10 Best Blogs for College Students (That Are Actually Useful)

best blogs for college students

Looking for some college advice or help with scholarships? Here are the 10 best blogs for college students that are actually useful!

These blogs will include tips on various topics such as advice, finance, admissions, dorm room essentials, packing, social life, decorating, and more.

Hopefully you’ll find your new favorite blog to have some entertainment or learn something new to help you succeed in college.

Let’s dive in!

College Life Made Easy

College, scholarships, printables, money, you name it.

Charli, one of the co-founders of College Life Made Easy, had the goal to do exactly what the name of the blog insinuates… making college life feel like a breeze.

The resources and knowledge shared on this blog stands out from so many other college blogs because of the true experience that Charli brings to the table.

She knows what a college student goes through, the transitions in young adult life, and all the ways to make that feel so much easier.

Check out College Life Made Easy for the absolute guide on getting through college.

The College Investor

There’s no question that building wealth while you’re in college is extremely difficult.

We can all agree on that!

The College Investor is one of the best blogs for college students regarding finance, investing, building your future, student loans, and so much more!

Robert Farrington, the man behind the whole thing, has been through every sort of finance related experience you can think of.

He’s considered an expert in his field and has been featured by many popular publications.

Definitely consider his blog when you need to get your money up during your college years!

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College Info Geek

Thomas Frank, the founder of College Info Geek, is an absolute master at being the most efficient person on the planet.

His blog (that he started in college) is fully dedicated to helping young adults become better students with tips on studying, test prep, productivity, career, and more!

If you prefer learning those topics through video, check out his youtube channel (Thomas Frank).

His videos are insanely high quality and have helped tons of students all over the world.

Learning any skills that help you become a better person through your work life, time management, or productivity will always be valuable!

Modern Teen

Shameless plug… whoops!

In all seriousness though, this blog was solely created for teenagers and college students to become the best versions of themselves possible!

Daniel (that’s me!), started this blog at 18 years old to share real-time advice and tips for others in his same age range.

Take a look around the blog for some fantastic college lifestyle tips and dorm related topics!

Plus, a lot of college blogs are geared towards girls. This blog has a perfect mix of both (with tons of posts geared specifically towards guys).

Totally not biased btw!😰

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By Sophia Lee

Sophia Lee started her blog in her teens with the goal to help high school and college students get through life easier.

She claims to be the millennial Martha Stewart, and honestly… I can see it!

Sophia even has some resources for getting started in the blogging space if that’s something you’re interested in doing yourself.

Definitely check out her blog for all things dorm, apartment, healthy meals, and blogging.

P.s. – She has a ton of printables for students to take advantage of!

Simply Allison

Simply Allison aims to provide insight to college students on dorm room ideas, college hacks, date ideas, and more!

Zainob, the genius behind the blog, puts her heart and soul into producing relatable content for like-minded college students.

It’s a great example of a blog for students that was created by a student!

She’s also a Pinterest wizard, so definitely check her out on all her social media accounts. 

If you’re a college girl, I think you’ll really appreciate the style of Simply Allison’s blog. It seems to be a lot more geared towards girls.

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College Ave

Student loans have never been easier to understand with the College Ave blog running around the internet!

Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate, or parent, you’re guaranteed to find some great student loans through their helpful tools.

College Ave is definitely one of the best blogs for college students who want to save money and get advice on college prep.

You’ll also find a massive section on helping graduates find jobs once they’ve completed university.

Their website is extremely modern and easy to skim through when you’re in a rush and don’t want to read an entire article.

The Metamorphosis

Similar to Simply Allison, The Metamorphosis aims to help college students prepare for all things college.

If you’re getting ready to move into your dorm soon, definitely check out their posts on everything you need. You’ll get situated so much faster!

This blog is also a great place for some Halloween inspiration. Some of The Metamorphosis’s top posts are on Halloween Costumes for college students.

Their Pinterest is also poppin’, so definitely give them a follow to stay up to date on their fashion posts and new college related articles!

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While this is technically not a college blog, it still seemed like it needed it’s own section.

r/College is a subreddit for every possible thing you can think of in relation to college.

Not only does it have a ton of useful information and stories, but it’s also all written by college students themselves.

There’s nobody trying to sell you anything. Just a giant thread of admission info, stories, advice, like-minded students, and more!

By the way, there are so many Reddit communities like this in the college sphere such as r/collegerant, r/collegemajors, r/collegehomeworktips, etc.

You might even find a subreddit for your specific school too. That’s just free information from students at your college!

The University Network

The University Network is a massive hub for college students to gather resources from.

You’ll find everything from scholarships to student discounts to career building and beyond!

They also have a few search engines within the blog that let you search for internship opportunities or ways to get cheap textbooks online!

It’s super easy to browse through the blog without any confusion. You’re almost guaranteed to learn something new when you read a post.

Check them out for updated news on college related subjects. That way, you’ll never be behind on your college grind!


Hopefully these 10 blogs for college students have provided you with some examples to learn from. I hope you take these resources with you until the end of college!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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