Ab Workout for Teenage Guys at Home (4 Easy Steps)

ab workout for teenage guys

Developing an ab routine at home is extremely important for teens to grow their core strength. Here is an easy ab workout for teenage guys at home:

Before we start you should note that abs are not fully achieved through working out. A healthy diet is the majority of your progress while working out is simply to build your abdominal muscles.

Both dieting and working out combined is what will give you those abdominal muscles that you’re looking to achieve.

Read this post for more information on How to Get Abs.

This ab workout a simple 4-step process that will be repeated twice that you can do at home in about 5 minutes.

Grab a mat and let’s get started…


crunches ab workout for teenage guys

First up are crunches! It is a very easy ab workout for teenage guys to do at home.

For those of you that have never done them before, here is the basic idea of the workout:

  • Get into a sit up position (lay down, feet flat on the ground, legs bent)
  • Put your hands behind your ears
  • Using your abs, lift your back so that your body is at a 45 degree angle with the floor
  • Control your way back down (don’t just flop down)

Do this 15 times (you should increase this number as your body gets used to this workout)

If your neck hurts, it’s pretty common so don’t panic (our heads weigh a lot). Make sure you’re actually putting your hands behind your ears and not pulling your neck up during the exercise.

Right after you’re done, move onto the next workout…

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Flutter Kicks

ab workout for teen boys

Flutter kicks are a simple ab exercise for teens to do at home.

Here’s the breakdown of this workout:

  • Lay down
  • Lift both your back and legs slightly (your body should look like a very wide v-shape)
  • Keep your hands to your side
  • Alternate flapping your legs up and down (about 1 foot off the ground)

Do this for 20 seconds to start (increase as your abs get stronger).

If flutter kicks are hard for you, put your hands under your butt. I know it sounds strange, but it actually helps relieve some of the tension on your abs.

Try your best to get through it with your hands by your side, even if you have to switch every few seconds to go under your butt.

If this ab workout feels easy, try lifting your back up more. This will squeeze your abs and make it harder for them to keep your legs fluttering.

After this, go directly into the third ab exercise…

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Leg Raises

leg raises ab workout

Leg raises are one of the best ab workouts for teenage guys because of how effective they are! They can be slightly complex to understand, but here’s the best way to figure it out:

  • Lay Down with your hands by your side
  • Bring your legs all the way in so your knees are close to your chest
  • From this position, bring your legs straight up into the air
  • You will most likely need to roll on your back slightly
  • Bring your legs back down to your chest
  • Then bring them back to the start position

Do this 15 times – you will be tired by now ?

When you shoot your legs up into the air, make sure you’re squeezing your abs to get that burn.

Once you’ve finished these, move on to the final workout of the cycle…

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Hump Planks

plank ab workout for teen guys

Yes I know, the name sounds weird, but that’s the name and we’re going to deal with it.

The workout is actually done exactly how it sounds. You get in a plank position and you essentially hump the ground.

It’s an excellent way to feel the burn (especially because it’s the last workout) and finish of your first set. Here’s how you do it:

  • Get in a plank position (whole body flat, forearms on the ground, hands together)
  • Using your core, lift your butt up into the air
  • Bring it back down to a completely flat position

Do this 15 times.

Pretty simple, right? It burns like hell when you do it properly… so do it properly!

This is not an ab workout to be rushed. Every time you go up and down should be done slowly with a focus on squeezing your abs at the top.

If you are not feeling it the way you think you should, try bringing your arms in closer to your body. That way your body can lift up higher and feel a greater squeeze.

Full Ab Workout for Teenage Guys

Now that you know how to do every exercise properly, here is the full ab workout in a simple step by step format:

  1. Crunches (15 Times)
  2. Flutter Kicks (20 Seconds)
  3. Leg Raises (15 Times)
  4. Hump Planks (15 Times)
  5. Repeat Twice!
  6. No resting, no breaks

That’s it! Simple and easy to remember, but burns your abs to perfection.

