25 Soft Boy Outfits to Copy in 2024

Soft Boy Outfits

Need a simple and unique soft boy outfit to try out this year? If so, here are 25 soft boy outfits to copy in 2024!

Check out our soft boy outfits collection for laid-back style and comfort. From comfy knits to casual fits, you’ll find pieces that embody the soft boy vibe, making it easy to express yourself.

Also, find simple outfit options for those who prefer a relaxed look. With comfy choices and versatile designs, you can effortlessly rock the soft boy aesthetic while staying comfy and stylish.

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Let’s dive in!

Knit Short Sleeve Button Down

soft boy outfits

We’ll always be fans of knit short sleeve button down as a part of a soft boy aesthetic outfit.

They’re comfortable, cool, and a light layering piece for spring and summer.

Soft Boy Sherpa Jacket

Best soft boy ideas for men

If you’re already looking ahead for soft boy Winter outfits, we recommend adding a sherpa jacket to your clothing lineup.

These are the perfect soft boy jackets for the colder months.

Chunky Shoes

All black outfits for guys

Chunky shoes = soft boy shoes.

If you want the soft boy aesthetic but are too afraid to rock a chunky sneaker or loafer, can you really call yourself a soft boy?

Pattern Sweater Vest

Simple outfit for unique guys

Floral patterns are for the soft boys and soft boys only.

We love a guy that can not only rock a floral sweater vest but inspire us to do the same. 

Pop of Pink

Simple outfit for unique guys

Real men aren’t afraid to wear pink, and that’s just facts.

The pop of pink adds the perfect touch of soft boy aesthetic to any modern and trendy outfit.

Cardigan Soft Boy Outfit

Cool soft boy aesthetic outfits

One of our favorite soft boy jackets has been and will always be a neutral knit cardigan.

Cardigans just help put together any soft boy outfit for men, especially if you’re planning on rocking slacks with them.

Thrifted Jacket

Simple outfit for unique guys

Soft boys know that the coolest pieces of clothing are going to be found in a thrift store, like this quilted vintage soft boy jacket.

Pastel Fashion

soft boy outfits

Pastel colors will be your new go to for soft boy outfits.

There are so many pastel colors to choose from but we personally love the baby blue.

Neutral Slacks

Best soft boy ideas for men

Every starboy needs a pair of neutral slacks in their closet.

Neutral slacks are the foundation of almost every good star boy outfit idea for Fall and Winter.

Colorful Soft Boy Shirts

Cool soft boy aesthetic outfits

If you’re stumped on what to wear for your soft boy outfit, just grab a colorful soft boy shirt.

Color helps add that soft boy aesthetic to your look in seconds. 

Fuzzy Cardigan

Simple outfit for unique guys

We don’t think it gets to be any more of a soft boy aesthetic than a pastel pink fuzzy cardigan.

Even if the pastel pink isn’t your vibe, you can’t go wrong with a fuzzy cardigan or sweater for a Fall and Winter soft boy outfit idea.

Tyler the Creator Outfit

Best soft boy ideas for men

If you didn’t already know, Tyler the Creator was one of the founders of the soft boy aesthetic long before any TikTok influencers started rocking the aesthetic.

No matter what his outfit is, you can almost always guarantee it’s a cool soft boy aesthetic outfit.

Soft Boy Striped Shirt Outfit

All black outfits for guys

It might not be a striped sweater but it’s still always the best time to rock a striped t-shirt if you’re looking for a soft boy outfit for men.


Simple outfit for unique guys

Birkenstocks are the soft boy shoes of the century, and we will stand by that statement forever.

The Birkenstock clogs are specifically the ones you want to rock if you’re wanting a soft boy outfit.

All Black Soft Boy Outfit

Cool soft boy aesthetic outfits

There are so many ways to rock an all black outfit for guys but this might just be our favorite soft boy aesthetic look.

It’s all about keeping things simple but also knowing when to add something fun, like the matching black bucket hat.

Pastel Yellow

soft boy outfits

We will always be in full support of pastel yellow colors in your soft boy outfits, especially in Spring and Summer.

Overall Outfit

soft boy outfits

You can’t call yourself a soft boy without at least one pair of overalls in your closet.

Overalls are one of the easiest outfits you’ll ever wear, just add a shirt with it and you’re good to go.

Carhartt Vest

Best soft boy ideas for men

A brand that the soft boy movement has taken by storm, and for a good reason, is Carhartt.

Carhartt has become the “it” boy brand in 2024 and from their jackets to their vests, their clothing items always look amazing on.

Layered Collared Cardigan

Simple outfit for unique guys

We don’t need to show you the best layered collared cardigan soft boy outfit, we’ll just let A$AP Rocky show you.

Embroidered Denim

Cool soft boy aesthetic outfits

One simple way to make your jeans fit a bit more in the soft boy aesthetic is by getting them embroidered or by adding iron-on patches.

Get creative and add as much, or as little, as you want.

Super Baggy Slacks

Best soft boy ideas for men

Slacks are a staple in the soft boy aesthetic but one version of slacks that’s for the guys who really think they can pull off fashion is the overly baggy kind.

This isn’t easy to pull off but if you can, we’re in full support.

Colored Pants

Simple outfit for unique guys

You have to lean into color if you want to rock the soft boy aesthetic.

Colored pants are always a great way to incorporate color into your soft boy outfit idea.

Soft Boy Cargo Pants Outfit

soft boy outfits

We’re so happy cargo pants are finally back in style, to be honest, we don’t know why they left!

Cargo pants should be a staple in your soft boy outfit, especially if you’re pairing it with a pastel color like this yellow.

Argyle Prints

Best soft boy ideas for men

Don’t be afraid to rock prints and patterns in your star boy outfits.

Argyle is an especially great print to lean into, and you can easily find a ton of argyle items at your local thrift store.

Jean Shorts for Summer

Cool soft boy aesthetic outfits

No list of soft boy outfits for men is completely without a pair of jean shorts.

For the quintessential soft boy look, make sure to pair your jorts with white high socks and loafers.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite outfit idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!


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