15 Shaving Tips for Teenage Guys (The Ultimate Guide)

shaving tips for teenage guys

Now that you’ve hit puberty and your teen years are kicking in, it’s time to shave that beard. Here are 15 shaving tips for teenage guys!

We’re going to be discussing everything you should know about shaving in your teen years from picking the right razor to shaving with acne.

Let’s start with the basics!

What Razor Should Teenage Guys Shave With?

different types of razors for teenage guys

Picking the right razor is important. They differ in size, shape, sensitivity, and style.

There are 3 main types of razors to choose from:

  • Blade razors
  • Electric rotary shavers
  • Electric foil shavers

Blade razors are best for their precise and extremely close shave to the skin. However, the immediate contact of the blades to your face can cause irritation, especially if you have acne or sensitive skin.

Rotary vs Foil Shavers

Electric shavers are ideal if you want a close shave that usually doesn’t cause any irritation. Plus, most of these razors can be used with or without shaving cream.

The biggest difference between rotary and foil shavers is the way they shave your specific hair type.

Consider a rotary shaver if you shave less often, have darker/coarser hair, and have more defined contours on your face (such as jawline and neck shape). Use this razor in a circular motion.

Consider a foil shaver if you want to shave every day, extremely close to the skin, and have lighter/thinner facial hair. Use this razor in an “up and down” motion.

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Why It’s Important for Teen Guys to Shave

There are many factors that are beneficial to shaving, especially when you’re young.

Personal hygiene plays a big role in this situation. You might have a very active lifestyle as a teen and having hair on your face can clog pores when you sweat or produce extra oils.

By shaving, you would keep your face clean, avoid more acne, and remove dead skin cells. As an added bonus, you will also be growing your beard faster and thicker.

If you’ve been holding off shaving because you’re worried about having to deal with it every week, keep in mind that you will eventually have to do it anyways and it can be made fun!

Shaving Tips for Teenage Guys

Now that you know the basics about shaving and why you should do it, check out these 15 useful tips to give you a perfect shave:

1) Trim Before Shaving

If you have a beard that is longer than the thickness of a toothpick, you should shave with a beard trimmer to shorten the hairs before actually shaving.

If you go straight into shaving without this step, the razor will likely miss a lot of the hairs, resulting in an incomplete and uneven shave.

2) Exfoliate Before Shaving

Shaving with dead skin cells on your face is a bad idea. It makes it harder for the razor to glide on your skin which won’t cut the hairs as close.

Use an exfoliator and preferably a spinning face cleansing brush to scrape away excess oils, dead skin, and bacteria from your face.

The razor will usually get rid of the dead skin cells for you as you shave. However, the razor is going to pick up that bacteria for the next time you use it – and no one wants that.

3) Warm Up Your Beard Hairs

This is one of the most important shaving tips for teenage guys to remember!

Your shave will be so much easier when your hairs are warm and softened. For reference, the average male’s beard can be as strong as copper wire before it’s shaved!

If you shower before you shave, make sure you run some warm water on your face while you’re in there. You can also exfoliate from step #2 at the same time.

If you want to shower after you shave, it’s crucial that you run some hot water from the sink and splash your beard until it feels nice and soft. You can also use a hot towel if you’d prefer!

4) Let Shaving Cream Sit on Your Face

Before you slather the entire can of shaving cream on your face, please note that you only need a very thin (but fully covered) layer of shaving cream.

There also isn’t much of a difference between cheap and expensive shaving creams, so pick your favorite and stick with it.

If you have sensitive skin (or more sensitive parts of your face) leave your shaving cream on your face for longer. It will soften up the hair a little more for you so the shave is more comfortable.

For example: If your neck is very sensitive, shave it last so the cream can soak in for more time.

5) Go with the Grain

When using a blade razor, always go with the grain (especially with sensitive skin). The grain is the direction that your beard hair is facing.

Check the grain by running your fingers or a credit card along your hairs. Going one way should feel much smoother than another. The smoother way is the direction that goes with the grain.

If you use an electric shaver, the grain usually doesn’t matter. If anything, it might be easier to shave against the grain so the razor can catch the hairs easily.