If you’re wondering how often you should do this, I would recommend at least 3 times a week. You can then increase this all the way up to once a day.

Abdominal muscles are quickly burned, but also have a very fast recovery time.

Always keep in mind that the objective of this workout cycle is to squeeze your abs and not have to rely on other muscles to do it for you.

Follow this routine, and you’ll be on your way to strong ab muscles.

Hopefully this 4-step ab workout has helped you develop an easy practice to grow those muscles!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

  1. For someone whos abs are slightly visible but not as strong and developed as desired (BMI about 19, body fat at 8%, and not going to lose more weight to make them visible) how long would it take to get to a moderate position, with extra strength and noticinle but not crazy big abs?

  2. Hi there!

    I’d say from where you’re at right now, it could take a minimum of 10 weeks to achieve what you’re looking for.

    Of course everyone’s body reacts differently to the amount of training and food you take in, so it could take longer. Plus, the 10 week period also assumes that you’re working out at maximum efficiency and eating a protein filled diet.

    Hope this answers your question!

  3. Hey!
    Just wondering how long will it take for a teen weighing 75kgs to achieve flat stomach through these excerises

  4. Hey there!

    Ab workouts are great for developing your ab muscles and getting in some cardio. However, you should note that achieving a flat stomach is mostly done through dieting and eating healthy along with the exercise.

    With consistent work from both sides of the equation, you could probably get to where you want in about 6-8 months (obviously varies based on your height, genetics, and how much time you put in).

    Hope this helps!

  5. Hey,
    How long would it take to get visible abs if I do this once a day? Height 5″ 7, weight 108 lb.

  6. Hello Mr Daniel I wish you a merry Christmas.

    I am overweight am 13 at 70 kgs. please tell me how long might it take me to get a flat belly ?

    Thank you Very much my good Sir.

  7. Hi there!

    Although you didn’t mention your height (which has an effect on your BMI), you can most likely achieve a flat belly in 10-15 weeks of consistent effort.

    Hope this helps!

  8. Hello Daniel, I am 14 with a BMI of 18.9, I have little stomach fat and was wondering if i could get an estimate on how long i would need to do these workouts once a day. Thank you for your time and happy new year!

  9. Hi Noa!

    Consistency is always the best option to not only develop noticeable abs, but also to maintain them. So, I wouldn’t put a limit on the amount of days until you should stop.

    Because you have very low body fat, the moment your abs are developed (or grow slightly larger in size), you’ll be able to see them with ease!

    I hope this helps and happy new year!

  10. Hi Noah I am 14 years old, and my height is 5’2 and my weight is 60kg . I was wondering if doing this will remove some fats in my face and how long will I achieve a flat belly?

  11. Hi there!

    According to your numbers, you’re actually in a pretty healthy range. These exercises will help develop your abs. Losing body fat is more directly correlated to diet.

    If you start eating healthier (assuming you don’t already), you’ll have a better chance of losing that fat on your face and belly!

    – Daniel

  12. i am 15, 5 foot 11 inches and 60kg, how long will i need to do this for a more toned look. also will i need to do other workouts aswell?

  13. Hi there,

    Your metrics show that you are just slightly underweight. I highly recommend you focus on diet (eating more) on top of doing these workouts. With consistent efforts, you could hit a good spot of being toned in about 15 weeks!

    Additionally, try out this full body workout for teenagers at home to tone up every other muscle group. Hope this helps!

    – Daniel

  14. Hey i am 13 years old and i am quite slim but i am trying to gain abs and build my core how long will it take to gain visible abs

  15. Hi Peter!

    Everybody gains muscle at a slightly different speed, but you could likely see visible abs after about 2-3 months of doing this workout everyday.

    Hope this helped!
    – Daniel

  16. Hi, I am 13 and want to get stronger and faster but I dont want to have like big muscles. Is there a way for this to work?

  17. Hi there!

    There is actually a way to do this. What you want to do is work on weight lifting (doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy weights) or body weight exercises to build up your strength. Getting big muscles mostly comes from your diet. So as long as you’re not eating an excess of calories/protein, you can gain your strength without gaining weight/muscle.

