50 Cutest Homecoming Makeup Ideas in 2024

homecoming makeup ideas

Are you a teen girl looking for some homecoming inspiration for your next party? Here are the 50 cutest homecoming makeup ideas in 2024!

These makeup ideas will match any dress, whether you’re rocking blue, green, gold, white, black, and more!

No matter what your style is, you’ll be sure to find a homecoming makeup look that fits your preference.

Check out some of our favorite makeup products to nail any of these styles:

Let’s dive in!

Emerald Green

green homecoming makeup ideas

Steal the show and rock an emerald green eyeshadow to match your green dress at Homecoming.

Lavender Lids

homecoming makeup ideas for lavender dress

This lavender homecoming makeup idea is an absolute dream and perfect for any girl looking to add a feminine touch to their look.

Mermaid Glitter

mermaid glitter makeup

Our jaws dropped when we saw this iridescent mermaid inspired glitter eyeshadow and we know it’s perfect for your homecoming makeup. 

Touch of Mascara

simple homecoming makeup ideas

Keep things simple, cute, and easy by just adding a touch of mascara for some natural homecoming makeup ideas.

Under Eye Shadow

under eye makeup for homecoming

Let yourself be influenced by the queen of makeup Hailey Bieber with this gorgeous under eye shadow trend.

Glitter & Stars

makeup with stars for homecoming

Take things up a notch for a fun and bold homecoming makeup look that is truly Pinterest worthy.

A Barbie Moment

homecoming makeup ideas for pink dress

If you’re rocking a Barbie pink dress to homecoming, then you have to match it with this super cute hot pink makeup look.

Lime Green Queen

homecoming makeup ideas for green dress

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and rock this easy and bold lime green makeup look.

Dramatic Eyeliner

eyeliner makeup ideas for homecoming

2024 is the year of dramatic eyeliner and if you can nail this look, then you can do anything!

Fox-Eye Trend

fox eye makeup trend

We’ve officially been influenced by all of our favorite makeup gurus that the fox-eye trend is truly the best makeup look in 2024.

Rhinestone Queen

homecoming makeup ideas with rhinestones

Rock the homecoming makeup dots with this rhinestone eyeshadow moment.

All About Contour

contour makeup ideas

These easy step-by-step contour instructions will have your face looking like Bella Hadid in minutes.

Rose Gold Look

homecoming makeup looks

The rose gold makeup trend is the perfect homecoming makeup look for you in 2024.

Baby Blue Love

homecoming makeup ideas for blue dress

Rock the baby blue eyeshadow for your blue dress to get the perfect coordinating homecoming makeup look. 

Sunset Inspired

light pink makeup ideas for homecoming

This warm, sunset inspired makeup look with the pink and orange is a cute and fun way to add some color to your homecoming look.

Teal Lid Liner

teal homecoming makeup

Ditch the boring black eyeliner and try this teal lid liner trend instead!

Flower Power

blue flower makeup for teenage girls

We’re obsessed with everything floral, and this makeup look is absolute perfection for any high school girl.

White Liner

homecoming makeup ideas for white dress

This is one of the best homecoming makeup ideas for white dresses if you’re looking for something simple and easy!

Electric Blue Drama

electric blue eyeliner for homecoming

Go for a dramatic homecoming makeup look with this standout electric blue eyeliner trend.

Highlighter Liner

homecoming makeup for yellow dress

For a pop of color to go with your black dress, try this double highlighter eyeliner makeup look.

Natural Cat Eye

natural homecoming makeup looks

Get a more natural look with this simple and easy cat eye homecoming makeup idea.

Baby Pink Aesthetic

baby pink eyeliner makeup

The baby pink lashes and eyeliner create the perfect homecoming makeup look for anyone looking for a cute and girly aesthetic.

Queen of Gold

homecoming makeup for gold dress

This simple gold eyeshadow instantly elevates your makeup look without having to try too hard.

60’s Inspired Eyeliner

60s inspired eyeliner ideas

This 60’s inspired eyeliner is a fun and gorgeous way to have your makeup standout at homecoming.

Dark Red Lips

dark red lips ideas for homecoming

When it comes to lips the darker and redder, the better, so feel glamorous at your homecoming and rock a gorgeous bold lipstick.

