The Greatest Experience With Birthright Israel – You Must Go

Are you Jewish? Between the ages of 18-30? Do not waste your chance to experience what is possibly the best experience of your life. I just finished the trip with Birthright Israel and all I want to do is go back and hang out with all of the amazing people I’ve met. Here’s why you need to experience this trip:


  1. Beauty of Israel

Although you may hear differently, Israel is such a beautiful country with amazing landscapes and marks of water. You will be taking pictures and videos like a mad man. I took over 600 pictures/videos and I still feel like I needed to take more. But this just a small percentage of this trip that you will love.


  1. Friends

Bring a few friends with you, but after that, go meet everyone. By the end of the trip, I was closer to the new people than my friends that came with me. This is definitely a trip that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Your group will become a family.

You will share your greatest moments with people you met a few days ago. It is insane how many amazing Jews were a part of this trip.

If I can give you one piece of advice before you go: Try and keep the group as a whole and make friends with everyone already at the airport.

After talking to other friends on other trips, they shared stories of their group splitting up into smaller groups. You’re going to regret only hanging with a select few instead of exploring the whole group of people


  1. Food

I’ve been to Israel before, and I’m still the most excited for this part of it.

The falafel, shawarma, hummus, pita, ice-cream, candy, chocolate, etc. I can go on forever, but I don’t want this post to be 4,000 words long. It’s only once you’re here that you realize how amazing the food is and what you’ve been missing out on in the world.


  1. Activities

You will be busy from 6 am to 10 pm almost every day. Your day will be filled with amazing activities such as:

  • Riding Camels
  • Swimming in the Mediterranean
  • Hiking
  • Sleeping in tents
  • Observing historic museums and monuments
  • Learning about what Israel has to offer
  • Olive oil/ Wine Tasting
  • Going out to clubs
  • Kayaking
  • Playing games at the park
  • Walking around the markets
  • Star Gazing
  • And More!

Guys, if you are Jewish and are between the ages of 18-30, please please please don’t miss out on the best 10 days of your life! I hope you can all experience the feeling I did in Israel and even more than that. If you have any questions or comments let me know down below and thanks for reading!

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