15 Super Fun Date Ideas for Teens in High School

If you have a thing with someone or are in a relationship (which over 35% of teens are), you’re going to date.

Dating can get boring for teenagers, but these fun date ideas for teens will have you wishing you knew them sooner. Not to mention how cheap they are! Here are 15 Fun Date Ideas for Teens:


Grab a blanket, pack some lunch, and go out to a nice park. Super simple and relaxing activity with food included

Star Gazing

This is a really fun date idea when you just want to hang out and do nothing outdoors. It goes really good with #1 too

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Game Night

Challenge each other and get competitive. Lay out a bunch of games or create your own for an entertaining night

Cook/Bake Together

Get messy. Make mistakes. Have fun. It’s all about spending some fun time together… and to throw flour everywhere

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Ice Cream

There’s nothing better during the summer than a cold ice cream and walking down the street


If you are the athletic type of couple or feel like it’s time to get in some exercise. Fun and you can burn calories

Mini Golf

Show each other how it’s done. Keep track of points or get some trick shots in there. Mix it up and mess around

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Race, play basketball, or shoot some aliens. Try to mess each other up.

Amusement Park

Get some adrenaline pumping with some rollercoasters and crazy rides. If you’re not into that stuff, just walk around the fair

Concert/Comedy Show

More on the expensive side, but definitely the best experience out of this entire list. Worth it once in a blue moon

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Mini Road Trip

Hop in the car and just drive. Go to some far away place you haven’t been to yet and explore the area


Can be pricey, but also one of the best experiences with a date. Plus, a bunch of cool animals


If you’re a fan of art, history, or cars, you will find something amusing at the museum. It’s more of a relaxed, walking around type of activity

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If you live some place where it’s hot, go swimming somewhere. It doesn’t even have to be a pool or beach. Go to a waterfall or lake and cool off in some water

Open Houses

Find the nearest open houses and go explore them together. Imagine how you would design the place. Super fun idea for people who like interior design and different houses


There you go, 15 different date ideas that you can choose from for your next time out. If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below!

What’s your favorite date idea? Let me know!

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