50 Best Coachella Outfits To Wear in 2024

Coachella Outfits

Don’t know what to wear to Coachella this year? Come pick from the 50 best Coachella outfits to wear in 2024 and look amazing!

These Coachella outfit ideas range from simple to fancy and are practical enough to dance in all weekend long.

Whether you’re looking for actual clothing items to buy or just want some outfit inspiration from your favorite celebrities, you’ll be sure to find an outfit that matches your style!

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Let’s dive in!

What Should I Wear to Coachella?

What Should I Wear to Coachella

You should wear very thin and breathable clothing to Coachella because you will get hot and you will be dancing.

We recommend a crop top, tube top, or bra on top and shorts, skirts, or breathable loose pants on the bottom.

A lot of popular Coachella outfits also include a sheer cover up to go over your clothes.

What Shoes to Wear to Coachella?

Shoes to Wear to Coachella

The best shoes to wear to Coachella are sneakers or boots that will last you an entire day of dancing without killing your feet.

The 3 most popular shoes to wear to Coachella are:

  1. Black Dr. Marten Boots
  2. White Converse Sneakers
  3. White Cowboy Boots

No matter what you go with, just keep in mind the amount of hours you’ll be outside at Coachella for!

Best Coachella Outfits

Here are the 50 cutest and trendiest outfits to wear to Coachella this year that are guaranteed to be IG worthy!

1) Black & Glitter

black Coachella outfits

Coachella outfits are never complete without glitter, and this black glitter and rhinestone set is perfect for any girl!

2) All White Outfits

white Coachella outfits

Nothing says stylish desert vibes more than an all white set for your 2024 Coachella outfit. 

3) Barbie Pink Set

pink Coachella outfits

Leave it to the queen of the best Coachella outfits, Vanessa Hudgens, to inspire us yet again to rock a Barbie pink set to Coachella in 2024.

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4) Butterfly Top

best Coachella outfits

A list of Coachella outfit inspiration wouldn’t be complete without the trendy butterfly and rhinestone top every influencer is rocking.

5) Yellow Lace Set

yellow Coachella outfit ideas

We’re obsessed with yellow in 2024 and we know that this lace set is perfect for your 2024 Coachella outfit.

6) Sheer Mesh Skirt

sheer mesh skirt

One of our favorite Coachella outfit ideas always involves a sheer mesh skirt embroidered with glitter rhinestones.

7) Lace Corset Top

lace corset for Coachella

Corset tops have become the hottest trend this year and we know it will make for the perfect addition to your 2024 Coachella outfit.

8) Metallic Skirt

metallic skirt for festival

If you’re wondering what to wear to Coachella, look no further than a fun and stylish metallic mini skirt.

9) Star Spangled Coachella

boho Coachella outfits

Feel like a star at Coachella with a boho white and gold star printed dress. 

10) Crochet Pants

white crochet pants idea

Some of our favorite Coachella outfits for girls always include a crop top and a fun pair of crochet pants.

11) Boho White Dress

boho white dress for Coachella

Channel your inner bohemian queen by rocking a gorgeous white lace maxi dress to your next Coachella.

12) Fringe Kimono

trendy Coachella outfits

It’s a must to have a layering piece for your Coachella outfit so why not make it fun with a colorful fringe kimono?

13) Floral Printed Dress

floral Coachella outfits

If you want to rock a boho inspired look for Coachella, try pairing a floral maxi dress with ankle boots and a fun hat.

14) Yellow Crochet Set

yellow crochet set

We’re obsessing over how cute and perfect this yellow crochet set is for any 2024 Coachella outfit.

15) Mesh Layers

sheer mesh Coachella outfits

We found the perfect Coachella outfit inspiration and it consists of embroidered mesh and tons of layers.

16) Bandana Top

Coachella outfits for women

One of our favorite Coachella outfits for women is the trendy bandana scarf top look that can be seen on every influencer.

17) Ruffle Maxi Skirt

ruffle maxi skirt

Have fun with your next Coachella outfit inspiration with a ruffle tiered maxi skirt perfect for all of your Instagram photos. 

18) Abstract Set

colorful Coachella outfit ideas

What better way to stand out from the Coachella crowd than with a colorful abstract set?

19) Rhinestone Fringe Shorts

rhinestone fringe shorts

Stop wondering what to wear to Coachella and grab yourself a pair of rhinestone fringe shorts. 

20) Colorful Checkered Set

colorful checkered set

This simple and stylish colorful checkered set is the perfect Coachella outfit inspiration for 2024.

21) Watermelon Colors

watermelon colors Coachella outfit

Stay cool during the hot Coachella days with a pink and green watermelon inspired outfit that you can rock with your bff.