    Hope this helps!
    – Daniel

  18. Hi Riley,

    Seeing your abs all depends on the amount of effort you put into the workouts and how much protein you’re getting in to build those muscles. Everyone has their own pace and it should be treated more as a lifestyle than a short term thing.

    For reference though, you can start seeing those abs in around 10 weeks or so. Hope this helps!
    – Daniel

  19. Hey Daniel, I know a lot of people have been doing this but I’m quite new to fitness and decided to start a routine using things like this and your full body workout (no access to gyms or equipment at the moment). I’m about 5 foot 11 and 10 stone, 17yo, and this (https://imgur.com/a/Obl9JMj) is what I look like now (will use photos to help me track). I want to get fitter and really build my strength, not have huge bulging muscles (not anything that really stands out, I just want to be stronger, fitter, and be able to see any sort of definition if actually looking, ie not draw attention to it – bad photo but something like this http://topfitnessnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/CollegeGuys99-Bodybuilding-Teen-Showing-off-Muscles-Shirtless.jpg ). What would be your shortest/longest estimates for achieving this goal, and can you give any other advice to a fitness newbie? Many thanks, Chris

  20. Hey Chris,

    Thank you so much for reaching out with such informative detail (it really helps me understand your situation better)!

    Following those workout routines will definitely help you work on those muscles, but the real key is to make sure you’re dieting properly (eating enough calories and getting in enough protein). The good thing is, when you see the body that you’re happy with, you can start eating a little less and maintain your physique without getting bulging muscles.

    Every person is different, but you can start seeing some real change sometime between 2-3 months. It might help to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, once a week. This will help you track if you’re actually building muscle. Additionally, make sure you’re getting in at least an hour of exercise everyday for 5 days a week.

    Here are a few more resources I’ve written to help you out: How to get fit as a teenager, 6 basic things you should know about fitness, upper body workout for teens, how to get started in fitness.

    If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to comment or email me. Hope this helps and best of luck on your fitness journey!
    – Daniel

  21. Hi, im 14 yrs old and im 5’4, My bmi is is normal. But how many weeks can i have abs? And how many times should i do this excercise evry day? Maybe 1-3 times a day?

  22. Hi Alexus,

    I wouldn’t do this exercise any more than twice per day. I think anymore than that is overkill. Achieving abs heavily depends on your diet, but assuming your diet is strong and you’re doing this workout everyday, you can see your abs in about 2-3 months.

    Hope this helps!
    – Daniel

  23. Hey Daniel,
    I am 16, 5’7 and weigh around 58 kgs….. My body fat percentage is roughly 12%, here is how my abs area looks like right now: https://imgur.com/a/yQ6HA2q ….. I have led quite a sedentary lifestyle for the past year due to covid ad what-not, but used to play a lot of sports when i was 13-14, and almost had abs….. I have also started eating healthy and cut out all junk food since 1 month. Could you please give me a rough estimate of how long it would take for me to get abs, if I do these exercises daily? (As of now, I can hold a 2 minute plank and do 30 pushups without any problem)

    Thanks a lot for providing us all the information btw, love your site 🙂

  24. Hi Rohit,

    Thanks for the kind words and the detailed information! Remember, abs are a result of low body fat. Meaning, it really boils down to what you eat (it seems like you’re on the right track though).

    Either way, I would expect that you can get more developed abs within 2-3 months. Keep up the good work!

  25. Hey Daniel!
    I was wondering how long it would take me, I am 12 years (birth date is June 23rd) and have a BMI of 18.6. I have no visible abs and don’t diet at all. I would like to achieve a small outline of abs without any dieting. Thanks so much! Have a nice day.

  26. Hey Will!

    Building muscle or losing body fat is quite difficult without any dieting. However, at your age, you’re a lot more likely to pull it off without dieting.

    Keep pushing with this workout and you will eventually see results to your liking (approximately 15 weeks or so)! Hope this helps!

