50 Gorgeous Prom Makeup Ideas in 2024

Prom Makeup Ideas

Need help choosing your perfect makeup look for prom? Look no further! Take a look at these 50 gorgeous prom makeup ideas in 2024!

From natural and understated looks to bold and dramatic eyeliner styles, we’ve got you covered. 

Plus, we’ve included some creative makeup styles that you probably haven’t thought of and might want to give a try!

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Lets dive in!

Brown Hues

prom makeup ideas

For all of our green and blue eyed ladies, one of the best prom makeup ideas that will help make your eyes pop is using subtle brown hues throughout your eyeshadow.

Bright Gold

prom makeup for blue eyes

Bright gold eyeshadow is always a win for blue eyes, especially if you’re planning on wearing a black or white prom dress.

Bold Pink Makeup

simple prom makeup looks

We’re all in the Barbie girl era so what better way to go to prom than by rocking the hot pink eyeliner look?

The Perfect Red Lip

best prom makeup ideas

One of our favorite prom makeup ideas for 2024 that is timeless, classic, and gorgeous, involves one simple thing: the perfect red lip.

Sun Kissed Blush

makeup for blue eyes

Look like you’ve just come from spending hours on the beach with a cute sun kissed blush makeup idea, perfect for blue or green eyes.

Lengthy Lashes

prom makeup for brown eyes

To make your eyes the focal point of your makeup, try adding in lash extensions to help create gorgeous volume and length.

Sweet Pink

prom makeup looks

If you’re planning on wearing a black or white dress to prom, try adding in a sweet dose of pink into your makeup for a subtle pop of color.

Rhinestones Galore

simple makeup for green eyes

Have fun with your 2024 prom makeup look with this unique rhinestone idea that works for any dress.

Baby Blue

prom makeup ideas

Nothing says “picture-perfect” more than a baby blue makeup look that perfectly matches your blue dress.

White Glitter

glitter makeup look for blue eyes

Add in some white glitter to your prom makeup look for a simple, fun, and easy way to make your eyes pop!

Dramatic Wing

makeup for blue eyes

For anyone rocking a red dress to prom, you’ll need an equally bold makeup look, like this dramatic wing that is truly to-die for.

Gray & Black

prom makeup look for green eyes

We love the idea of adding a gray & black eyeshadow look to your prom makeup, especially for a black dress.

Highlighter Hints

black girl makeup

For all the black girls that want to show off your facial features, add in hints of highlighter to your cheeks, forehead, eyes, and chin, to really pop off for prom.

Blushed to Perfection

makeup for brown eyed girl

For girls with brown eyes, try a more dramatic blush look by adding in more pink to your cheeks than normal. Paired with pink eyeshadow and this look is perfect!

Thin Eyeliner

makeup for natural look

Eyeliner doesn’t have to be thick to be dramatic! This thin, sharp, and killer eyeliner is perfect for any girl looking to slay at prom.

Natural Makeup

natural makeup look for blue eyes

Play with your skin tone and opt for natural colored makeup that perfectly compliments your skin, like this subtle tan and brown look.

Super Glossy

simple prom makeup

You can never have enough lip gloss, no matter what anyone says!

Rust Eyeshadow

prom makeup for black girl

Another one of our favorite eyeshadow looks for black girls is a shimmery rust shadow that will perfectly compliment your skin tone.

Autumn Inspired Lip

prom makeup ideas

We have been loving the look of autumn inspired lipsticks that really bring in the dark and muted red colors to your makeup.

Classic Smokey Eye

smoky prom makeup for brown eyes

You can’t have a list of prom makeup ideas without mentioning the classic smokey eye, especially when we’re talking about the perfect makeup for a black dress.

Green Eyeshadow

makeup look for silver dress

Add in a green eyeshadow to match your green dress for a prom makeup look everyone will love.

Funky Green

prom makeup for brown eyes

If you want a funky makeup idea to go with your green dress, try this light green shimmer makeup trend.

80’s Queen

makeup for blue eyes

Channel your inner 80’s prom queen with this vibrant prom makeup idea that no one will miss!

Shades of Pink

prom makeup for red dress

Why choose one pink eyeshadow when you can use multiple?

