8 Microsoft Word Hacks Everyone Should Know – Word Tips and Tricks

We’ve all used it before. Microsoft Word is what this post was typed on and it wouldn’t be easy without a few tricks. You can navigate yourself around Word much faster than you think. Here are 8 Microsoft Word Hacks You Should Know:

Ctrl + Space

If you ever copy and paste text into your word document, you need this trick

When you paste the text and the font is different from the rest of your document, hit ctrl + space to make the font the same as everything else

Ctrl + Drag (Command + Drag for Mac)

If you hold command, you can select random parts of the text together.

This way if you need to bold a bunch of headings, you can select all of them in one go

You can do whatever you want to what you select

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Ctrl + F (Command + F for Mac)

The F key allows you to search for anything in your document

So if you need to get rid of a certain word or find a sentence to fix, you can hit ctrl + F and search for whatever you need

Ctrl + S (Command + S for Mac)

If you don’t already, get in the habit of hitting this button all the time. This automatically saves your document for you

You don’t have to hit file and save anymore

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Change the Case

If you are writing titles or anything else than needs proper case changing, there’s a button for that

Highlight the words you want to change and press the button shown in the picture above

You can choose between UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalizing Each Word, sentence case., or TOGGLE CASE.

I like using capitalize each word a lot to select my titles and make sure they are cased correctly

Move Text Around w/out Copy and Paste

Moving a sentence to a different section of the document by copy and pasting and then deleting the old sentence is inefficient

Highlight the text you want to move and click and hold your mouse button and drag it wherever you want

You’ll notice a black cursor will indicate where to place it

Make Pictures Fit In

If you want to make the words go around your pictures, use wrap text.

Go to Layout > Wrap Text > Choose Wrapping Style

It makes your papers look just a little more professional and flow nicely

Make sure you’re allowed to do that for an assignment though. Some teachers just want it plain and boring

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Ctrl + Z (Command + Z for Mac)

Messed up? Just hit ctrl + Z and undo your last mistake. You can go back multiple times by continuously hitting ctrl + Z to fix multiple mistakes

Probably the best control ever created for Word


I hope these Microsoft Word hacks made your experience much easier the next time you work on a document. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them down below!

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