  27. Hey, Daniel!

    I was wondering how long it would take to build salient abs. I am 14 (12/06/2006), 5’8″ and 63.4kgs. I do have a little bit of belly fat. I eat decently healthy. I also lift weights three times a week and do basketball training three times a week. Thanks!

  28. Hi sir,
    i have a doubt will these exercise affect our height. i am 16 years old and i wish to get some muscles and height both

  29. Hey Sravan,

    None of these exercises will stunt your growth. Workouts that usually affect your height are the ones where you lift heavy weights above your head.

    Hope this helps!

  30. Hi Daniel,
    I wanted to know how much time it would take me to have abs if I follow these exercises strictly? I am 15 years old, 175cm, and 69 kilograms. I have started to avoid eating junk food and other sugary foods and drinks.

  31. Hi Leul,

    That’s awesome that you started cutting out junk food and sugars! Losing that body fat is super important to getting abs. By following these exercises strictly and maintaining a healthy diet, you could probably start revealing your abs in about 3 months!

  32. Hi my name is SAAD KHAN. Age 17 years old. I am like skinny fat body type. I sometimes try to do different workout at different times . My family says that, ‘The workout u do is not for your age . It can also harm u.’ that’s why I am finding a fixed full body workout because I don’t understand what workout will help me .
    I wanna tell that I have started workout about 15 days ago.
    I now always do warm up for 5 min
    My present workout is:
    1: Plank for 1 min
    2: Bicycle crunch 3 to 5 sets 30 seconds
    3: Squats 4 sets 20 reps
    4: I can’t do push-up that’s why now I try to do knee push up .
    Is this workout enough for me? And I do workout these daily. Sometimes my biceps muscle hurts and also my leg muscles when I do abs workout.
    And should I need rest days? And how may rest day should I need.? I am so confused that’s why I need full body workout routine for me . I have seen your full body workout routine for teenager .
    Pls reply by telling me is this workout good for me or not and I also do weight lifting 4 to 5 kg 15-20reps each hands Because I don’t have Dumbbell and pls also tell me if your workout suits me and how many rest day I need in your workout routine and also tell me pls that how many sets should I do or I should do all workout once and then have some rest than repeat? And how many times should I repeat?
    I know this comment is huge for u to read but I saw that u r replying everyone comments that’s why I thought u will reply me . Sorry for wasting your time and advance thanks for helping me and encouraging me for this 😊
    Thanks for the information 🙂

  33. Hi Saad Khan,

    I think this workout can be enough if you’re feeling very sore the next day. If not, you can add more exercises from the full body workout that I posted. It’s important to take at least 1 rest day per week and to get enough sleep at night. My workout definitely suits you and you can adjust it to what feels good. The sets and reps are included at the bottom of each exercise. I recommend repeating the workout twice and to add more if it’s too easy for you. Hope this helps… good luck!

  34. Thanks a lot for your such valuable advice 🙂
    But should I do each exercise once and then repeat it again? Or I should do it in 2-3 sets?
    And if I add some exercises from your full body workout does this will effect in my body? Because I have heard adding a new exercise in workout routine can be risky. And u didn’t say that doing bicycle crunch is good for my age? Because when I do it my abs hurts me to much and it feels burned .
    And can u please tell me how many rest days should I have ? I will take one rest day from now in Sunday 😊
    Thanks again for this valuable advice and can I do your abs workout for teenager with full body workout? Dose this will be good to do these workout together? I am doing lot of exercise because I don’t want to be skinny boy anymore. Doing a lot exercise is bad for me? Pls again reply me by telling if I do both workout the full body workout and abs workout will be ok?

  35. Hi Saad Khan!
    I would do the exercises once and then repeat them again. These exercise will not have any bad effects on your body unless you have any weak points or medical conditions. I personally believe that bicycle crunches are not good ab workouts. One rest day per week is good! You can do the ab workout and full body workout together. Doing a lot of exercise is not a bad thing at all! It’s great for building muscle and losing fat. Hope this answers your questions!