Line Makeup

simple makeup look for black dress

Eyeliner isn’t just meant for your lash line, it’s meant to be played around with, like this inspo pic that we’re loving.

Purple Eyeshadow

prom makeup idea for blue eyes

Add in a splash of color to your prom look with a purple eyeshadow that will make your green eyes pop!

Contrasting Colors

prom makeup ideas

For a bold prom makeup idea, try using contrasting colors around your eyes, especially for a black or white dress.

Orange Queen

natural prom look for blue eyes

Orange you glad you tried this fun and colorful makeup idea for prom?

Black & White Liner 

prom makeup look for brown eyes

Whether you’re wearing a black dress or white dress, this fun and expressive black & white eyeliner trend is perfect for your prom makeup.

Eyeliner Stickers

pink prom makeup look

One of our favorite social media makeup hacks in 2024 has to be the invention of eyeliner stickers! They’re fun, easy to use, and save so much time.

Bold Pink Lip

makeup for blue eyes

We’ve been loving a bold pink lip, especially to add in a pop of color to your black or white prom dress.

Natural Makeup with a Twist

makeup look for black girl

If you want the no-makeup makeup look, but want to add a bit of a twist to it, we recommend doing a barely there all-over look with the addition of a bold lipstick.

Minimal Makeup

simple natural look for green eyes

You don’t need a full face of makeup to look stunning at prom. This minimal makeup look is *chef’s kiss* perfection.

Yellow Eyeshadow

prom makeup ideas

If Kylie Jenner is rocking a yellow eyeshadow in 2024, then so should you! This is definitely one of the most creative and stunning prom makeup ideas out there.

Lavender Liner

makeup look for blue eyes

Nothing can beat this sweet and playful lavender eyeliner prom makeup look.

Sharp Cat Eye

simple makeup look

There’s a cat eye, and then there’s this razor sharp cat eye that everyone will be wanting to learn how you pulled off.

Pink Glitter

makeup look for black dress

Add in a cute pink glitter to your prom makeup for a look that will shimmer in the light.

Hot Pink Eyeliner

prom makeup for blue eyes

We gasped at how perfect this hot pink eyeliner is, especially if you’re wearing a pink or black dress for prom.

Mermaid Inspired

prom makeup for blue eyes

Channel your inner mermaid with a blue, purple, and shimmery eyeshadow that is truly picture perfect.

Prom Pastels

makeup look for green eyes

You can never go wrong with pastel colors for prom, especially if you’re wearing a light colored dress.

Aquamarine Touch

prom makeup look for green eyes
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Add in a soft touch of aquamarine eyeshadow on the corner of your eyes to match your blue dress for prom.

White Eyeliner

makeup look for brown eyes

We are all about the white eyeliner trend, especially for a 2024 prom makeup idea.

Silver Eyeshadow

makeup look for black girl

One of the most jaw-dropping makeup looks for black girls will always involve a shimmery silver eyeshadow paired with hints of highlighter.

Gold Leaf

prom makeup for black girl

Why settle for a gold eyeshadow when you can instead add in hints of gold leaf to your prom makeup look?

Doe Eyed

prom makeup ideas

You’ve heard of cat eye but it’s the 2024 doe eyed makeup trend that has us in a chokehold.

Pink & Black

stunning eye makeup

Nothing says sweet and sexy more than a pink and black glitter makeup look.

Lavender Eyeshadow

prom makeup for black girl

We’re loving how a matte lavender eyeshadow pops against a dewy makeup look. Truly perfect for prom!

Blue Metallic Eyeshadow

makeup for black girl

If you’re rocking a blue or black dress to prom, then you have to try a stunning blue metallic eyeshadow look.

Neon Eyeshadow

prom makeup looks for brown eyes

Take a page out of Kendall Jenner’s makeup playbook and try rocking a neon eyeshadow for prom.

Split Eyeliner

prom makeup looks

Prom is all about having fun, expressing yourself, and being bold and unique, so why not try this dramatic split eyeliner idea?


Hopefully these 50 prom makeup ideas gave you some inspiration for how to match your dress.

Which look are you taking to prom?

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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