50 Best Prom Nails To Copy in 2024

prom nails

Struggling to find cute nails for prom and need some help? Here are the 50 best prom nails to copy in 2024!

From the more classic one color nail ideas, to the sparkly and bright nails that you could easily pull off, you’ll be sure to find one that is to your liking.

Plus, we’ve included some colorful, yet unconventional nail ideas that might match your outfit for prom.

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Let’s dive into the ideas!

Pearl Gel Nails

prom nails

The best prom nails are the ones that have the shiny pearl gel.

Also known as Hailey Bieber’s famous chrome nails.

Delicate Flowers

prom nail designs

Whether you’re rocking a green, white, or simple colored dress, you can’t go wrong with a delicate floral prom nail design.

White Swirls

nail ideas for prom

We always suggest white nails with a white dress, but if you want something a little more unique, try a white swirl design.

This simple, cute, and trendy nail design is the “it” look in 2024.

Baby Blue Swirls

blue prom nails

For a baby blue dress, try this short gel manicure with baby blue swirls.

Sage Green Acrylics

green prom nails

For a sage green prom dress try this matching square cut acrylic manicure with gold and white detailing.

Blue & White French Manicure

cute blue prom nail ideas

We’re loving the blue and white French manicure trend in 2024, especially if you have a light or dark blue prom gown.


pink nail ideas cute

For any colored prom dress, a rhinestone manicure will be the picture perfect prom nails that everyone will be envying.

Gold Stars

nail ideas for prom cute

The addition of gold stars is simply one of our favorite prom nails for 2024.

Chrome French Manicure

what kind of nails should i get for prom

Chrome nails with a French tip are objectively one of the classiest prom nail ideas in 2024.

Glitter Acrylics

white nails for white dress

Did someone say glitter acrylics for prom? Sign us up.

Black French Tip

black french tip nail ideas

For a black prom dress, a black French tip nail design is an absolutely must.

Red Acrylic Manicure

maroon and red nails for prom

Nothing says classy and sexy more than long red acrylic prom nails to match your prom dress. 

Gold Glitter

glitter and gel nails for design

If you’re asking yourself, “what kind of nails should I get for prom,” the answer will always be gold glitter nails.

Whether they’re short gel or longer acrylics, this will always be a prom favorite.

Red Swirls

pink prom nails

For fun, playful, and unique red prom nails, try adding a red and white swirl design.

Pink Swirls

prom nails

Swirl nail designs are one of the biggest trends in 2024 so why not get them in baby pink for prom?

Mini Pastel Hearts

what kind of nails should i get for prom

If you’re rocking a pastel dress for prom we highly recommend trying the mini heart trend for your prom nails.

Baby Blue Marble

shiny blue nail ideas

For all our girls with baby blue prom dresses, you have to try the marble nail trend that looks just like soft and delicate clouds.

Pink Chrome

pink prom nails cute

We’re all about the chrome nail trend for prom, especially in a trendy hot pink color.

Barbie French Tip Nails

pink french tips cute

It wouldn’t be a Barbie girl prom without a trendy hot pink French tip.

Yellow Swirls

nail ideas for prom short and simple

If you’re planning on wearing a yellow prom dress, you should definitely try a yellow swirl manicure on top of almond shaped gel acrylics.

Matte White

what kind of nails should i get for prom

Matte white prom nails are a great go-to if you’re wearing a white prom dress.

Shiny & Matte Black

prom nails

For a black dress try this unique and stunning matte and shiny duo for your prom acrylic manicure.

Lavender Nails

clear and acrylic nails for prom

Lavender is a gorgeous color for prom whether it’s your dress color or on your nails.

Soft Pink

prom nail designs

Talk about a cute manicure.

We’re obsessed with these soft pink short nails for prom.

Dusty Rose

pink prom nail ideas

For a dusty rose prom dress try an equally as gorgeous color on your nails.

Little Red Hearts

what kind of nails should i get for prom

If you’re wearing a red dress for prom but want a subtle red manicure, get these adorable tiny hearts.

Mini Flowers Nails

nail ideas for prom cute

For a white dress we’ll always recommend mini floral designs for your prom nails.

Polka Dots

nails for prom

We can’t stop obsessing over this simple metallic polka dot prom nail design.


orange prom nails

For an orange prom dress we’re loving this soft tangerine manicure that feels like Summer.

Soft Gray Nails

gray prom nails

We’re all about soft and muted colors for prom, especially this soft gray color that works for any white or black dress.

Taro Tea

purple nails for prom

For all of our boba loving girls, this Taro Tea inspired gel color makes for the perfect prom nails.

Brown Acrylics

cute prom nails

This photo single-handedly proves that brown acrylics can be the perfect prom manicure.

Short Glitter Nails

what kind of nails should i get for prom

If you’re looking for a simple and easy short gel nail design then remember one thing, glitter.

Short French Tip

what kind of nails should i get for prom

A short French tip manicure is a classic for any girl with a white prom dress in 2024.

Pastel French Tip

cute kinds of nails for prom

This delicate pastel French tip nail design is a must-have for any girl going to prom in 2024. 

Soft Green

green french tip nails cute

We can’t stop staring at how gorgeous these soft green prom nails are.

Pastel Rainbow

colorful nails for prom

Make a statement at prom with a colorful pastel rainbow manicure.

Vibrant Teal Nails

awesome cute nail ideas for prom

There’s something about this vibrant teal prom nail color that we’re absolutely in love with.

Feminine Pink

pink nails cute

For cute and girly prom nails, try this shade of feminine baby pink.

White and Gold

white nails short

You can never go wrong with a white manicure for prom, especially if you add in some gold leaf detailing.

Metallic Silver

white nails for white dress

For a black or white dress, stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching metallic silver manicure.

Metallic Gold Nails

gold cute nails for prom

Metallic gold will always be one of our favorite nail ideas for prom.

Dark Purple

maroon cute nails

We love how moody, dramatic, and romantic a dark purple prom nail color is.

Dark Teal Nails

green prom nails

For a teal prom dress we’re loving a matching dark teal prom nail design, especially if they’re a square cut acrylic set.

Chocolate Glazed

nails for prom

The glazed donut nail trend is a social media favorite but for prom we’re loving the chocolate glazed version.

Classic Acrylic French Tip

french tip nail ideas for prom

If you’re looking for a classic prom nail design then you have to try the classic French tip on top of almond shaped acrylics.

Black Glitter Nails

what kind of nails should i get for prom

Black glitter nails are a picture-perfect pair with your black prom dress.

Silver & Black

sparkly nails

We have been loving the trendy black and silver glitter nail combination in 2024.

Forest Green

nail ideas for prom

Forest green is a must have color for either your prom dress or prom nails.

Short White Nails

white prom nails for white dress

A simple and easy prom nail design that everyone can rock is the classic short white gel manicure.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite nails for prom after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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