  36. hey daniel im 14 60kgs and i have a bit of fat on my belly and want to see my abs how long do you think it will take for me

  37. hey daniel im 14 60kgs and i have a bit of fat on my belly and want to see my abs how long do you think it will take for me

  38. Hey Ivan,

    It depends on how much body fat you currently have, but I would predict some visible abs after about 4 months of hard work. Hope this helps!

  39. Hi Daniel ,I’m 14 ,weight 50.3,height 166.5,waist 71.5 and neck 33.5.How long would it take me to get abs if I did this workout consistently

  40. Hey Daniel
    I’m 14 ,weight 50.3,height 166.5,waist 71.5 and neck 33.5.How long would it take me to get abs if I did this workout consistently and with how many rest days per week.

  41. Hey again Daniel
    What would you recommend I eat in regards to my diet and based on my metrics should I consume more or less,right now my caloric intake is roughly about 1800 calories.Should I change my diet?

  42. Hi Keon,

    Your caloric intake seems fine right now. Just make sure that you’re eating the right foods within those calories (enough protein, good fats, good carbs). Because you’re only 14, I would pay most attention to the protein and the rest can be less focused on. Try to aim for 1g of protein per pound of body weight (2.2g per kg of body weight). Hope this answered your questions!

  43. Hey Daniel
    I’m a 14, weigh 133, height 5”9. I have a flat stomach and barely visible abs. I was wondering how long it would take me to achieve visible abs. I run 2-3 miles a day and have a healthy diet.

  44. Hey!

    Good for you that you’re running 2-3 miles per day… that’s awesome!

    If you already have low body fat (or a flat stomach), your main focus should be on toning up your abs further by doing this workout everyday. I think you can definitely see your abs in about 2 months or so. Keep it up!

  45. Hello again Daniel
    Just wanted to know is it OK that I also do your full body workout?I also wanted to let you know that my tailbone gets sore when I do the leg raises,why is it happening and what do I do?

  46. Hi Keon,

    It’s ok to do the full body workout. If your tailbone hurts during the leg raises, try doing the workout on a soft mat or put a thin pillow under your tailbone!

  47. Hello Daniel,
    I’m 16 years old, 5’6, and 130 lb. I am just starting this new journey towards a healthier lifestyle and don’t really know where to start. I’ve never really worked out before and don’t play any sports although I’m still decently active. My initial goals are to lose some belly weight and to just get into better shape overall, and then later start to build some muscle mostly to get a little arm definition, and hopefully some ab definition as well. I’ve been avoiding this process because I don’t like the idea of dieting and no longer eating chips 😂. I am just wondering a couple of things. What workouts/weekly routines could I do to try and reach these goals, what specific foods are recommended in a good diet of healthy meals and snacks. And finally if consistent what kind of timeline could you see me starting to notice some differences and getting positive results. I hope I’m not reaching too high too soon. Any advice? Thanks so much!

  48. Hey Jack,

    Good on you for finally taking a step towards a healthier and more fit lifestyle!

    To answer your questions in order:
    1) I’m not sure if you’re going to the gym, but if you’re working out at home, try incorporating this ab workout that you’re reading along with this full body workout. 3-4 times per week for each is a great start!
    2) Lean meats, whole grains, green vegetables (but really any veggies), yogurt, eggs, nut butters, protein shakes/bars, etc. are all excellent foods for “diet”. I recommend trying to start by eating these foods in whatever way tastes best (even if it means a few extra calories). That way you can turn it into a lifestyle and not just a 2 month fad.
    3) Everyone has their own timeline for progress. You might be super disciplined or not at all. Either way, if you’re consistent, you will likely see some exciting progress after about 3 months or so.

    My final tip: Research everything! Proper form for workouts, what foods are healthy/good for you, how many calories to be eating, how muscles work, etc. The more you educate yourself, the faster and easier you’re going to see results. Youtube is a great resource for this (just make sure you’re listening to someone that actually knows what they’re talking about).

