7 Shaving Hacks Every Guy Should Know – Shaving Tips and Tricks

Shaving hacks for guys

Shaving is a simple process once you get it down properly. We’ve already showed you how to shave step-by-step. There are a few extra tricks that can make shaving even easier. Here are 7 Shaving Hacks Every Guy Should Know:

Exfoliate Before You Shave

The difference you will feel is amazing. Everything glides so much easier when you start shaving. It will also prevent all the dirt and bacteria from spreading around your face.

If you want an excellent exfoliator, I highly recommend you grab this one. Forget all the other exfoliators; this one is king!

If you shave everyday, only exfoliate every couple of days.


Not for your lips, but for your cuts. If you get a nick or cut from shaving, rub a little bit of chapstick on it. It does a much better job of sealing the cut than a piece of toilet paper.

No more ripping off 400 little pieces of toilet paper and wearing them like a mummy.

Leave Your Shaving Cream On

If you have sensitive skin (or more sensitive parts of your face) leave your shaving cream on your face for longer. It will soften up the hair a little more for you so the shave is more comfortable.

For example, if your neck is very sensitive, shave it last so the cream can soak in for more time.

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Lubricating Strip

The strip on a razor right above the blades is a lubrication strip. It is there for easier gliding across your face. But what you didn’t know is the color changes when the razor is getting old.

If you’re lubricating strip color starts turning really white or discolored, it’s time to throw it out and equip a new one. Once it starts getting that color, the blades are most likely dull and the razor won’t glide on your face as well as it did.

Back Side of Razor

One of the little shaving hacks that most don’t know of. A lot of razor manufacturers add a single blade on the back side of a razor. You can use this single blade for more precise angles when shaving.

Use it for your sideburns and above your mustache. The line will come out much cleaner than if you used the front blades.

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Take a Shower After, Instead of Before

Instead of showering before you start shaving, do it after. There are more benefits to showering after.

For one, you are most likely going to get some hairs on your body that fell down that are impossible to get off. Another benefit is you can wash your face with cool water and a refreshing cleanser while you’re showering.

Plus, you’re most likely going out somewhere after this shave. You might as well get messy shaving first and then clean off.

Pat Moisturizer On

You have to moisturize after you shave no matter what…but don’t rub it all in at once. You don’t want to irritate the skin after you’ve just finished shaving and/or showering.

I swear by this moisturizer if you’re in the market for an excellent one!

It’s a little pricey, but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth once you try it out for yourself

Take small portions of moisturizer and rub it in your hand first. Then pat it on your face gently in specific areas. You will avoid irritation later from doing this simple trick.


Shaving hacks come in handy when you need them most. Use these 7 tricks to enhance your shaving game. Happy Shaving!

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