25 Bad Boy Outfits to Copy in 2024

Bad Boy Outfits

Need a unique outfit idea to go with that bad boy look? If so, here are 25 bad boy outfits to copy in 2024!

Explore a range of men’s outfits tailored to include various colors that harmonize with your attire. From muted tones to vibrant hues, these ensemble options are crafted to enhance your overall look and make a memorable impression.

Additionally, uncover effortless outfit alternatives for those seeking simplicity. With straightforward yet stylish choices, you can achieve a polished appearance without investing excessive time in the selection process.

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Let’s dive in!

Black Hoodie & Cargo Pants

Bad boy outfits

A black hoodie paired with cargo pants will always be one of our favorite bad boy outfits for men.

Add a matching beanie on top during the colder Fall and Winter months.

Camo Pants

Bad boy outfit ideas

There is nothing we love more than a bad boy who can rock camo pants with a Harley Davidson shirt.

If this isn’t a cool bad boy outfit idea, then we don’t know what is.

All Black Skater Bad Boy Outfit

Best outfits for men

All black will always be a bad boy aesthetic outfit, but if you want the skater vibe to it, you’ve got to add the cuffed pants, white socks, and vans.

These are the types of California bad boy outfits you’ll see all along the beach cities.

Muscle Tee Black Outfit

Simple Bad boy aesthetic outfits

Nothing says bad boy more than an all black outfit with a muscle tee.

This is a dark and cool all black outfit for guys that can be worn all year long.

80’s Band Tee

Cool All black clothes for guys

Graphic tees are a staple to any bad boy’s closet but we’re the biggest fans of the 80’s rock band tees.

I mean is there anything more “bad boy” than Metallica?

White Tank Top Outfit

Best outfits for men

A white tank top is the bad boy shirt you need in your closet, I mean they didn’t nickname it wife beater shirt for nothing.

Black & White Bad Boy Outfit

Bad boy outfits

We love a cool and effortless black and white bad boy outfit, especially when it looks this good.

And if you didn’t already know, high-top converse are a bad boy shoe staple, so make sure you have a pair.

Athletic Bomber Jacket

Cool All black clothes for guys

Athletic bomber jackets have been a part of the bad boy aesthetic for decades, and if you don’t already have one, what are you doing?

These bad boy jackets can be worn anytime and anywhere.

Elevated Monochrome Sweats

Cool All black clothes for guys

If there’s any aesthetic that can elevate sweats, it’s the bad boy aesthetic.

These monochromatic sweatpants are the perfect addition to these types of bad boy outfits for Winter.

Windbreaker Outfit

Bad boy outfit ideas

Another bad boy jacket that you absolutely need in your closet is a black windbreaker.

Windbreakers can be layered and worn in so many different ways but with the shorts and high-tops are our favorite.

All Black Edgy Outfit

Cool All black outfits for guys

For a cool, edgy, and dark bad boy outfit, you’re going to want to replicate this all black outfit for guys.

And when you replicate it, make sure you add the chunky black boots.

Tank and Trousers

Best outfits for men

A Korean bad boy outfit we can’t stop thinking about is this white tank top tucked into a pair of crisp navy trousers.

We didn’t think this could look like a bad boy outfit, but now that we see it, we were totally wrong initially.

Black Leather Pants

Simple Bad boy aesthetic outfits

Another Korean bad boy outfit you should save to your bad boy outfit idea list is a black and red leather pants look.

Leather pants are an instant hit for any bad boy outfit for guys, and we really love it paired with the pop of red.

Western Bad Boy Outfit

Cool All black clothes for guys

We didn’t have Bad Bunny inspiring a Western bad boy outfit on our 2024 bingo card but here we are, and we’re not mad about it.

Bad Bunny will always be a bad boy outfit icon, and he’s making country work.

Tucked In White Tee

Best outfits for men

Of course we had to add another Bad Bunny bad boy outfit to this list, he’s the icon of all bad boy fashion icons.

This tucked in white tee paired with the jewelry and backwards hat is a bad boy outfit idea for men of all ages.

Puma Sweatsuit

Best outfits for men

We’ll always take bad boy outfit inspiration from the bad boy himself, The Weekend.

So if he’s rocking a puma sweatsuit, you know you should be too.

Hoodie & Jeans

Bad boy outfits

One thing we know for sure is that Drake is the poster boy for bad boy outfit inspiration, and this is a great example of that.

Your bad boy outfit doesn’t have to be overly complicated, it can be as simple as a hoodie paired with denim jeans.

Art Inspired Button Downs

Cool All black clothes for guys

Who said bad boys can’t appreciate art?

In fact, we think bad boys can pull off art inspired graphic button downs the best.

All Black Tank Outfit

Cool All black outfits for guys

Let this Korean inspired bad boy outfit be the prime example of how simple it is to achieve the bad boy look.

Just an all black tank top outfit paired with a necklace.

Hoodie & Cargo Pants

Simple Bad boy aesthetic outfits

We are obsessed with a hoodie and cargo pants as a bad boy outfit idea for guys.

This is a classic bad boy look for Fall and Winter that you can easily rock with items you probably already own.

Carhartt Jacket

cool jacket and shirt

Nothing says bad boy more than the Carhartt brand.

That’s why all your favorite bad boy aesthetic celebrities and influencers are rocking their Carhartt jackets.

Timberland Outfit

Cool All black clothes for guys

If you see a guy rocking Timberlands you already know he has the bad boy aesthetic on lock.

Definitely one of our favorite bad boy outfits for this season.

NFL Jersey

Best outfits for men

Show off who you root for in this NFL Jersey bad boy outfit.

An NFL jersey is so easy to style for a bad boy outfit and is a great conversation starter.

Gray Sweatpants Outfit

Simple Bad boy aesthetic outfits

Every bad boy should know that gray sweatpants are a closet staple.

And if you didn’t know, Drake is here to show you the best way to rock a gray sweatpants bad boy outfit.

Monochromatic Summer Outfit

Bad boy outfit ideas

Bad boys can rock monochromatic outfits too, and they can look super good doing it.

Just take your favorite bad boy shirt and rock it with matching shorts and Nikes.

And if you didn’t already know, Nike dunks are the top bad boy shoes.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite outfit idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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