Silver Shimmer

silver homecoming makeup

Shimmy and shimmer the night away with a stunning silver eyeshadow and bold eyeliner.

Euphoria Makeup Look

homecoming makeup euphoria

Get the Euphoria homecoming makeup dot look with rhinestones, pearls, and shimmer glitter all over your eyes and face.

Soap Brows

eyebrow ideas for homecoming

Add some flair to your eyebrows with a natural makeup look that takes the emphasis away form the makeup, and into your eyebrows.

Hint of Color 

simple colorful homecoming makeup ideas

Add a hint of color to your homecoming makeup look with just a dab of eyeshadow right in your eye crease.

Smokey Eyes

easy homecoming makeup step by step

Smokey eyes are a fan favorite and this easy homecoming makeup step-by-step guide will have you mastering it in no time!

Homecoming Makeup Dots

homecoming makeup dots

Add in some fun makeup dots to your eyeshadow for a cute and fun homecoming look.

Multi-Colored Makeup

colorful makeup for homecoming

Don’t limit yourself to one color, use multiple with this bold homecoming makeup idea!

Doe Eye Makeup

doe eye makeup trend

The Doe Eye Makeup trend has taken TikTok by storm and it’s the perfect makeup look to rock for any high school girl’s homecoming.

The Shego Look

shego makeup ideas for girls

Embrace your dark hair with a tribute to Shego using bright green colors in your makeup, hair, and in your dress!

Neutral Makeup

neutral homecoming makeup

If you’re looking for neutral homecoming makeup ideas then go for a warm nude palette using tan eyeshadows, hints of contour in the cheeks, and a nude lipstick.

Matte Makeup

matte homecoming makeup looks

Get a trendy matte makeup look by taking all the shimmer out of your routine and going for this sleek look instead.

Two Tone Lips

two tone lips ideas

Make your lips the star of your homecoming makeup with this two tone lipstick trend.

Fake Freckles

fake freckles for homecoming

Rock the fake freckle look at homecoming for a look that will have you looking more sunkissed than ever. 

Rainbow Eye Makeup

rainbow homecoming makeup ideas

For a black or white dress, try adding a pop of color with this bold and fun rainbow eyeshadow makeup idea. 

Purple Shimmer

homecoming makeup ideas for purple dress

For a purple dress, we highly recommend matching your makeup, but adding in a little bit of shimmer for that extra spice.

Simple Glitter Makeup

homecoming glitter makeup

IF you want to rock a glitter look but need a more simple version, try this easy makeup look for a hint of glitter that isn’t too hard to achieve!

Neon Orange Makeup

neon orange eye makeup

Consider this your invitation to join Dove Cameron in this 80’s inspired neon orange eyeliner trend for homecoming.

Daphne Inspired Makeup Look

daphne inspired makeup ideas

If you’re going for a Daphne inspired homecoming look, try this green and purple eyeshadow combo to match!

Dramatic Lashes

homecoming long lashes ideas

Homecoming is the time to be all dressed up so don’t be afraid to grab a dramatic pair of fake lashes. 

Perfect Pearl Makeup

homecoming makeup looks with pearls

Go beyond eyeshadow and eyeliner and add some elegant and classy pearls to your makeup for this glam inspired homecoming makeup idea.

Retro Inspired Homecoming Makeup

retro style homecoming makeup

Channel your inner go-go girl with this retro inspired homecoming makeup look. 

Cheetah Print

cheetah print makeup

Be fun, unique, and creative at homecoming with this cheetah print eyeshadow look that will leave everyone in awe.

Homecoming Highlighter Makeup

homecoming makeup ideas with highlighter

If you’re here for the highlighter trend, try adding it in more places than your cheek for an all over glam look.

It’s one of the cutest homecoming makeup ideas in 2024!

Gold Leaf

homecoming makeup for gold dress

Give yourself a royal makeup treatment by adding some gold leaf into your eyeshadow. 

Star Stickers

homecoming star stickers makeup ideas

Add some star stickers into your homecoming makeup for an out of this world look that’s simple, easy, and effective!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these 50 homecoming makeup ideas gave you a bit of inspiration for what style you’re gonna rock at your dance!

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Which idea are you wearing?

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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