20 Awesome College Graduation Gifts for Guys (by a Recent Graduate!)

college graduation gifts for guys

Finding college graduation gifts for guys is hard, but these unique gift options will help your college son, boyfriend, or brother feel special!

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Not to mention that this was written by a recent college graduate who knows what he wants as a guy. Men don’t always have it easy when it comes to gifts that they’ll actually like so this list will narrow your options down significantly. Here are 20 Awesome College Graduation Gifts for Guys:


A nice watch is the perfect way to show him that it’s time to be an adult and to dress like one as well. He’ll be ahead of all his peers when he walks into an interview with a slick new watch to show his maturity.

Valet Tray

What’s a better way to help him organize his belongings than with a valet tray. This tray is designed to make him feel like a man with intention. The intention to succeed and keep his life together out of college.


The ultimate graduation gift for him! Although it may be pricey, you still want to show him that you care about his future. As a college guy, I can say that my whole life revolves around a laptop.

Whether it’s for work, personal life, or networking, his new laptop will have him thinking about you every time he uses it.

A laptop case is another great add on to keep his new computer protected properly.


And if a laptop is too much, then I’m certain he’ll be excited to receive the best headphones on the planet. College guys are huge music freaks, and you would be making his life that much more special if you upped his music game.

Dress Shoes

Professional, sleek, mature – All of the things he wants to be called when he finishes college graduation. Not to mention, job interviewers are going to be complementing him so much that he just might get hired immediately!


College is tough, and now that he’s done, his shoulders are probably killing him from hovering over books all day. Treat your guy with a nice massage to ease his pain.

This is a great college graduation gift from a friend or partner that can still fit your budget.


A brand new razor is crucial for a grown college man. Keep him looking sharp and clean for his new jobs. Plus, chances are, it’s time his razor gets replaced anyways.

Shaving technology advances very quickly and keeping him up to date will ensure the cleanest look.

Hip Flask

Not every gift has to be so serious though. A hip flask is a great college gift for a guy that still wants to have some fun after graduation.

This is also perfect coming from a friend/sibling (or if you want to be the coolest parents ever, just saying).

Duffle Bag

Your boy is free now! He has the opportunity to travel, take vacations, explore new parts of the world, and live like a nomad.

Give him the chance to feel free, and to do that comfortably with a sturdy duffle bag.

Nice Pen

If your graduate is a business man, this is an excellent gift to show him that you support his future. He will close deals with this pen knowing that you were by his side the whole time. “Now get to work!” – my dad

Bluetooth Speaker

Just because the party days are over, doesn’t mean they have to be over for good. There’s not much more to say other than – he wants this gift and that’s for sure.

Skin Care Set

It’s easy to fall out of routine once you’re free to do whatever you want. One thing remains true though… his health will always be a priority and that includes his skin!

Remind him that those days of care have not come to an end and give him the skin care set of his dreams!

Pillow Upgrade

Speaking of health, your recent graduate’s sleep is more important than anything after years of no sleep at all.

A really good pillow can be a great upgrade to ensure he sleeps like a baby in preparation for his future.


A wallet is one of the best college graduation gifts for guys because you’re giving him his start into making real money.

Give him the wallet and tell him to start filling it up as much as he can throughout his career. Maybe even give him a little head start if you know what I mean 😉

Workout Gear

There’s nothing more valuable than motivation and support after graduation. Workout gear will motivate your man to continue pushing in the gym or even start a new hobby.

Exercise should be a lifestyle, not a one time thing, and he’ll know that more than ever with some sweet new workout gear.

Amazon Prime Membership

I cannot express how useful a Prime Membership was to me when I got out of college. The benefits are insanely worth it and believe me, he knows that too.

You can even take advantage of his student email and get the membership for half the price! All you have to do is use this link and offer to pay.

Graduation Necklace

A necklace or bracelet is a symbol of rewarding someone with something that sticks with them throughout the day.

Showing how proud you are of him through a wearable item like that will make him want to carry it with him all the time.

Credit Card MultiTool

This is such a cool and useful gift for college guys to keep in their wallet. Not only does it have a million features, but it also is small enough to fit in his wallet for emergencies.

I’m no hard core survival guy, but even I want this as a gift. It also pairs very well with a new wallet from number 14 above!

Portable Key Finder

We lose things, it happens. As a college graduate, I’ve lost more things in those last 4 years than I have my whole life.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, get him a Tile Key Finder. It isn’t only for keys since he can stick it on to any valuable he may have (including a car).

Car Accessories

Ever heard the saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend”? Yeah, well that’s a lie. His car is.

Upgrading his car with new accessories will upgrade his mood, his life, and essentially his best friend. It’s impossible for him to be disappointed with these graduation gifts.

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There you have it, 20 Awesome College Graduation Gifts for Guys that he’ll absolutely love!

This post was written by a recent college graduate who (I’ll admit) can be picky when it comes to gifts. So take these gift ideas and run with them!

Congrats on your new graduate! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, be sure to leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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