Should Teenage Guys Shave Their Mustache?

should teenage guys shave their mustache

You’re growing more hair on your face and it’s starting to look a bit strange. Should teenage guys shave their mustache? Take a look!

Before we start, keep in mind that you can shave or not shave whatever you want. There are no rules for shaving.

We’ll be covering what most teens do and a few scenarios that may or may not apply to you.

Stick around until the end so that all your questions are answered.  Let’s dive in!

Why Am I Growing a Mustache as a Teenage Guy?

As a teenager, you’re going through puberty, which comes with many changes in the body.

One of the most common changes in teenage guys is their hair growth. You’ll experience hair growing on your face, armpits, chest, butt, and nether regions.

The hormones in your body are instructing your hair to grow fuller, more often, and become stronger.

Because of this, your mustache might come back soon after you shave it.

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Should Teenage Guys Shave Their Mustache?

Whether or not teenage guys should shave their mustache comes down to personal preference.

However, most teenage guys do shave their mustache.

A lot of teenagers are uncomfortable with how their mustache looks and feels, so do what feels right to you!

Is It Normal for Teenage Boys to Shave Their Mustache?

Yes, it’s very normal for teen boys to shave their mustache.

Every boy will go through puberty at different ages, speeds, and have slightly different effects.

If your mustache hair grows quickly, looks thick, and it bothers you, then feel free to shave it.

If your mustache is lighter, somewhat unnoticeable, or you just like how it looks, then rock that mustache!

Where Should I Stop Shaving My Mustache?

You should start shaving from right underneath your nose, all the way down to the top of your upper lip.

You should stop shaving where the hairs become less noticeable (usually where the sides of your lips end.

If you don’t have any hair under your lip, you do NOT have to shave that area!

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What Should I Use To Shave My Mustache as a Teen Guy?

Having the right tools for the job ensures a safe, clean, and non-irritable shave.

Men’s razor blades with shaving cream are best for shaving your mustache.

However, if you have acne or sensitive skin, an electric shaver will be much better for you.

Be sure to replace your blades often to reduce irritation during future shaves. 

Alternatives for Shaving Your Mustache

If you still want to remove the bulk of your mustache hair, but don’t want to use a razor, consider getting a trimmer.

It will get rid of the long mustache hairs without coming in direct contact with the skin. 

Trimming is much easier, faster, and safer for your skin!

This is my preferred way to shave my face often. Once in a while I’ll switch it up and shave completely with a razor.

The choice is yours!

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Final Thoughts

So, should teenage guys shave their mustache? 

If you have no reason to shave them… don’t. Meaning, you don’t care how it looks on your face and it doesn’t bother you.

If it feels annoying or looks bad to you, then there is no harm in shaving it off. 

So many guys start shaving at such a young age. It’s part of being a man and you should be proud of it.

If it makes you feel any better, I started shaving my mustache in 4th grade! Yeah, I was 9 years old 😁.

Hopefully your questions have been answered. Remember that trimming is always an option!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

  1. How will our moustache grow after we tream means like thick and fuller or like adult or teenaged?

  2. Hi Tanay! There is no evidence that shaving/trimming a mustache makes it grow thicker or fuller, so you can shave however makes you feel comfortable. Hope this helps!

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