    And don’t forget to have fun with it. Celebrate all the small victories along the way! If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Good luck!

  49. Hi, I’m Juan and I’m just asking if how long will it take me to get results if I’m 5’2 and I’m 98 lbs? Thank you very much.

  50. Hey Juan,
    Keep in mind that results really depend on how much effort you’re putting into the workouts, what you’re eating, and how consistent you are long term. If you’re just looking to see your abs, expect to work hard for a few months before seeing strong results. Good luck!

  51. I’m 15, weight is 42 kg and height is 5 feet 6 inches. Will this exercise help me? And how much time it will take? Any recommendation ?

  52. Hi Dhruvan,

    This exercise is great for developing your abs. If you’re wondering how long it will take to see your abs, that depends a lot on what you’re eating and if you’re losing body fat. If you don’t want to worry about dieting, keep up with this workout everyday and you should see some change after about 3 months or so!

  53. Hello
    I am 14 my height is around 5’7 and my weight is around 54 KG so how long will it take for me to gain visible abs if I do this exercise once a day?

  54. Also do you think its okay for me to start doing this ab workout everyday from the beggining?

  55. Hey Tirth,

    Abs are only visible with low body fat and low body fat is very dependent on your diet. If you remain active, stick to a good diet, and do this ab workout everyday, I would expect some visibility after 3 months or so! And yes, it’s totally fine to do the workout everyday at your age from the start. Hope this helps!

  56. Hi, i have been doing this routine for 1 week and i do it once in the morning, once at noon and another time before i go to bed. Im wondering if i have been doing it wrong and if i repeat right after i complete the first workout.

  57. Hi, I love your helpful article but i am about 5’1 or 5’2 and 12 years old with a body weight of around 118 pounds how long do think it’ll take to get abs? thanks again.

  58. Hi Kayla,

    As with anyone, abs are highly dependent on diet. If you keep up with this workout often and eat healthy, you can see a noticeable different after about 3-4 months!

  59. Hi, it’s me again and i appreciate your reply but by healthy diet what do you mean? like what are some foods i should leave out of my diet and what foods should i include in my diet?

  60. Hi there .
    I wanted to ask you if this will be a healthy workout for me . I weight 67 pounds and my height is 170 cm. I also wan to know how long this will take.

  61. Hi Nick, some of the exercises may be too much for your weight. For now I would focus on pushups and planks to build up your strength. If you want to try the full workout, it takes around 15 minutes to complete!

  62. Hey Nick,

    I made a mistake and confused the full body workout with this ab workout. This ab workout is totally fine for your weight and height, so feel free to do it all! It should take about 5 minutes. Hope this helps!

  63. Hi Kayla,

    Because you’re so young, I wouldn’t worry to much about the specifics of what to eat. However, it never hurts to stay away from sugary/fried foods and to include protein, fruits, and vegetables into your diet.

    Focus on the workout and follow some of these basic diet rules and you’ll be making progress in no time!

  64. Hey Man,
    Obviously I’m 13 turning 14 and wondering if I did this everyday and had a diet how long it would take? I am 5”11 (yes, very tall) and weigh around 60KG and do swimming 3 times a week for 2 hours.

  65. Hi, I’m 15, 120 lbs, 5 foot 7 and have a flat belly. How long would it take for me to get noticeable abs if I follow these exercises and a healthy diet?

  66. Assuming you’re already pretty low body fat, your abs mostly will show from growing the muscle. I’d expect to see some change after about 2 months of consistent exercise and diet!

  67. Hi,
    I’m 14 my height is 5’11 and weight is 70kg i have a BMI of 21.6 and have a flat belly with slightly noticeable abs, how long would it take for me to build those abs with a consistent workout routine of 6 times a week?

  68. Hey Ethan,

    You can probably achieve more noticeable abs within a month and a half or so. Of course, your results also depend on how your eating so keep that in mind. Hope this helps and good luck!

