10 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know – Tips and Tricks

There are always little things about our car that can be frustrating and annoying, but it doesn’t have to be this way! All of these have been used in personal experiences. These tricks will make your experience much easier with your car. Here are 10 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Know:

Gas Arrow

Forget what side your gas tank is on? Check the gas symbol next to your speedometer. There will be an arrow pointing to the side of your gas tank so you’ll never forget which way to park.

Toothpaste for Lights

Using a toothbrush with toothpaste on headlights gets rid of the fogginess on the glass. Works every time for me, and way more effective than soap and water.

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Seat Warmer

Aside from keeping your butt from freezing off, your seat warmer can keep other things warm as well.

Turn it on when you pick up food that needs to be kept hot.

I use this one for pizza and it helps a lot.

Get a Squeegee

If you park outdoors, you’ll have to get one of these for the mornings. Running late to class or work because you have to wipe down your windows with tissues is no fun.

Keep a squeegee in the side of your car door to use every time your windows are wet and foggy. It’s much faster and more efficient than anything else.

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Key Under the Chin

If you are completely lost in a parking lot and can’t find your car, use this handy trick. Place the key fob under your chin and press the lock button twice to get maximum range on your car.

We always forget where we park. Now we just don’t have to walk around for an hour trying to get in range of the car anymore.

Cassette Aux Cord

If you have a cassette player in your car, but want to listen to your own music, get a cassette to aux device.

You put it into the hole for the cassette player, and it comes with a cord that attaches to your phone. Now you can play music from your phone and enjoy it in the car.

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Gas Efficiency

When filling up gas, hold the handle halfway. You get more gas and less air in the tank.

Not only does that give you a little more gas, but driving is smoother when the tank has less air in it.

Phone Holder

If you don’t have a place to hold your phone in your car, use a rubber band. It’s the cheapest option for a phone holder and it’s safer than having to look down at you phone.

Don’t look at your phone unless you have to though. It’s not worth risking it. What’s an extra 15 minutes to text someone back?

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Get the Heat Out

Live in a hot area? Well, the car always gets really hot inside as you know.

Open only the driver side window all the way down. Go around to the other side and wave the passenger door back and forth. This is the fastest way to get heat out of your car.

If you turn on the air, leave your window cracked open so the heat can get pushed out. Close it after about 2 minutes.


Always make sure you have a box of tissues in your car. Use it for everything like wiping your forehead if you’re sweating from heat.

Other uses like cleaning things up, wiping your windows, and even protecting your hands from a hot steering wheel are really effective.


I hope you guys implement these hacks into your daily lives and make driving easier for yourself. Leave any questions or comments down below! Thanks for reading!

  1. Good advice, however with the key fob under the chin, press the lock button twice and not the unlock button. You will not hear your car when you unlock it, but you will hear the horn when you press the lock button twice.

  2. I liked reading the article
    But i have a question:
    When I drive with cruise control
    Does it saves gas or the opposite?
    Thank you

  3. Hey Refael! Cruise control can save you gas when you’re taking longer trips and are driving on freeways. But if you’re constantly having to turn on and off the cruise control, it’s not worth turning on to save gas. Hope this helps!

  4. Instead of using the lock or unlock button on your key fob (i.e. mine is on silent so I wouldn’t hear it that well) use the horn button on your key fob. You WILL hear that and you’ll hear it from a lot farther away than your lock/unlock button.

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