s that important! Here’s why…

Drinking water is almost like moisturizing/hydrating your face from the inside. It helps rid your body of toxins and bad bacteria which can also cause your breakouts.

Water is like the medicine for everything, so drink enough that your urine is at least clear in color. This will show you that everything is fully flushed out of your system.

Reducing Stress

Easier said than done, I know. Reducing stress doesn’t just magically happen, but hopefully (after implementing these tips) you’ll feel more confident in your skin. That’s one less thing to worry about and anything helps at this point.

Consider doing some breathing techniques when you’re stressed, or being prepared for tests, etc.

It will not only calm your head down, but your skin as well.

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Things to Avoid in Your Skin Care Routine

Here are a few things to stay away from to avoid damaging your skin further or wasting your money on unnecessary things:

Bars of Soap

Washing your face with a bar of soap is a HUGE no no. Don’t ruin your face’s skin like that. Invest in a face wash and keep the bar of soap for the rest of your body.

Face skin is much more delicate than your body’s skin and the chemicals in soap bars are not healthy for your face. Your body can at least handle the chemicals better, but still usually lead to dryness.

Certain Chemicals

A lot of low quality skin care products include chemicals and other bad stuff that you should 100% avoid.

Most parabens, unnatural fragrances, and many others that have names too complicated to say out loud.

For a full list, check out these skin care ingredients to avoid.

Products Without Education

Pay very close attention to the companies and products that you look into. If you notice that they don’t do a good job of telling you what’s inside, avoid them.

Invest in products that come with instructions, or directly mention the natural products inside. Do they include the chemical listed above? Keep all of these factors in mind when choosing a product.

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Now it’s time to go over a few product recommendations…

Skin Care Products for Teenage Guys

Here are a few skin care product recommendations for you guys. I apologize if some products are expensive. I want you guys to get high quality stuff at a decent price so bare with me (I’ll try to be reasonable)

Before we start! If you have severe acne, please seek a professional for advice before using any products. You might be in the need for a medicated product or other forms of acne medication.

Let’s dive in…

Facial Cleanser 




Rotating Brush

Overnight Recovery Oil

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Why Consistency is the Most Important Skin Care Practice

Maybe you already have good products for your skin and wonder why it’s not working effectively. Chances are, you’re not being consistent.

Consistency is the most important thing to get clear skin for teenage guys because products are not designed to work overnight.

If there was a magical serum that you can put on your face and poof, everything gone… believe me I would tell you immediately!

Following the instructions on the packages and adjusting to your preferences is crucial to getting that clear skin much faster.

It takes about 3 weeks (21 days) to develop a new habit. If you can put all your effort into keeping your skin care routine in check for 3 weeks, you’ll be on your way to proper hygiene for life!

Make it a habit to care for your face the right way. After all, you’re reading this for a reason and I’m telling you, this is the most important thing!

Stay consistent, use high quality products, invest in yourself, develop good habits, and you’ll have clear skin in no time!


Phew! That was a long one?. I hope all these tips have helped you learn something new to implement into your skin care routine. Email me for further questions on the topic if you’d like some more personal information.

Check out the product recommendations one more time and choose whichever one you think is best for you. Do a little extra research as well because maybe something that worked for me might not work for you.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

  1. All of these products are okay to use on any skin type. If you have more severe sensitivity to facial products, you should discuss with a dermatologist before using anything.


  2. Thank you for these tips! I have acne (not a lot, but it is definitely noticeable) and oily skin – I have been trying to get rid of these for the past 3 years, without any success. Thankfully, after reading this article, I realised that I have been doing (almost) everything wrong. I am gonna start my skin care routine tonight, and see what happens after 3 weeks. Hopefully after some time I get that clear skin that I have been wanting for sooooo long.

  3. Thank you for these tips! I have acne (not a lot, but it is definitely noticeable) and oily skin – I have been trying to get rid of these for the past 3 years, without any success. Thankfully, after reading this article, I realised that I have been doing (almost) everything wrong and now I know what to do and how to do it. I am gonna start my skin care routine tonight, and see what happens after 3 weeks. Hopefully after some time I get that clear skin that I have been wanting for sooooo long.

  4. Hey Dušan,

    I’m so excited to hear that you’re going to give this routine a try! Check back in after 3 weeks and let me know how it feels so far. Take care!

  5. I don’t have acne, and I’m assigned female at broth, can I still use these tips? I’m 12 and I want a skincare routine lmfao

  6. Hi Max, almost all of these tips still apply for girls. However, because males have tougher face skin, the recommended products are probably not good for your routine. Hope this answers your question!

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