50 Best College Halloween Costumes for Guys

College Halloween Costumes for Guys

Seeking the perfect costume idea for college this year? Here are the 50 best college Halloween costumes for guys in 2024!

We’ve included costumes for every person and style. From the simple cop idea, to the more sophisticated tinder costume that no one has thought about.

Plus, you’ll also find some of the more classic Halloween costumes if you want to stick to a certain look.

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Let’s dive in!

Lumberjack Halloween Costume

best Halloween costume ideas for college guys

The lumberjack look is an easy Halloween costume idea for any Midwestern guy that has a closet filled with flannels.


college halloween costumes for guys

Oh captain, my captain. We’ve found the best last minute costume idea for college guys.


easy and simple couple costume

Grab yourself a pirate hat from Amazon and a white linen button down and you’ve got yourself one of the easiest college halloween costumes for guys.

Indiana Jones

scary and simple college guy Halloween costume

Indiana Jones is definitely one of our favorite creative college halloween costumes for guys.


fun and last minute college guy costume

For an out of this world Halloween costume, go as an astronaut and find yourself a fellow alien.

Marty McFly

Halloween costume ideas for college guys

It’s hard to not look fly when rocking this Back to the Future college Halloween costume.

Ricky Bobby

unique costume idea for halloween

In the wise words of Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

The Joker Costume

last minute halloween costume idea

It might be a popular costume, but it’s for a good reason. Who doesn’t love being the Joker?


best teenage guy couple costume

We’re all about Disney influenced Halloween costumes, and this Woody costume takes the cake.

Michael Myers

halloween costume idea scary

Get scary this Halloween by channeling your inner Michael Myers.

Men in Black

awesome group costume idea fun

Grab your friends, this Men in Black group costume is one you’ll definitely want to rock this Halloween.

Top Gun Halloween Costume

classic costume idea for teenage guys

Channel your inner Maverick with this Top Gun inspired college Halloween costume idea for guys.

Blades of Glory

halloween costume idea

Feel glorious in this funny Blades of Glory costume meant for any pair of college best friends.

Aladdin & The Carpet

college Halloween costumes for guys

You’ve heard of Jasmine and Aladdin, but what about the iconic duo of Aladdin and the carpet?

Austin Powers

halloween costume idea fun

It’s all groovy baby with this iconic duo Austin Powers & Dr. Evil college Halloween costume idea. 


easy group costume for halloween

Grab your gang, it’s time to bust some ghosts this Halloween with this funny group costume idea for men.

Mystery Gang

awesome and cute group costume

There’s nothing like solving mysteries, or having fun at college Halloween parties, with your friends. Definitely one of our favorite college halloween costumes for guys. 

Tinder Halloween Costume

college halloween costumes for guys

Dating can be tough, but at least have fun with it in this hilarious costume idea for teenage guys in college.


fun and last minute halloween costume

Struck by love? Help others find their soulmates by playing cupid for a night.

Grim Reaper

halloween costume idea

Nothing says scary but cool more than a Grim Reaper college halloween costume.

Elvis Presley

teenage guy halloween costume

Be the King of Rock with an Elvis inspired Halloween costume that’s too good not to try.

Stranger Things

college halloween costumes for guys

We’re warning you, things might get strange this Halloween..

Jake from State Farm

funny halloween costume idea

Who is that? It’s just Jake, from State Farm with the funniest Halloween costume in 2024.

Salt Bae Costume

cool costume ideas for teenage guys

If you recognize this costume, you spend too much time on TikTok.

The Hangover

best teenage guy halloween costume

Any funny Halloween costume for guys inspired by The Hangover is a winner in our books. 


last minute teenage guy halloween costume

If you get this 2000’s comedy movie reference, we can be friends.

American Psycho

best halloween costume idea

The American psycho costume is definitely one of the more unique and creative Halloween costumes for guys you’ll see.

Ace Ventura

halloween costume idea simple

This funny college halloween costume might not be recognized by everyone, but those who do will love it.

Guy Fieri 

fun and unique group costume

It’s time to go to flavor town with this funny Halloween costume idea for college guys. 

Bob Ross Costume

couple costume best and simple

Now for this Halloween costume, we’re just going to gently paint some happy little trees.


cool and scary halloween costume

If you’re looking for a simple and easy college halloween costume, consider this it.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

funny and unique costume idea for halloween idea

Mr. Smith is the perfect last minute college Halloween costume that looks like you had it planned well in advance. Just wear white.


cute couple costume ideas

We’re going to need you to scrub in this Halloween and help make the college party punch.

Prisoner Halloween Costume

college halloween costumes for guys

Oh no, we’ve got a prison break on our hands at the college frat party.


simple costume ideas for teenage guys

Get creative and DIY, just like this Brawn inspired teenage guy Halloween costume.

Charlie Brown

best halloween costume

Having a creative costume can be as easy as throwing on a DIY tee and scribbling on your forehead.

Vote for Pedro

funny and unique halloween costume

Don’t forget to vote for Pedro this Halloween.

Construction Workers Costume

awesome and simple costume idea

It’s time to get to work with this simple and easy DIY college Halloween costume for college guys.


college halloween costumes for guys

Grab your group of friends, some cowboys hats, and a few bandanas for this band of cowboys group costume.

Freddy Krueger

best scary halloween costume

Get scary this Halloween with the classic 80’s horror movie inspired costume.

NFL Fan Halloween Costume

teenage guy halloween costume best

Need a last minute costume? Throw on your NFL gear and call yourself the ultimate fan.


cool and funny male costume for halloween

You’ll look really really ridiculously good looking this Halloween in your Zoolander costume.


best teenage guy halloween costume

Channel your inner Ken for your 2024 Halloween costume.

Harry Potter

easy Halloween costume ideas for college guys

Harry Potter is a classic college Halloween costume idea that will never fail you.

Whoopie Cushion Costume

cool halloween costume idea

If all other costume ideas fail, you can always be a whoopie cushion for Halloween.

Coach & Beard

unique teenage guy halloween costume

We’ll never get over the Coach & beard college costume duo for Halloween.

Forrest Gump

costume ideas simple for teenage guys

Your Forrest Gump Halloween costume starter pack. You’re welcome.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie

simple halloween costume idea

It doesn’t get much easier than this for a simple DIY last minute costume.

One Night Stand Costume

Halloween costume ideas for teenage guys best

This college halloween costume for guys takes the gold for the most creative costume yet.


college halloween costumes for guys

This punny costume might take you a second to figure it out, but once you do, it’s hard not to love.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite college Halloween costumes for guys after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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