10 Study Hacks Every College Student Should Know (Best Tips!)

study hacks for college students

Studying can be annoying and hard. No more. These tips and tricks will help you step up your study habits for your next test. Here are 10 Study Hacks for College Students:

Study After Exercising

This is one of the most underrated study hacks out there! Why? Exercise gets your blood flowing harder and faster in the brain.

This directly correlates to how well you retain information. The blood flow helps you concentrate more on what you’re reading and triggers your memory more effectively.

Right before you take the test, walk around. Your brain will work much better during the test because of the blood flow.

Study Before Going to Sleep

Studying before going to sleep has been proven to retain the most information. However, cramming everything and staying up late is terrible. Study at a decent time so you don’t end up giving yourself 2 hours of sleep.

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Reward Yourself

Every time you read through a page, eat a piece of candy. If you test yourself with a short quiz and you do well, have a treat.

It might sound weird, but human brains are wired to perform better on a rewarding system. The same way you work to receive money.

Study in Groups

Studying with groups is a lot more efficient because you get to hear everybody’s answers. You can all share certain things that you have that others might not have had if they studied alone.

This also makes the studying a lot more fun. Studying alone can get boring and will make you tired. A group will keep you focused in the task at hand. If these are your close friends that you know you can’t focus with, don’t do it.

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is the most effective study technique in the world. Study for 25 minutes with 5 minute breaks in-between each study session. After 4 cycles of 25 minute studies, take a longer 30-minute break.

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More Light

The more light, the more productive you will be. Turn on all your lamps, room lights, open windows, and whatever else you can think of to get more light. It makes our brain wake up even more and retain our focus for a lot longer.

If you’re studying during the night, this will trick your brain into thinking it is still day outside and you won’t get tired.

Dark Chocolate

Much like the light, dark chocolate is great for getting your focus back and continuing your study session. It has certain agents inside of it that send chemicals to your brain to focus and work harder. Use dark chocolate to reward yourself as said in tip #3.

Teach What You Know

Teaching a subject helps you retain information much more effectively than just studying it again. You don’t necessarily have to teach another person although it helps. You can teach a stuffed animal or pretend you’re making a cheat sheet for a friend that they can’t even use.

If you don’t want to do any of this, at least read your notes out loud. Your memory works better when your brain hears information compared to reading it in your head.

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Blue Ink White Paper

This is more for taking notes to prepare you for your study session. Using blue ink to write on white paper is the most memorable visual to read from.

If you can remember your notes just 10% more with blue ink compared to black ink, then why wouldn’t you do it? This is literally hacking your brain to retain information.

Double Speed

If you record lectures or need to watch a longer YouTube video online to understand a concept, watch it on 2x speed. You can still understand everything that’s being said. It keeps you more engaged because it’s different than what your ears are used to. Plus, you’re cutting half of your studying time!


Use these study hacks to get through those hard study sessions. Hopefully you’ve learned somethings new and can implement these tips into your life. Good luck on your tests! If you have any questions or comments leave them down below! Thanks for reading!

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