Keep in mind that different parts of your beard may have different grain directions. For example, your neck hairs might go in a different direction than your cheek hairs.

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6) Shaving with Acne

If you have acne on your cheeks/neck, I highly recommend you shave with an electric rotary shaver.

They are usually the best for teen guys because they don’t cause irritation to sensitive skin like a blade razor does.

Try to press more gently around areas with pimples to avoid redness and work in smooth circles.

Use a moisturizer that is gentle and cooling. Additionally… please DON’T USE AFTER SHAVE! Most of them have alcohol which is terrible for your face and they don’t do you any better than a good face moisturizer.

7) Use Chapstick to Stop Bleeding

If you happen to cut yourself during shaving, rubbing some chapstick on the wound can actually stop the bleeding.

It does a much better job of sealing the cut compared to a small piece of toilet paper!

8) Rinse Your Razor Often

Rinsing your razor often is the best way to ensure your razor is clean and isn’t blocking the blades from shaving your hair properly.

Additionally, you should change out your blades often if you’re using a blade razor. Check the color of the lubrication strip (at the top of the blades) and see if it’s worn out.

This is a sign that it’s time to replace it with a fresh set of blades. Doing so will ensure a smoother shave with less chances of cutting yourself.

9) Take a Second Pass

Sometimes going with the grain one time won’t cut it. Consider going for a quick second pass on your face.

Reapply a light amount of shaving cream, clean your razor, and head back in one more time. The difference you will feel is insane!

You will come out 10x smoother than you would have with just one pass. Especially if you shave with a slightly different grain.

10) Line Up Your Edges

back side of razor blade

It shocks me how many people forget this step!

When you’re finished shaving your beard, don’t forget to take your trimmer or the back side of your razor and line up all your edges.

Make sure your mustache, side burns, and neck hairs are all straight and lined up properly. Otherwise, you’ll end up with uneven and messy spots around your face.

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11) Shower After Shaving, Not Before

Most people recommend showering before you shave to soften your beard hairs and clean your face. I think you can do this at the sink and save the shower for after the shave.

Here’s why…

For one, you are most likely going to get some hairs on your body that fell down during shaving which are impossible to get off.

Another benefit is you can wash your face with cool water and a refreshing cleanser while you’re showering.

Your face will also get a chance to settle down after it’s just been passed through by a sharp object repeatedly for the last 10 minutes.

12) Use Cold Water When You’re Done

The moment you’re done shaving, splash your face with really cold water. This will do a few great things for your face:

  • Shock your face
  • Close up your pores
  • Prevents bleeding from nicks and cuts
  • Reduce any potential irritation

While you shouldn’t get any cuts or irritation after following these shaving tips, the cold water will greatly benefit you in many ways.

Please don’t skip this step for your own good!

13) Use Moisturizer

This step is one of the most crucial shaving tips for teenage guys and most people miss this part!

Apply a moisturizer after you wash your face or after you shower. This leaves a cool feeling on the face that will prevent irritation and redness. It will also prevent any dryness that is likely to occur after a shave.

Again, DO NOT use after shave. You’re much better off using a good face moisturizer that you pat gently onto your face once you’ve cleaned everything off.

14) Be Gentle with the Skin After You’re Done

For the next 48 hours, be very gentle with your face…

  • Pat your face dry instead of wiping it aggressively
  • Avoid touching your face to prevent bacteria build up.
  • Sleep on a clean pillow case
  • Drink a ton of water to rehydrate the face
  • Wash and moisturize your face twice a day

All of these things will help reduce any redness or irritation that may arise after you’ve recently shaved your face.

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15) Take Your Time

Shaving should be a fun and smooth experience, so take your time!

Most people rush when they shave and they usually end up coming out of it with nicks, cuts, missed hairs, and get more irritated skin.

Give yourself a decent amount of time to devote to the shave. Play some music in the back or watch a video while you do it to make the experience more enjoyable.

After all, there’s nothing more fun than growing up to be a good looking man who takes care of himself!


Alright fellow teen, hopefully these 15 shaving tips for teenage guys gave you enough insight into having a proper shave and picking the right razor!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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