50 Beautiful Prom Dress Ideas in 2024

Prom Dress Ideas

Are you a teen girl looking for your next prom dress and need some help? Here are 50 beautiful prom dress ideas for 2024!

From simple and slick maxi’s, to elegant ballgowns, and intricate designs, you’ll be sure to find one that matches the look you’re going for.

Plus, we’ve included some dress ideas that will help you match with your date for prom, while looking spectacular!

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Let’s dive in!

Best Prom Dress Ideas

1) Hot Pink Maxi

prom dress ideas

It’s a Barbie world, and you’re a Barbie girl. 

At least you will be in this stunning pink maxi dress for prom! This is definitely one of our favorite prom dress ideas. 

2) Lavender Maxi

prom outfits

We love a lavender moment, especially in Spring when all the flowers are in bloom.

3) Yellow Strapless Maxi

prom dress inspiration

This cute yellow strapless maxi is the perfect prom dress idea for a girl who just wants to look simple and cute.

4) Green Satin Maxi

green prom outfit ideas

If you aren’t on the green train already, what are you doing? 

This dress is truly perfect for high school prom.

5) Black Tulle Maxi

black prom dresses for high school

If you’re looking for the perfect black prom dress, then we’ve found it. 

We can’t stop obsessing over the elegant details of this dress.

6) Black Polka Dot Midi Dress

prom dress ideas

2024 is all about tulle, midi dresses, and patterns, and this black prom dress checks all of those boxes. 

7) Asymmetric Maxi 

prom outfit ideas

We can’t take our eyes off of this gorgeous yellow satin asymmetric dress. It’s picture perfect!

8) 2000s Throwback

cute prom dress inspiration

For all of the “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” fans, you’ll love this almost identical iconic yellow dress for prom.

9) Black Midi

black prom dresses

You can’t go wrong with a simple black satin midi for prom, especially as a Freshman trying to play it cool.

10) Asymmetric Lace Dress

pink prom dress outfit ideas

Asymmetric dresses have become one of the biggest trends for dresses in 2024, and this one was practically made for your prom.

11) Bubblegum Pink Maxi

pink prom outfit ideas

Sherri Hill is the go-to designer for all prom dresses, so trust us when we say this dress is a must!

12) Tiered Tulle Maxi

cute prom dresses

This prom dress inspiration might be true Pinterest goals, especially if you rock this with your bff.

13) Teal Maxi

teal prom dresses

Nothing says statement dress more than a teal maxi dress made for the girl who wants to have fun.

14) Tiered Pink Halter

pink prom outfit ideas

This tiered pink halter dress might just be one of our new favorite prom dress ideas for high school.

15) Cream Waterfall Dress

prom dress ideas

Asos is always a great go-to for prom dress inspiration and we absolutely love this cream waterfall one.

16) Spring Dream

prom outfit ideas

Talk about a Spring dream. We’re obsessed with this floral tiered maxi as a prom dress idea.

17) Pink Florals

prom dress inspiration

If you’re looking for a simple, classy, yet unique dress for prom, then you’ll want this one.

18) Ring Cut Out Dress

pink outfit ideas

In this dress, it’s all about the details, and for less than $30, you can’t go wrong.

19) Belle Inspired

yellow prom dresses

Feel like the belle of the ball at prom with this yellow maxi dress fit for a princess.

20) Emerald Green Sparkles

prom outfit ideas

This emerald green sparkly dress has to be one of our new favorite prom dress ideas for 2024.

21) Mermaid Sequin Dress

prom dress inspiration

One of the most flattering maxi dresses you can get for prom is a mermaid cut with sequin detailing.

22) Turquoise Maxi

blue prom outfit ideas

For all the ocean and beach lovers, this glittery turquoise maxi was made just for you.

23) Pink Satin Maxi

prom dress ideas

This pink satin maxi is the definition of simple, yet beautiful.

24) Embroidered Maxi

prom dress inspiration

An embroidered maxi has all the detailing you need for the perfect prom outfit.

25) Gray Maxi

prom outfits

For the girl looking for a dress with a little less color, we’ve found the one for you.

26) Gold Sparkles

cute prom outfit ideas

Look like the gold trophy everyone wants with this stunning gold prom dress we can’t stop obsessing over.

27) Baby Pink Slit Dress

prom dress inspiration

Show off a little bit of leg at prom with this cute and sexy baby pink slit dress.

