Best Workout Gear for Teenage Guys (12 Fitness Essentials)

best workout gear for teenage guys

Are you a teen boy looking to workout and need the right equipment? These 12 essentials are the best workout gear for teenage guys!

Most of this gear is easily accessible online and even in nearby stores. Everything will be linked to as we go through the list.

Let’s get into the first piece of workout gear!

Tank Tops

Working out in the heat can make you tired quickly. Plus, all the layers of clothing don’t help either.

Get a good few tank tops for a perfect combination of breathability and performance.

We’re not talking about the string tank tops by the way. You need the ones that properly cover your body while also leaving you sleeveless.


Get yourself some t-shirts that are separate from your everyday wear.

You want a fabric that’s extremely light and breathable, such as 100% cotton or polyester. Make sure they’re well fitting too.

Your gear is not complete without a few good workout t-shirts!

Breathable Boxers

You might be thinking, “why wouldn’t I already have a pair of boxers to workout in?”

Similar to your t-shirts, you don’t want to use the same boxers you wear everyday to be worn when you’re working out.

There are plenty of excellent choices for workout boxers out there that offer moisture wicking technology and extra breathability compared to your standard pair of boxers.

These types of boxers make for the best workout gear for teenage guys!

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Everyday socks simply won’t cut it. You might have already found this out after doing a workout before.

Get a pair of calf-high socks with extra breathability to wick away any moisture that’s created while you sweat.

There are different types of socks for different types of exercises as well. If you’re a runner, you might want running socks vs socks for lifting weights.


There are millions of workout shorts out there to choose from nowadays. Everybody claims to have some special component to their specific shorts.

To be honest, shorts are more for show than anything. As long as you have plenty of room to move your legs around freely, you should be good to go.

If you have basketball shorts from previous high school events, this would be a great time to bring them back out!

Compression Shorts

While compression shorts are technically a form of boxers, they definitely deserve their own spot on this list!

These boxer briefs are specifically designed to provide a comfortable experience while you’re lifting weight, boxing, running, or playing athletic sports.

If you’d rather use these in place of boxers when you exercise, you totally can. Just try not to use them during your average days (they can start to feel a little tight after a while).

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Workout Shoes

Please use a pair of workout shoes when you’re exercising and a normal pair of sneakers when you’re not.

It’s really not the time to mix and match here. Workout shoes have different properties in them that are made specifically with your foot health in mind.

You want them to be light-weight, easy to move around in, and easily paired with most gym outfits.

These are my favorite low end shoes and high end shoes.


If you live or workout in a cold area, a hoodie will be a must while you’re working out.

It’s important to keep your muscles warm as an athlete to get a better pump and prevent any injuries.d

You want your workout hoodie to have a decent stretch to it, since most hoodies can be quite stiff and awkward to move around in. Light weight is always a plus as well!

Workout Accessories for Teenage Guys

Now that all the clothing is out of the way, let’s go over a few accessories you might find yourself needing at the start of your fitness journey…

1) Workout Gloves

A high quality pair of workout gloves is crucial if you’re going to be lifting weights!

Gloves make for some of the best workout gear for teenage guys who exercise their back muscles (pull-ups, rows, etc).

Without gloves, you’re putting yourself in a position to get blisters, sores, and calluses all over your hand. Avoid that from the start and get a pair now!

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2) Weight Lifting Belt

If you’re getting into heavy weight lifting or powerlifting, you’ll definitely need one of these!

A weight lifting belt is a thick belt that goes around your abs for added safety, support, and strength around your lower back and abs.

These types of belts can even help you lift more. Because of the added support, you have the potential to lift 10% more than you currently are!

3) Sweat-proof Headphones

For all my runners and heavy sweaters out there, you need a pair of sweat-proof headphones that won’t get damaged from all the moisture that can get inside it.

There are specially designed headphones and earbuds that are sweat-proof, so they won’t get damaged over time.

Most of them come with a microphone, volume control, and bluetooth. Plus, they’re surprisingly cheap!

4) Muscle Roller Stick

A muscle roller stick is made for exactly what it sounds like… to roll out your muscles.

As a teenage guy, it’s common for us to be inflexible, in pain, and tight all the time. A muscle roller stick will help get rid of that when used consistently.

If you need to get knots out or have a lot of tension in a specific part of your body, this is a must have essential for you!


Hopefully you find what you’re looking for from the best workout gear for teenage guys. These 12 fitness essentials will complete your wardrobe with the right tools for the job.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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