35 Cute & Simple Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas in 2024

Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

Need help finding a nail idea for Valentine’s Day to match with your outfit? Here are 35 cute and simple Valentine’s Day nail ideas in 2024!

Throughout this list, you’ll find ideas ranging from the classic french tip nails to single heart nail designs. Whatever your preference, you’ll be sure to find one that catches your eye.

We’ve included some links below to more nail ideas if you want to go with the more subtle nail ideas.

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Let’s dive in!

Baby Pink French Tip Acrylics

Valentine’s Day nail ideas

Valentine’s day is one of our favorite holidays for makeup since you get to get cute and girly with your nail routine, like this baby pink French tip acrylic set.

Make sure to get them in a rounded almond shape if you want to replicate this nail inspo.

Mini Heart Square Acrylics

Cute nails for valentines day

Valentine-SLAY! That’s all we can say with these Valentine’s day nails.

We can’t stop gushing over how cute these mini red, white, and pink hearts are.

Maroon French Tip Acrylics

Valentines day nail inspo

For a more sultry and dramatic Valentine’s day nail idea, try going for a maroon French Tip instead of brighter red or pink.

Definitely one of our more subtle Valentine’s Day Nail ideas.

French Tip with Mini Hearts

Easy design for nails

You can’t have a list of Valentine’s day nail ideas without the classic French Tip acrylics adorned with mini hearts.

This Valentine’s day nail design is probably one of our favorites, especially in 2024.

Full Red Manicure

Best nail ideas

A simple Valentine’s day nail idea for short nails is just using a red color polish or gel.

This easy Valentine’s day nail inspo is cute without being expensive or taking hours in a salon. 

Maroon Gel Manicure

Cute nails for holiday

We are truly so obsessed with this maroon gel manicure for Valentine’s day this year.

We never thought we’d be maroon girls, but here we are saving this inspo pic for the next time we go to the salon.

Kiss Kiss Nail Design

Valentines day nail inspo

We love the idea of using red, white, and pink kisses in your manicure for your Valentine’s day nails.

You can even skip the salon and order the kisses as nail stickers instead.

Single Heart French Manicure

Valentines day nail designs

This is a love letter to our future selves, reminding us to get these nails done ASAP for Valentine’s day.

The single heart on the French tip acrylics reminds us of the love letters we’re wishing for this year.

Retro Valentine’s Day Nails

Cute nails for holiday

We love a retro and funky nail design, especially for Valentine’s day.

These groovy almond shaped acrylics are the only Valentine’s day nail inspo you need in 2024.

Inverted Heart French Tip

Valentine’s Day nail ideas

This might be one of the most creative Valentine’s day nail ideas we’ve ever seen.

The inverted pink and red heart with the French tip is such a creative way to rock a classic Valentine’s day nail design that’s still unique.

Red Heart French Tip Nails

Valentine’s Day nail ideas

You’ve seen a standard French tip nail design before, but have you seen a heart French tip?

This Valentine’s day nail design might just be our new favorite for 2024, especially if you’re wanting almond shaped acrylics.

Red & Gold Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentine’s Day nail ideas

We’ve never seen these red and gold Valentine’s day nails before but we are absolutely obsessed.

The gold perfectly compliments the red hearts, creating the perfect pink almond shaped acrylics.

Nude Short Nails

Valentines day nail designs

Even if you aren’t super into Valentine’s day, there’s a way to still be festive that isn’t overly complicated, or expensive.

This is a simple Valentine’s day nail idea that involves you, a nude nail polish color, and 30 minutes at home.

Kissable Coffin Nails

Easy design for nails

Make a statement this Valentine’s day with long coffin shaped acrylics adorned with red lip nail stickers.

Lipstick Stained Nails

Valentines day nail inspo

These lipstick stained nails are a creative way to channel Valentine’s day without being as basic as other nail designs.

This idea only works if you’re planning on rocking a longer coffin shaped acrylic nail set.

Subtle Pink & Red Hearts

Cute nails for holiday

We love the look of these square acrylics with the subtle pink and red hearts.

This is a simple nail idea for Valentine’s day that anyone can pull off.

Ultra-Mini Heart French Tip

Valentines day nail inspo

This might be our official Valentine’s day nails for 2024.

We are loving how these ultra-mini hearts make the French tip on these acrylics.

Pink Flames

Easy design for valentines day

If you’re lit up with love this Valentine’s Day, add those fiery flames onto your Valentine’s nails this year.

White & Pink Shimmer

Cute nails for Valentine's Day

If you are not a colored nail girl, that’s okay, you can still be festive for Valentine’s day.

These types of white & pink shimmer acrylics are some of the cutest Valentine’s day nail ideas that you’ll for sure love.

Baby Pink Acrylics

Valentine’s Day nail ideas

Keep it simple and easy this Valentine’s day with a classic baby pink acrylic set.

You can really rock these in any acrylic style: almond, coffin, or square.

Red Heart Gems

Valentines day nail inspo

We love the idea of adding nail gems to your manicure.

Nail gems bring a 3D element to your nails that sets them apart from any other nail sticker or design.

Metallic Red Hearts

Best nail ideas

We are in love with these metallic red hearts as a Valentine’s Day nail idea.

These are so much more creative and unique than just a simple red or pink that you see all over Pinterest.

Metallic Red & White Nails

Valentines day nail designs

If you love the look of the metallic red hearts but want more color, you have to try this.

These metallic red almond shaped acrylics are the perfect touch for Valentine’s day this year.

Red Chrome Nails

Valentines day nail ideas

Ever since Hailey Bieber started rocking a chrome manicure, they’ve been everywhere.

You can literally rock chrome nails for any season or holiday, just like these red chrome nails for Valentine’s day.

Baby Pink Natural Nails

short nail options

Valentine’s day nails don’t have to be overly complicated to be cute.

These easy baby pink natural nails are the perfect example of how a simple gel color on your short natural nails can be just as cute.

Ombre Heart French Tip

Valentines day nail ideas

This ombre heart French tip nail design has easily stolen our hearts for Valentine’s Day this year.

Jeweled Heart Outline

Valentine’s Day nail ideas

If you’re looking for a unique Valentine’s day nail idea that you won’t see anyone else rocking this year, it’s this jeweled heart outline acrylic manicure.

Glossy Pearl Nails

Cute nails for holiday

The glossy pearl nail trend is one we’ll always try and make work, no matter the holiday or season. 

With the addition of the mini-heart, you can’t go wrong with this nail design.

Light Pink Rhinestone Acrylics

Valentines day nail inspo

Rhinestones really do make everything better, especially this simple light pink acrylic Valentine’s day nail set.

Short Pink Chrome Nails

Easy design for nails

Most people think chrome has to be on long, almond shaped acrylic nails, but that’s not the case!

You can rock chrome gel on your short natural nails too.

Fuchsia Nails

Cute nails for holiday

Another great color to rock for your Valentine’s day nails that most people forget about is fuchsia!

Rhinestones and Mini-Hearts

Valentines day nail ideas

If you can’t choose between rhinestones or mini-hearts for your Valentine’s day nails, combine them!

Maroon Valentine’s Day Set

Valentines day nail designs

If maroon is a good enough color for Taylor Swift to make a song about, it’s a good enough color for you to rock for your Valentine’s day nail set.

Metallic Gold Accents

Easy design for nails

If color isn’t your thing, but gold is, this cute metallic gold accented manicure might be the one for you to try this Valentine’s day.

White Acrylic Manicure

Valentines day nail inspo

Whoever said white wasn’t enough color for Valentine’s day clearly hasn’t seen how cute this nail design is.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite nail idea for Valentine’s Day after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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