  69. Hey Daniel! I’m 5 foot 3 inches, and weigh about 95 pounds. I’m 13. I already have abs when I flex them. I eat very healthy, and no processed food. I eat millets and rice for dinner, and fruits like mango, apple, pear, and nuts like walnuts and cashews for lunch. I don’t eat breakfast. I sleep over 10 hours a day. I also excercise over an hour and a half a day, regardless of the weather unless its extreme, and go to the gym regularly. How long will it take for me to get abs WITHOUT FLEXING with this excercise? I’m willing to commit to it everyday. However, I may not be able to commit to the diet you want me to. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still eat healthy, but I may not meet the specific requirements, like calcium and protein.

  70. Hey Harsha,

    Good for you for taking such good care of your body at such a young age! You should be proud. It sounds to me like you’re already on the right track with everything. Keep in mind that visible abs without flexing could leave you at an unhealthy amount of body fat, so I wouldn’t focus on keeping this physique for long. Keep doing what you’re doing and your abs will get even more visible within the next 3 months!

  71. Hi there iam just 15 and trying to get abs is there any diet for me to get these abs really quick

  72. Hi,I am doing this workout 5 days a week. How long it will take to get abs.My weight is 70 and height 5 feet 7.5 inches

  73. Hi
    I am 12 years old and i weigh about 45 kg, i have barely visible abs.
    How long until i start seeing some visible abs?
    Also how many times per week should i do this workout?

  74. Hi Mr.Daniel
    i am 11 years old and weigh 60kg and im very tall im wondering when will it take to get visible abs for me? i skip dinner and lunch.

  75. Hi there!

    Because you’re so young and already lean, getting abs shouldn’t take too long for you. I’d expect somewhere around 6-8 weeks if you’re consistent.

    Also, don’t skip lunch and dinner. It’s healthier to just eat smaller portions for both of those meals, but at your size, any amount of extra food can help you grow your abs. Hope this helps!

  76. Hey Geovanny! With your info, I believe it would take you somewhere between 2-3 months to start feeling some real changes in strength and visible abs. Stay consistent and you won’t have any problems getting there!

  77. Hi Daniel,
    I’m 14 years old and in high school. I’ve been shamed for being fairly skinny and not very muscular like a majority of the upperclassmen and want to be more strong. I’m 5”3 and around 106 pounds last checked. How long would it be before I could start to see some changes? Any other recommendations? Thank you. This really helps

  78. Hi Daniel. I’m a 14yr old boy and my height is 5’5 and my weight around 51kg, how long will it take for me to get decent abs with proper diet and cardio.

  79. Hi Daniel,
    I am 15 year old and I am trying to make abs. I am not trying to lose weight, my belly is flat and in, but can you tell me what will I need to do to get abs quickly.
    Thank you Daniel!

  80. HI I am 14 I have no idea what are bmi but I am 5’10 and 180 pound how long will it take for a toned look

  81. Hey Ethan, Everyone’s body is different, but you can expect to see some visible abs and increase your ab strength in about 3 months of consistent training and a healthy lifestyle. Best of luck!

  82. Hi Daniel!

    I am 13 years old 36.2 kg and around 156-158 cm tall.
    I am very skinny and some times I get bullied for being skinny and I was wondering if these exercises are enough and how long it will take to see results of every day doing the exercises?

    And thanks for all the information on your site!

  83. Hey Milo,

    Sorry to hear you’re getting bullied for it. This workout will help your grow your ab muscles which is great, but you might want to check out our full body workout in order to grow your other muscles. On top of that, your only going to see progress if you’re eating more than usual while doing these workouts because that’s how you actually put on size. You can also check out our free teachable guide to really help you grow muscles and stay healthy! Hope this helps!

  84. Hey daniel, first i just want to say thanks for these workouts, i’ve been getting into fitness and they’ve been a great resource. Second of all, if I’m doing 2 reps of this ab workout 6 times a week along with a rep of your full body workout (replacing the pike push ups with normal pushups)+walking lunges,(15x) plank up-downs, (10x per arm)dumbbell rows, and walking lunges(15x per leg), how long would you estimate results will take? I’m a 14 y/o guy with a bmi of 18.1

  85. Hey Nick!

    Thanks for the support, I’m glad you’re finding the workouts useful!

