10 College Hacks Every Student Should Know Freshman Year

college hacks for students freshman year

College is not easy for students. There are so many things that need to be done in one day for the average college student.

Life hacks have helped save the lives of many struggling students. Here are 10 College Hacks Every Student Should Know:

free textbooks college hacks

Free Textbooks

Textbooks are so much more expensive than they need to be. Here is a list of websites to download your free textbooks:

student discounts for college students

Student Discounts

Take advantage of student discounts. There are thousands of companies that offer student discounts. (Amazon, JCrew, Banana Republic, Apple, Sprint, Sony, Subway, Chick-Fil-A, AMC, and more!)

Save as much money in college as you can so you can use it for better purposes in the future. Save your student ID after college too. Most places will just look at the card and not even check the date of graduation.

Who knew that companies were giving you college hacks that you didn’t even notice?!

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hangover college

Hangover Cure

Had a rough night? Here are a few things to consume after a hangover:

  • Bananas
  • Kiwis
  • Water
  • Sports Drink (Gatorade, Vitamin Water)

Don’t drink more alcohol to cure it! Get some rest and eat/drink the above items when you wake up. Prevent it in general by drinking a lot of water before you go to sleep.

beer hacks

Beer Tricks

  • Wrap a wet paper towel around a beer bottle and put it in the fridge to cool faster
  • Open a beer bottle without an opener by placing the edge of the cap on a hard table surface and smack your hand down on the bottle (seen in picture)
  • Mess with your friends by smacking the bottom of your bottle on the top of their bottle and watch their bottle fizz up all over their hand
  • Men are said to look most attractive when holding a beer bottle with your first 3 fingers on the neck of the bottle and holding it at the height of their belly button

These are all college hacks that you can use to impress your friends at any party!

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schedule college hacks


Set your schedule for the next day every night before you go to sleep. It will help you sleep better and organize your thoughts for the morning.

You can also set your clothes out every night for the next day to get out the door faster. Both of these tricks are known to increase productivity and reduce stress.



Use these 3 tips to get the best out of your study session:

  • Study after exercising

    You’ll have the most blood flowing to the brain after exercise and will help process things more efficiently

  • Study before going to sleep

    Studying right before going to bed is proven to retain the most information

  • The Pomodoro Technique

    is the most effective study technique in the world. Study for 25 minutes with 5 minute breaks in-between each study session. After 4 cycles of 25 minute studies, take a longer 30-minute break.

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taking notes

Taking Notes

  • Blue pen on paper is the most memorable visual to read from
  • Use more visuals in your notes for better examples to refer to
  • When the teacher says “this is important”, put one of these next to the note “*”
  • Don’t over highlight
  • Remember that you’re going to study these later so try to make it easier on yourself

sleep in college

Fix Your Sleep

Take a week to fix your sleep schedule. The things that your sleep patterns do to your life are incredibly impactful. Start setting a “bed time” and a wake up time for these next 7 days and slowly adjust your schedule to wake up earlier.

This benefits your productivity, your mood, your memory (which helps for those tests), reduces stress, and more!

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make friends in college

Make Friends

In every class, make at least two new friends. Go sit next to someone you think seems like a good person and talk to them. Making friends in class has so many advantages. Share your notes with each other, study together, teach each other.

Teaching a subject is more effective than actually studying it. You never know, that friend you made in class could end up being your best friend or girlfriend in the future.

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College hacks

Keep Focus

When you need to get into productive and deep focus on studying or any other task:

  • Turn on a light right next to you to raise your productivity levels
  • Eat a piece of chocolate if you lose focus
  • Grab some fruits to raise your natural sugar levels and process information better


These 10 helpful college hacks have helped me in my college experience. Hopefully it will help you in some way as well.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions leave them in the comments section below.

Share your favorite college hacks with me as well in the comments!

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