28) Cross Back Dress

prom dress for high school

We cannot stop obsessing over how perfect this blue cross back dress is for high school prom.

29) Emerald Green One Shoulder Dress 

green prom outfit ideas

The detailing in this emerald green one shoulder dress is true Pinterest perfection.

30) Gold Sequin Maxi

prom dress inspiration

This gold sequin maxi feels like a true renaissance masterpiece fit for any future prom queen.

31) Tie Back Dress

cute prom outfit ideas

You cannot tell us this tie back dress isn’t the most stunning dress you’ve seen for a Freshman prom outfit.

32) Two Piece Red Set

red prom dress

If you’re wondering what to wear to prom, stop scrolling and order this two piece red set ASAP.

33) Orange Maxi

prom outfits

You can’t go wrong with a bright and vibrant orange maxi dress as your prom outfit.

34) Black Slit Dress

black dress

A black slit dress is an instant hit for any high school prom in 2024.

35) Orange Asymmetric Dress

orange prom dress ideas

We’re loving the details on this orange prom dress idea, especially the lace.

36) Electric Blue

prom outfit ideas

Electric blue has been such a trendy color in 2024, so what better dress to get than this?

37) Nude Two Piece Set

prom dress ideas

If you’re looking for a more subtle, yet still gorgeous, prom dress inspiration, we’ve found the perfect set for you.

38) White Glitter Maxi

white prom dresses

Steal the show with a white glitter maxi dress that will shine all night long.

39) Champagne Maxi

prom outfit ideas

Want something easy to throw on and comfortable all night long? 

This $100 dress has your name written all over.

40) Short Sequin Dress

blue cute prom dress

Not a fan of long prom dresses? No worries!

This short sequin dress is stunning and perfect for any high school prom. This is one of our favorite prom dress ideas that will have everyone’s eyes on you. 

41) White Sequin Mini

white sparkly dress inspiration

If you love the idea of a white sequin dress but want it in a mini version, we’ve found the one for you.

42) Pink Sequin Slit Dress

pink prom outfit ideas

Pink, embroidered, and it has a slit. This dress is truly the triple threat for prom.

43) Black Sequin Maxi

black prom dress

For all those ladies who want a black dress that isn’t boring, you’ll love this sequin maxi for your next prom.

44) Off-The-Shoulder Maxi

black prom outfit ideas

We’re suckers for a stunning off-the-shoulder maxi, especially in electric blue.

45) Lavender Princess

cute prom dresses

This lavender princess inspired maxi dress is what prom dreams are made of.

46) Blue Rhinestone Set

prom dress inspiration

You can’t go wrong with a two piece set for prom, especially when it’s this gorgeous and has rhinestones.

47) Yellow Wrap Dress

yellow and gold dress

For a flattering dress with sleeves, we highly recommend this stunning silk wrap dress.

48) Red Cut Out Dress

red prom dress idea

Your prom dress inspiration never looked better than when this dress landed on your screen.

49) Black Long Sleeve Dress

black prom outfit ideas

For all the ladies that are looking for a dress with long sleeves, you have to try this one!

50) White Two Piece

cute white prom outfit

Stun the crowd with a simple, yet cute white two piece prom dress.

What Are Girls Wearing To Prom in 2024?

what are girls wearing to prom

Tons of girls are wearing satin maxi dresses to prom in 2024. It’s become the most popular prom dress for girls who want a simple and elegant look.

Other trending prom dress styles include:

  • Sparkles
  • Sequins
  • Beads
  • Glitter
  • Tiered Dresses

They also do their hair, makeup, wear heels, and accessorize with jewelry.

Of course, you should dress in whatever style you feel best and beautiful in.

How Should I Dress For Prom?

Formal attire is typically worn for prom. For girls, this includes dresses such as:

  • Evening Gowns
  • Ball Gowns
  • Cocktail Dresses
  • A-line Dresses
  • Long Strapless Dresses

Again, as long as you feel beautiful, you can wear whatever dress you’d like!

The most popular colors for a prom dress are red, black, white, and blue.

Red is the most popular color because it stands out and is a sign of attraction, while blue is the second most picked color because of its elegance.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you’ve found your favorite prom dress ideas in this list! Which one are you going with?

Good luck and have a ton of fun at prom!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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