8 Most Forgotten Things to Pack for College That You Didn’t Think Of

most forgotten things to pack for college

Before leaving for college, don’t forget these 8 most forgotten things to pack for college. These are 8 absolutely necessary items to bring with you.

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If you are figuring out your last minute packing for college, be sure to double check that you have these key items. If you don’t, you’ll end up having to come all the way back home for them.

Let’s get started…

social security card for college

Social Security Card

You’re at the age where your social security card should be by your side.

Whether you’re signing up for loans, finance apps, or even jobs, you’ll likely need your social security card with you.

Knowing your social security number by heart is not enough to get through everything. Some businesses require the actual card or at least a picture of it.

If you don’t know what a social security card is or how to get it, ask your parents/guardians for the location to access the card and keep it with you.

Making the mistake of not bringing this with you can end up in postponed application processes, declined job offers, and slow information progress.

passport pack for college


A passport is definitely one of the most forgotten things to pack for college right after the social security card.

Once you’re in college, knowing where you’re going to be for 4 years is tough. Having your passport for any travel situation is ideal.

Plus, your passport is the next best backup for your ID if you ever lose it or need a better alternative.

A passport is essential for travel, opening a bank account abroad, or even obtaining a SIM card in emergencies.

Don’t forget this item before leaving for college. You’ll regret it every year.

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most forgotten things to pack for college cash


You may have heard that cash is king. Although credit cards can be used almost anywhere nowadays, it’s always a great idea to keep cash at hand.

Getting a safe to store all your valuables such as a passport, cash, and social security card mentioned above will be of great use to you – especially if you have roommates.

I’d recommend bringing between $200-$500 worth of cash in case of an emergency. You never know what can happen when you’re responsible for damages.

Don’t wait to pull out cash when an emergency happens either. Having the cash readily available will save you tons of trouble in a pinch.

hobby items to pack for college

This is a huge must!

The most forgotten things to pack for college are the ones that make us most happy.

If you play an instrument, bring it. If you do photography, bring your camera. You get the point.

It may seem like a hassle to carry an instrument to college or any other large item that’s part of your hobby, but it’s sooooo worth it to keep you sane at college.

You’re going to be stressed and you’re going to want to do things that are not part of school all the time. This is where your hobbies come into play, along with the items necessary for them.

If you’re last minute packing for college right now and can’t decide whether or not to bring that one hobby related item, do yourself a favor and bring it with you.

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first aid kit for college dorm room

First Aid Kit

I can’t express how many people forget to bring a first aid kit, especially to their college dorm.

Your campus will very likely have a medical center. The problem is, those medical centers can be all the way across campus if you accidentally hurt yourself.

You’ll be spending hours looking for the place just to get a bandaid or some alcohol pads.

Grab a first aid kit (most already come with the necessities) and add any specific items of your preference to keep with you.

Be sure to let your roommates know where it is in case they have an emergency as well. You’ll thank yourself later for bringing this commonly forgotten item to college.

formal clothing to pack to college

Formal Clothing

You might not need it everyday, but formal clothing is an absolute must to pack for college.

When you have job interviews, frat/sorority events, meetings, and actual work, formal clothing will come in handy.

Remember to bring formal shoes as well to match with all the clothing. Bring more than one outfit as well for back to back instances.

Getting creative with the clothing can also be in your favor. For example, you can use a part of an outfit for a date night or party to stay casual while being slightly dressed up.

Accessories are also forgotten things to pack for college to match with all different styles of clothes. Make sure to bring watches, jewelry, or any other accessories that fit into your style.

If you bring expensive clothes/accessories, keep them in a safe with your other valuables.

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most forgotten things to pack for college medicine


This forgotten item had to be mentioned separately from the first aid kit because it’s that important!

Having basic medicine to treat a cold, flu, soreness, or pain is essential to stay safe and healthy while you’re away from home.

It can get really annoying to run around town or campus to find medicine every time something happens. Keep it on hand and there won’t be any problems.

Medicine for headaches is also a great idea since… you’ll be having a lot of those during a busy semester.

You should also make sure you set up a contact for a local doctor and dentist facility by your campus. This is really useful in the case of future appointments and checkups.



One of the most forgotten items to pack for college is a planner to keep your life organized.

If you don’t already have a planner, I’ll link to one here.

These planners will save you life, your grades, and your headaches during college. Consider getting one if you’re the organizing type.

You can use it to keep track of classes, daily schedules, quick tasks, reminders, and so many other useful things.

Honestly, even if you’re not the organizing type, I highly recommend getting used to writing down your agenda.

College is stressful and you will feel much more overwhelmed without some sort of plan to follow. The planner will do exactly that and more for you in college.

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Hopefully you don’t forget to pack these 8 essential items to college on your last minute packing journey. Have fun in college! Good luck on all your classes, and most importantly, stay safe out there!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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