25 Starboy Outfits to Copy in 2024

Starboy Outfits

Struggling to find a cool starboy outfit to try out this year? If so, here are 25 starboy outfits to copy in 2024!

Discover a range of Starboy outfits designed to turn heads with bold designs and sleek styles.

Whether you prefer standout pieces or a more casual look, we’ve got you covered with options to suit your style and make a statement effortlessly.

Plus, find easy-to-wear ensembles for those seeking a more relaxed approach to their Starboy outfit.

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Let’s dive in!

Oversized Leather Jacket

starboy outfits

An oversized leather jacket is the perfect layering piece for any starboy aesthetic outfit, especially in the Winter.

Go to your local thrift store and add an oversized leather jacket to your starboy clothing collection.

Black and Silver Starboy Outfit

Best starboy outfit for men

This might be one of the most quintessential starboy outfits for men we’ve ever seen.

From the open short sleeve button down, black tank top, silver chunky belt, and matching sunglasses, this is a starboy aesthetic in a nutshell.

Vintage Short Sleeve Button Down

Cool men outfit

The starboy aesthetic is a viral social media style trend that basically mixes an old school look with a modern look.

This vintage short sleeve button down is a great layering piece for your Fall starboy outfit idea.

You can find these at your local thrift store for an affordable price.

Black & White Starboy Outfit

Simple starboy aesthetic outfits

This black & white outfit is a prime example of a starboy aesthetic outfit.

It’s just the right amount of retro, modern, and star.

Jacob Elordi Starboy Outfit

Unique starboy aesthetic clothes

If you’re looking for someone to take starboy outfit ideas for men from, Jacob Elordi is your guy.

This James Dean inspired starboy outfit is an easy go-to for any guy looking to start rocking starboy clothing.

Justin Bieber Starboy Outfit

Cool starboy style

Another celebrity that is the perfect representation of the starboy aesthetic is the one and only, Justin Bieber.

The colorful short sleeve button down paired with the Nike dunks makes for a fun and vibrant Spring starboy outfit idea.

Casual Fall Starboy Outfit

Unique starboy aesthetic clothes

Oversized everything, that’s really all you need to remember in order to rock starboy clothing.

So if you’re looking for a comfortable and casual starboy outfit, this oversized sweater and sweatpant combination is just for you.

Summer Starboy Accessory

Simple starboy aesthetic outfits

Looking for the perfect every day Summer accessory to go with your starboy aesthetic clothes?

Look no further than the infamous bucket hat.

All Black Starboy Outfit

Best starboy outfit for men

It’s our favorite starboy influencer, Noah Beck, and today he’s serving an all black starboy aesthetic outfit.

Celeb to Street Example

starboy outfits

This side by side is the perfect way to replicate a celebrity’s outfit and have it work for you.

From the leather work jacket to the shiny black boots, these types of celebrity starboy outfits recreation is perfect.

Summer Starboy Outfit

Best starboy outfit for men

A white tank top, baggy light washed denim jeans, and a pair of Adidas Sambas, the summer starboy trifecta.

For an easy starboy outfit to get started in, this is a great one.

All White Starboy Fit

Cool men outfit

Not many guys can rock an all white starboy outfit, but you know who can? You.

Don’t forget to add your favorite trucker hat to your Summer starboy fit.

Starboy Shoes

Simple starboy aesthetic outfits

The Adidas Sambas are our new favorite starboy aesthetic shoes.

Our favorite part is that they come in a wide variety of colors and styles so you can get creative.

DIY Muscle Tee

Unique starboy aesthetic clothes

It doesn’t get more starboy than a DIY muscle tee made from an old shirt in your closet.

And if you don’t have an old shirt laying around, just go to a thrift store and find a cool vintage one.

Black Layering Vest

Cool starboy style

Get ready to add a black layering vest to your starboy clothing collection.

If you thought you’d never see the day you wore a vest, think again.

Knit Sweater Vest

starboy outfits

If the traditional black layering vest isn’t your style, but you don’t want to give up on vests entirely, try a knit sweater vest.

These are much easier to pull off and work for any starboy outfit idea, regardless of season.

Color Coordinating Starboy Fit

starboy outfits

One thing we’ll always be obsessed with is a starboy who knows how to color coordinate.

We love to see good starboy style like this one. Definitely one of our favorite starboy outfits to try this season.

Starboy Satchel

Best starboy outfit for men

It’s not a purse, it’s a man purse, better known as a satchel.

And if Noah Beck is consistently rocking it, and he’s the king of starboy style, then maybe you should too.

Chunky Knit Sweater

Cool men outfit

Every starboy should have a chunky knit sweater in their closet, especially in winter.

A chunky knit sweater can go with anything and easily channels that starboy aesthetic you’re wanting.

Oversized Button Down

Simple starboy aesthetic outfits

An oversized button down should be a closet staple for any guy wanting to rock the trending starboy aesthetic.

Some great starboy aesthetic brands are Zara, Ralph Lauren, H&M, and Tilly’s.

Touch of Rhinestone

Unique starboy aesthetic clothes

You think you can’t rock rhinestones as a guy? Think again.

If Jacob Elordi is out here rocking rhinestones to premieres, we think you can rock even a fraction of these rhinestones in your starboy clothing.

Raw Hem Jeans

Cool starboy style

Being a starboy means flaunting what you have and not caring. It means luxury, not it’s not quiet.

Nothing says 0 care more than just a straight raw hem cut on your jeans like on Shawn Mendes, another favorite Starboy of ours.

No tailor? No problem, you’ve got scissors.

Baggy Sweatpants

Cool men outfit

This might be a bit controversial but we’re seeing the super baggy sweatpant in starboy style more and more.

Sometimes if you want the starboy aesthetic clothes, you’ve got to take risks.

Pop of Color

Simple starboy aesthetic outfits

Leave it to Lewis Hamilton, the starboy of all starboys, to bring out one of our favorite starboy outfits for men.

The pop of color is the perfect added touch to the quintessential baggy starboy look.

Designer Shoes

Unique starboy aesthetic clothes

Being a starboy means knowing when and how to rock designer items, and starboy aesthetic shoes means going designer.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite outfit idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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