50 Cool Halloween Costume Ideas for Teenage Guys

Halloween Costume Ideas for Teenage Guys

Want to find an awesome teen boy costume idea for this Halloween? Here are 50 cool Halloween costume ideas for teenage guys for 2024!

Our Halloween costumes list includes options from your favorite TV shows, movies, activities, as well as some classic costumes that are always great choices for the holiday.

We’ve also added some costumes that you might not have thought about and could give you the perfect Halloween look!

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Let’s dive in!

Coach & Beard Costume

halloween costume ideas for teenage guys awesome

For all those Ted Lasso fans, if you’re not Coach & Beard for Halloween in 2024, then what are you doing?

Skeleton Halloween Makeup

best teenage boy costume

Skeleton face make-up: the classic Halloween costume idea for teenage guys.

Peter Parker Costume

teenage boy halloween costume simple

Peter Parker or Spiderman? You get to choose which version of this super hero you want to be for Halloween. This is definitely one of our favorite Halloween costume ideas for teenage guys.

Dwight & Jim

best halloween costume idea

For all of our fans of The Office, grab your best bud and dress up as the dynamic duo we all love, Dwight & Jim.

Mr. Incredible

last minute simple halloween idea

Show off those guns, even if they are fake, in this Mr. Incredible Halloween costume idea for teenage guys.

Sheet Ghost

awesome costume idea for guys

Probably the easiest and cheapest teenage guy Halloween costume on this list is the sheet ghost.


simple and cool halloween costume

If you already have hunting gear, this hunting costume should come easy for you!

Roy Kent Halloween Costume

best costume idea for guys

Another fun variation of a Ted Lasso costume is Roy Kent. It’s easy enough, all you need are black clothes.


teenage guy halloween costume cool

For a scary costume idea for teenage guys, put on the infamous scream costume. 

Michael Myers

scary costume ideas for guys

You can’t call yourself a horror fanatic and not be Michael Myers for Halloween.


halloween costume idea classic

If you have a girlfriend, she can be the prisoner to your cop costume.

Modern Frankenstein

costume ideas for teenage guys

It’s official, the modern 2024 take on Frankenstein for Halloween is one of our new favorite costume ideas for teenage guys.

Harry Potter Costume

easy halloween costume

Harry Potter is a fan-favorite classic Halloween costume for any teen guy.


halloween costume ideas for teenage guys

This simple and easy Jason Halloween cosplay makes for a great last minute costume.

Jack Skellington

scary male costume idea awesome

This trendy take on Jack Skellington has easily become our new favorite halloween costume ideas for teenage guys.

Edward Scissorhands Costume

last minute unique costume idea

Edward Scissorhands is such a fun and unique Halloween costume idea 2024 that you won’t see many other guys rocking.


fun and wild costume idea

With the new 2024 Saw movie, this costume will definitely be a favorite for Halloween this year.

Willy Wonka

teenage guy halloween costume best

Willy Wonka is an easy and classic Halloween costume that you can never go wrong with.


easy teen boy costume for halloween

If you’re looking for a unique and out of this world costume idea for Halloween, try rocking this Vector look.


cute and unique costume idea

No one can resist loving the teletubby costume. It’s an instant win in our book.

Banana Costume

last minute best costume for party

We’ll spare you the banana pun and present you with the banana costume, a must for any teen boy.

Mario & Luigi

classic and simple costume idea

It’s a me, Mario! Or are you more of a Luigi guy?

Prison Break

halloween costume ideas for teenage guys

Oh no, watch out, we’ve got two inmates on our hands that just escaped from prison.


unique teen boy best costume

You have two choices to male, either be Ratatouille or be the chef. The choice is yours.


classic superhero blue and red costume

Superman is probably one of the easiest halloween costume ideas for teenage guys that is great for any last minute parties.

Twister Costume

costume ideas for teenage guys

Twister is an easy DIY costume that you can make yourself the day of any costume contest or party.

Low-Budget Finn

best and simple costume idea

You don’t have to go all out to have a great costume. This low-budget Finn works because of how simple it is.

Hey Arnold Halloween Costume

awesome teenage guy halloween costume

If you get this reference, you’re automatically cool in our books.

Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy 

costume ideas for teenage guys

We’re not sure how they took this photos but it just proves being Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy with your best friend is a pretty cool Halloween costume idea.

Where’s Waldo

simple and awesome teenage guy halloween costume

Where’s Waldo will never stop being one of our favorite easy halloween costume ideas for teenage guys.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

halloween costume ideas for teenage guys

The classic Thing 1 & Thing 2 Halloween costume is a fun idea for any guys that want to match.

Scooby-Doo Costume

costume ideas for teenage guys best

Nothing says classic Halloween costumes more than the Scooby-Doo look.


best teenage guy halloween costume

Be the Ken to your girlfriend’s Barbie this year for Halloween.


costume ideas for teenage guys

Barbenheimer was a 2024 box-office hit, so why not rock this unique Oppenheimer Halloween costume?

Breaking Bad

halloween costume ideas

Need an easy costume idea for teen guys but don’t know where to start? Try starting with your favorite show, Breaking Bad.

Devil Costume

scary halloween costume idea

It doesn’t get much easier than throwing on some red horns for a devil inspired Halloween costume idea.

Space Jam

cool costume ideas for couples

Whether you’re an OG Space Jam fan, or a fan of the Lebron James version, you can’t go wrong with the Tune Squad costume.


simple couple costume for halloween

For all of your Formula-1 or Nascar fans, the racing jumpsuit is always a great go-to Halloween costume.


teenage guy halloween costumes

Being Boo from Monsters Inc. is a great last minute Halloween costume idea for teenage guys, plus it doesn’t get more comfortable than a onesie.


cute and simple costume idea

Get creative with this DIY Cosmo Halloween costume idea.

Suicide Squad Joker Halloween Costume

halloween costume ideas for teenage guys

There are so many different Jokers you can be but our favorite is Jared Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad.

Fallen Angel

simple and scary costume idea

Get some black wings from Amazon, throw on some black clothes, and you’ve got yourself an easy DIY Fallen Angel teenage guy Halloween costume.


unique halloween costume idea

Be the Stitch to your girlfriend’s Lilo with this easy Halloween costume that can even work last minute.

Peter Pan

best teenage guy halloween costume

Peter Pan is another easy and affordable DIY costume idea for Halloween.

Nacho Libre Costume

classic movie costume for halloween awesome

If you have good taste in movies and understand this costume, we can be friends.


teenage guy halloween costume

One of our favorite classic and cool costume ideas for teenage guys is the army look, which you can easily make with clothing from Walmart, Target, or Amazon.

White Angel

teen boy classic halloween costume idea

This is an easy DIY teenage guy Halloween costume that any guy can make.

Simple Cowboy Costume

classic costume idea for guys

A cowboy costume can be as simple or as complex as you want, but for this look, all you need is a cowboy hat and bandana.


halloween costume ideas for teenage guys

This is one bunny you don’t want to mess with.


simple and fun halloween idea

With some accessories from Amazon, you’ve got yourself a unique and last minute cupid Halloween costume.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite Halloween costume after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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