7 Things That Might Be Affecting Your Acne – Acne Symptoms

We try and try to get rid of our acne, but we can’t seem to manage it properly. Well, that’s because you don’t know what’s causing it. Understanding where the acne is coming from is important to know how to stop it. Here are 7 Things That Might Be Affecting Your Acne:


  1. Sweat

Sweating a lot on your face, chest, or back can immediately clog up your pores and give you white heads

If you go to the gym, make sure you are constantly wiping your face with a paper towel to remove the sweat from your face. Take a shower immediately after too and use a face wash twice a day to make sure dirt and oil doesn’t block your pores


  1. Diet

What you eat every day has a huge effect on your life in general, acne being one of those factors.

If your skin is very oily, it can be a direct affect of eating oily foods such as anything that is fried

After sticking to a clean diet without any junk food for a while, you will see a natural boost in your energy and your skin clarity


  1. Hormones

As teens and young adults, our hormones are still going crazy. There’s usually not much we can do about this accept for trying to deal with all the other factors around it and sticking to a clean skin care regimen.

If this a big cause for you, it is just a waiting game. Take care of it as best as you can for now and hope for the best over time.


  1. Touching Your Face Too Much

Keep an eye on yourself. Are you leaning your face on your hand all the time? Picking at your acne? Wiping your face with unsanitary hands all the time?

Control your hands and keep them away from your face as much as possible. The dirt that transfers not only your dirt, but spreads the bacteria already on your face even more is making things worse


  1. Stress

Yes, we have a lot of stress and if this is the main cause for you then you might think it’s impossible to control.

One way to notice if this is your cause is to pay attention to how your acne is when you’re off from school, work, or are on vacation. If things seem under control during those situations, then stress might be your problem.

Do some breathing exercises throughout the day and schedule your day so you don’t have to worry as much


  1. Poor Hygiene

This is a big one for a lot of people and they don’t notice it. If you’re not washing your face twice a day you’re doing something wrong already.

You want to know the secret of getting rid of your acne? It’s called CONSISTENCY

I promise you that you can significantly reduce your acne with a few simple steps, but you have to do them every single day.

If you want more on how to get rid of acne, check out this post!


  1. Dehydration

Water is like medicine for everything, including your face.

If your face is constantly dry rather than oily, dehydration is definitely one of your causes. You need to drink enough so that your pee turns out pale yellow or clear.

This means that your body has enough water to keep it hydrated and can release your toxins.

If you notice that you normally don’t drink enough water, get on it and watch what it does for you.


If you want a better confirmation on your cause, go see a dermatologist. Try to figure out which symptom(s) you might have and start fixing it. If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below!

  1. Acne has been something ive been struggling with for a long time and thanks to you it has been a whole lot easier to control
    Thank you and keep up the food work

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