22) Satin Corsets

satin corset

Satin corsets are a must for any Coachella outfit, especially when paired with a simple and trendy pair of boyfriend jeans.

23) Denim on Denim

denim Coachella outfit inspiration

Much like our favorite influencers, we also can’t resist a denim on denim look for our next Coachella outfit inspiration.

24) Glitter Trousers

best Coachella outfits

Glitter trousers are one of the best pairs of pants you can wear when wondering what to wear to Coachella in 2024.

25) Pink Glitter Set

Coachella outfits

We can’t stop obsessing over this baby pink glitter set and how perfect it would look as your next stylish Coachella outfit.

26) Graphic Pants

animal printed festival pants

A great Coachella outfit for girls and women consists of abstract graphic pants and a simple bralette.

27) Linen Set

linen set for Coachella

We love a linen set in the summer, especially in colorful colors that will make your Coachella outfit pics pop.

28) Head Scarf

head scarf ideas

A fun and colorful head scarf is a great way to add extra style to your Coachella outfit and protect your hair from the dusty winds.

29) Denim Jackets 

denim jacket outfit for Coachella

When wondering what to wear to Coachella, always remember to bring a denim jacket for the colder desert nights.

30) Graphic Tee

graphic tee festival outfit

You can never go wrong with a fun graphic tee as a go-to Coachella outfit in 2024.

31) Fringe Cowboy Boots

fringe cowboy boots

Make a stylish statement this year at Coachella with these white fringe cowboy boots that everyone will be obsessing over.

32) Metallic Set

metallic set for Coachella

Metallic sets are the biggest trend in 2024 so you can safely add it to your Coachella outfit ideas list.

33) Feather Details

sheer cover up with feathers

The details matter at Coachella and we’re loving how feathers easily make your outfit that much more stylish.  

34) Satin Boxing Set

satin boxing set women

We never expected to love a satin boxing set for Coachella but now that we see it, we know it’s a winner.

35) Neon Retro Dress

neon retro dress

Be a retro disco queen at Coachella with a simple and stylish neon dress paired with white boots.

36) Cargo Skirt

simple Coachella outfits

Cargo skirts are a great way to be comfortable, practical, and stylish, all day long at your next Coachella festival. 

37) Gold Glitter Set

glitter Coachella outfits

One of our favorite Coachella outfit ideas is a stylish gold glitter set that looks like a desert sunset.

38) Pastel Pants

70s pastel pants

Pastel 70’s inspired pants are such a fun way to bring color into any Coachella outfit in 2024.

39) Glitter Sleeves

glitter outfits for Coachella

Add glitter sleeves to any of your Coachella outfits for the perfect IG worthy look.

40) Green Queen

green Coachella outfits

Be the queen of green at Coachella with this cute and stylish monochromatic Coachella outfit inspiration.

41) Mini Skirt & Graphic Tee

mini skirt and graphic tee

A mini skirt and graphic tee combo is a great, simple, and easy to put together Coachella outfit idea for girls and women.

42) Silk Dresses

silk dresses

We have been loving silk cowl neck dresses and when paired with cowboy boots, they make for the perfect Coachella look.

43) Asymmetric Skirt

Coachella outfit ideas

An asymmetric skirt is a great way to easily elevate your look into a more stylish Coachella outfit. 

44) Cowgirl Approved

cowgirl Coachella outfits

Grab your bffs and create a matching cowgirl inspired outfit for Coachella 2024 with the cowboy hat, shorts, and boots.

45) Layered Jewelry

Coachella jewelry ideas

Don’t be afraid to layer on all of your favorite necklaces for Coachella, the more the better!

46) Little Boho Dress

white boho dress for Coachella

At Coachella, LBD takes on a whole new meaning: little boho dress, aka the perfect Coachella outfit for all girls and women.

47) Colorful Trousers

lightweight colorful trousers

Trousers have made a huge comeback in 2024 and rocking them to Coachella is an easy and comfortable way to slay all weekend long.

48) Leopard Skirt Set

leopard skirt set

A great way to stand out from the crowd and add a boho twist to your Coachella outfit is with this gorgeous leopard maxi skirt set.

49) Disco Top

Coachella outfits for girls

We’re obsessed with how this disco top pairs with the Western fringe skirt to make the perfect Coachella outfit inspiration.

50) Pastel Perfection

best Coachella outfit inspiration

A stylish and simple way to create a Coachella outfit you love is by color coordinating a monochromatic outfit around your favorite pastel color.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’ve found your Coachella outfit inspiration to wear to this year’s festival!

There’s always a way to mix and match inspiration with your own style to create a really unique outfit.

Just be sure to dress light in the summer and bring a jacket for the winter when you’re partying.

Stay safe and have a ton of fun at Coachella!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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