50 Best Prom Couple Outfits in 2024

prom couple outfits

Do you need some help finding a couples outfit for prom? Here are the 50 best prom couple outfits in 2024!

From the simple matching accessory outfits, to the sparkly color coordinated couples outfits, you’ll be sure to find one that is to your liking.

Plus, we’ve included some more elegant and subtle matching outfit features that will be sure to catch your eye.

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Let’s dive in!

Sparkly Emerald Green

prom couple outfits

Light up the night with this sparkly emerald green prom couple outfit that will shine bright all night long. Definitely one of our dazzling prom couple outfits that you need to try out.


prom couple outfit ideas

We’re blushing over this cute and romantic blush colored matching prom couple outfit.

Matching Nike Blazers

simple matching prom outfits for couples

For the girls who prefer sneakers over heels, this matching nike blazer prom couple outfit idea is a true showstopper.

Vibrant Red

red couple outfit simple

Red just has a way of stealing our hearts and capturing our attention, especially at prom.

Hot Pink Outfit

matching prom couple outfits pink

Channel your inner Barbie and Ken with this hot pink Barbie inspired prom couple outfit.


cute orange outfit for couple

A matching prom outfit inspired by summer? 

Orange you glad we put this on the list.

Electric Blue

blue cute prom outfit

Feel electric at prom with this vibrant prom couple outfit idea that will steal the show.

matching prom outfits for couples

We’re a sucker for anything navy and sparkly for prom, so consider this one of our favorite prom couple outfit ideas.

Yellow & Navy Couple Outfit

yellow couples outfit

We can’t stop obsessing with how cute and chic this yellow and navy matching prom outfit idea is.

Baby Pink

pink and cute matching outfit

Baby pink is definitely one of our favorite colors for prom, especially when a guy rocks a pink tie.

Pink & Gray

prom couple outfits

The pink and gray color combination for prom is truly elite.

This look is definitely meant for a power couple.

Light Blue & Gray

blue prom outfit matching

It’s official, we’re ordering a baby blue prom dress ASAP.

Oh, and we’re definitely making our boyfriend wear gray because this matching prom outfit is a 2024 winner.

Matching Dunks Outfit

prom couple outfit ideas

Heels? Never heard of them.

Who needs heels when you can wear matching Nike dunks for your prom couple outfit.

Suspenders & Sneakers

simple prom outfits for couples

We’re obsessed with how cute the matching suspenders and sneakers prom outfit looks, especially when you match with your bestie and her date.


maroon cute matching outfit

Channel your inner Taylor Swift with a maroon prom couple outfit idea that looks so chic.

Gold Couple Outfit

matching prom outfits for couples

Are you the prom king and queen or are you just dressing as royalty with this gold matching prom couple outfit?

Metallic Silver

cute prom outfit for couples

Silver is not an easy color to pull off from prom but if you can, you’ll look like a thousand bucks.

White & Black

white and cute outfit ideas

For your 2024 prom, try the classic white & black matching prom outfit for couples.

Simple can still be stunning.

Ruby Red Outfit

red matching prom outfit

For all the Taylor Swift fans, nothing beats feeling, “bejeweled” with this Ruby inspired prom couple outfit idea.

Matching Socks

prom couple outfits

When your prom date takes it a step further and even wears matching socks to prom… now that’s a keeper.

Silver Shoes

couple prom outfits

We’re definitely a little too obsessed with how these matching silver shoes make for the perfect pair for any shiny silver dress.


simple and white prom outfit

Consider us the number one fan of matching floral outfits for prom in 2024.

Hot Pink Laces Outfit

pink outfits for couples
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Rocking a matching hot pink outfit for prom doesn’t have to be hard, it can be as simple as just matching sneaker laces.

Gold Accents

matching prom cute outfit

If you’re going to go gold, go big with matching gold accents on your dress, suit, and shoes.

Something Blue

white couple outfit

Have your “something blue” at prom be your matching blue shoes and heels. These types of color coordinated prom couple outfits are very unique and easy to pull off.

Satin Green Outfit

prom couple outfits

Satin green is officially one of our favorite colors for couples to match in at prom.

Black & Blue

matching prom couples outfits

A modern twist on a classic look is the addition of blue accents to your black prom couple outfit. 

Pink Accents

couple prom outfits

Take your matching black prom outfit up a notch with matching hot pink accents on your bow tie, shoes, and earrings.

Purple & Gray Outfit

purple matching prom outfit

Purple is such a great color for prom and when your date wears gray with matching purple accents, there’s no way you won’t be prom royalty.

Matching Maroon Suit

matching prom outfit

There’s something about a guy matching his entire suit to your prom dress that is *chef’s kiss* perfection.

Red Velvet

velvet matching prom outfit

We’re suckers for anything red velvet, and we mean clothing, not just the delicious dessert.

Bold Colors & Prints

hot pink outfit for prom

If you’re looking to be bold at prom and really capture everyone’s attention, we suggest trying a bold color and printed matching outfit with your date.

Garden Party Florals Outfit

matching blue prom outfit

The navy and white garden party floral trend is easily one of our favorite prom couple outfits in 2024.

Beige & Orange

matching prom outfits for couples

You don’t have to have an exact color match to have a super cute matching prom couple outfit.

Blue & White

couple prom outfits

Her blue dress with his white suit jacket is such a fun pairing for a couple’s prom outfit.

White & Gray

prom couple outfits

We’re seriously loving the white and gray color combination for a matching prom outfit for couples in 2024.

Black & Yellow

yellow outfit for prom couple

If you don’t remember the song, “Black & Yellow,” at least remember that this color combination for prom is epic.

Orange & Navy Outfit

orange prom outfit

Most couples might wear orange and black as their matching prom couple outfit, but you can be different by going with orange and navy instead.

Checkered Green

couple prom outfit

We loved patterned suits for prom and this couple outfit inspiration is to-die for.

Floral Suit Outfit

orange prom outfit

We’ve already shown you a prom couple’s outfit with the floral dress, but now we present to you, the floral suit.

Pastel Colors

couple prom outfits

Pastel colors for prom are a winner in our book, especially when the guy also participates.


matching prom outfits for couples

Champagne is the perfect mix of white and gold and easily makes for a chic prom couple outfit.

Dusty Gold & Navy

matching prom couple outfits

We’re living for this classy and elegant couple prom outfit.

Green & Beige Outfit

prom couple outfit ideas

Earthy inspired tones for prom, especially as a prom couple outfit ideas, will always be a favorite in our book.

Black Out

prom couple outfits

Not a hint of color insight, that’s how we like our blacked out prom couple outfits.

Feeling White

white couple prom outfit

We know we’ve already done a black and white outfit inspiration in this list, but this specific dress and suit combination is just too good to not share.

Yellow & White

yellow matching outfit for prom

Nothing says springtime prom more than a yellow & white matching outfit idea for couples.


purple matching couple outfit

This lavender and white matching prom couple outfit idea is officially the cutest we’ve seen in 2024.

Black & Gold Outfit

matching cute outfit

Black and gold has become such a trendy color combination for prom couples and we’re here for it.

Matching Cowboy Boots

prom couple outfit ideas

For all the Southern couples who want to rock their cowboy boots to prom, we’ve found the perfect prom couple outfit for you.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite couple outfits for prom after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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