    You’re absolutely crushing it with the workouts. As long as you’re eating enough (especially healthy proteins), I think you can start seeing results in about 2 months. Of course, I don’t know your goal, but you’ll definitely see some visible changes around that time. Keep at it and good luck!

  86. Hello,
    I am 13 years old, 5 feet tall and bmi of 17.6. I was wondering if I did this workout every day, how long would it take to get abs.

  87. Hey! A lot of it depends on how you’re eating as well, but you should start seeing some results and visibility on your abs after at least 3 months of consistency. Best of luck!

  88. Hello

    I am 13 year old skinny boy with a 17.6 bmi and I am 5 feet tall. How should I do this workout

  89. Hello

    How many times a day should I do this workout?
    How long should this workout last?

  90. Hey Jeremiah, you can do this workout anywhere between 3 times a week to everyday. The workout should last about 5-7 minutes if you follow the instructions exactly. Best of luck!

  91. Hey! So if I do this workout three times a day every day consistently and I continue to eat healthy how long with it take to get nice abs? I weigh about 95 pounds, I am about 5,5 in height and I am 13. I already have small abs, I just want them to be a little bit bigger!

  92. Hey Eli! Since you’re already about half way there (assuming you have pretty low body fat), I’d imagine you’d start seeing your preferred results in around 6-8 weeks of consistent progress. Keep it up!

  93. Hello mr.daniel,
    Im 14 years old, weigh 168, and im 5’10. How long would it take me to get a six pack?

  94. Hey Mr Michael! As with everyone, that depends on how well you’re eating and how often you’re doing ab exercises. But on average, I would say around 3-4 months if you’re consistent.

  95. I am 13 years old and 5″1•5′ and 43 kg. How long will it take for me to get strong abs if I follow this routine. My body fat is very less and I am skinny

  96. I’m 13 5,6 and about 125 pounds if I do this twice a day how long will it take to see any results.

  97. If you’re doing this workout properly, you won’t need to do it twice per day (only once is fine). And you can start seeing results if you stick with it for at least 2-3 months! Good luck!

  98. For someone who is 13, 5,4, and already has a slight amount of abs visible how long would it take for me to get more?

  99. Hey Micah, that all depends on what you define as “more” and how consistent you are with the workout. I’m confident you can increase your ab visibility after 2-3 months of consistent effort. Bes of luck!

  100. Hi Daniel, my name is Seth I just started doing your ab workouts yesterday but at school Monday and Wednesday we do some ab workouts too I’m a 13 year old boy almost 5’3 I weigh a little over 95 pounds and my bmi is 16.8 I’m kinda skinny I’ve been pretty active recently, eat pretty good and I was wondering how many weeks would it take me to get abs?

    Thank you, Seth

  101. Hi Seth! Because you’re quite young, it may just take a bit of time for your body to develop it’s muscles naturally, but you’re on the right track. Keep doing this exercise everyday and you’ll definitely started seeing results by the end of the year. Best of luck!

  102. Hey Daniel it’s Seth again it’s been about a week since I first started doing your workouts and when I first started it I could really feel the burn in my abs especially with the crunches but I don’t feel it that much now am I doing something wrong or is that a good thing?

  103. Hey Seth, I’m glad to hear you’ve been consistent with the workouts! Your body is most likely getting used to the workout, but it is still effective either way. If you’d like, you can try increasing the amount of reps you do for each part of the workout and make sure you’re doing everything with proper form still. Hope this helps!

  104. how long should I do this workout for? what I mean by this is how many weeks months etc.

  105. Hi Nathan,

    You can do this exercise as long as you need until you’re satisfied, but there is no specific time period that you need to stop. If anything, you should treat this workout as a lifestyle choice rather than a set plan. Hope this answers your question 🙂

  106. do you have any other workouts that I could do I’m trying to get fit I want rock hard abs and big guns

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