15 Super Useful Websites for College and High School Students

Looking for useful websites in college? These 15 helpful sites will get any student through school from studying to making money. Here are 15 Super Useful Websites for College and High School Students:



If you haven’t heard of Slader, you’re about to be introduced to your homework lifesaver! Seriously, this website and app has gotten me through all of high school and college.

It has access to thousands of textbook answers with steps on how to complete the problems! And no, it’s not just limited to math. It has every subject imaginable with answers to everything.


From writers to tutors to cheap textbooks, Chegg has it all and more! This website will help you with any sort of school related problem you might have.

They even have a section for finding internships, jobs, and career paths that can benefit you after college!


Need free textbooks? Library Genesis has got you covered! They have such a huge library of books available for PDF download, because let’s be honest… textbooks are EXPENSIVE.

Head over to their website and find all the useful (FREE) books to start using for your next semester! Just type in the name of your book and click on one of the mirrors to download it.

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Wolfram Alpha

This site may be the most intelligent problem solving website on the internet after Google itself!

You can type in equations, word problems, history questions, book questions, questions and MORE QUESTIONS! Head over to this super useful website and see for yourself what it’s capable of.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is designed to give you information from scholarly literature, essays, and other intelligent pieces of writing. This can be really helpful for writing your own essays or getting fact based text to quote from.

Modern Teen

Shameless plug, whoops! But in all seriousness, this blog was designed to be the main hub for all things college and high school. Put it at #1 on your list of most useful websites for students.

There are so many tips to better yourself on this site so be sure to look at some more posts after this!

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This survey website pays you $10 per test for around 10-15 minutes of your time! All you need is a decent microphone, Paypal account, and a computer/phone with internet connection.

It’s an excellent way to make some extra cash every week. You can just keep the tab open on your computer and wait for tests to show up as you’re getting work done!


Like UserTesting, this site conducts surveys but for shorter amounts of time and also pays less. The big benefit about Prolific is that any test that pops up on your screen, you can take.

You don’t have to answer questions before taking every test. You just need some wifi and you can get started!

Amazon Prime Student

Do you have a student email? If you answered yes, you can sign up for amazon prime with your “.edu” email address and receive 6 months of prime for absolutely free!

After those 6 months are up, you can continue to use Prime for only half the price of the normal membership just because you’re a student!

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Credit Karma

This is such a useful website for college students who need some help in the financial sector of their life. It will help you keep track of your credit, student loans, credit cards, and more!

Definitely consider making an account with Credit Karma. It is absolutely free and you will see better credit results within weeks of making the recommended changes!


The ultimate design platform. You can design presentations, flyers, social media post, menus, resumes, and literally anything you can think of!

The website is free to use for a normal account which gives you way more than you need. I even use Canva’s free account to design everything for this blog and this is a business!


Can you tell me something better than shopping at your favorite stores and getting free discounts for doing nothing? Yeah, me neither.

Drop lets you do just that and you can use those discounts towards gift cards like amazon and Starbucks. Shopping to get free Starbucks? Sign me up!

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This helpful site allows you to get money back when prices drop on a previously purchased item.

All you have to do is give the site secure access to your email and it will scan your inbox for the items you’ve purchase in the past. If it finds a price change, you will get back the difference!


This website got me through high school and college knowing how good(or bad) my teachers will be. I saved myself from many bad classes with this amazing tool.

All you have to do is type in a name of your upcoming teacher/professor at your school and it will show you a 5 star rating from real people who have taken their classes! No more sucky teachers.


Quizlet is one of the best studying sites for reviewing before a test. They have such a wide array of flashcards that might even be directly from your current class. Yes, you heard me, like same professor and everything.

You can also type in specific questions from a textbook/test and it just may have the answer for you.


There you have it. These 15 Useful Websites will get your through college and high school with a breeze. Use these wisely because every single one of them serves a special purpose. Good luck this semester! Thanks for reading!

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