How to Groom Down There – Manscaping Tips to Trim Pubes for Men

Shaving your pubic hair can get messy, uncomfortable, or even painful. No more. This step by step information will show you how to trim properly and come out the bathroom feeling clean and safe every time. Here is How to Groom Down There:

Don’t Shave, Trim

I highly recommend you don’t try fully shaving your pubic hair. Trim it often instead. If you’re on the younger side, there is definitely no need to shave it completely off. You can trim it down to a super short length, but with a grooming trimmer.

It is safer and much easier compared to using a razor. If you’re going to shave with a razor, just make sure you do it wet and hot and trim before.

Start with Shaft

Grab your grooming trimmer and add an attachment that leaves a little space between the blades and the attachment.

Start by tugging your penis all the way out and running the clippers down the shaft all around. Be careful of the back side of the penis where it attaches to the balls.

Tip: Sit on the toilet and shave all the hair down into there. It’s a lot cleaner than anything else

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The Balls

Start from all the way underneath the balls by tugging them up towards your belly button. Make sure your blades are a safe enough distance away from the part that actually touches your body.

Work your way up and around until everything seems even. Pay super close attention to this process so you don’t cut yourself.

Don’t Use Scissors

Bad idea. So many people have cut themselves from using scissors and no one wants to get cut there. Plus, you’re trimming job with scissors is going to come out a lot less even and clean.

Main Pubic Area

For the area before your penis starts, trim as close as you want. Again I don’t recommend to shave with a razor because you will get red with bumps there. You shouldn’t care so much here because you can shave super close with ease. Nothing will bother you in this part with trimming. Happy trail is up to you to keep or trim.

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Shower with Cold Water

When you’re done, hop in the shower and run cool water on the area. Make sure you clean the area gently and thoroughly as well. When you get out, pat the area dry without any pressure.

Try not to touch the area so much for that day, but enjoy your clean genitals.


Hope you learned something and won’t mess up grooming down there anymore. If you have any questions or comments, let me know down below!

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