25 Simple November Nail Designs in 2024

November nail designs

Looking for a cute and stylish nail idea for this month? If so, here are 25 simple November nail designs in 2024!

In this list, you’ll find nail ideas ranging from intricate and detail-oriented designs to more elegant designs.

No matter your preference and sense of style, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for in this list.

We’ve also included a couple links below to even more nail designs to help you with your search for the perfect nails for this month’s holidays!

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Let’s dive in!

Rose Gold Chrome Nails

November nail designs

November is the month for neutrals and golds, so naturally, it’s our favorite month for nail inspo.

Like this rose gold chrome nail design that we’re drooling over behind the computer.

I mean, how can it get any better than this for November?

Fall-Colored French Tips

Simple nail designs

The perfect fall nails have arrived, and they are these beautiful and elegant fall colored French tips.

Not only are we obsessed with the use of different fall colors as the tips, but the gold accent makes this November nail design true perfection.

Brown Bear Nails

Best design for nails

Looking for a cute November nail design that will melt your heart? We’ve got you!

The mini bears on these brown colored nails are one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen.

In fact, these types of November nail designs are easier to achieve than you think; just use mini nail art stickers for the bears on top of brown gel acrylics.

Tortoise French Tip

Cute nail art

If you didn’t already know, November is the month for tortoise prints, especially with nails.

Rock these modern tortoise French tip nails for a manicure everyone will want to steal. 

Mini Gold Hearts

modern nails for Fall

Want a subtle, but not so subtle, November nail design that will grab anyone’s attention?

Look no further than this mini gold heart manicure.

Whether you paint these with gold nail polish or go the easier route and use mini gold heart nail stickers, you can’t go wrong with this simple and classy manicure.

Fall Colored Mini Hearts

November fingernail designs

Another cute way to rock mini hearts on your manicure for November that feels a bit more festive is to use fall colors instead of just gold.

Using the alternating colors of orange, brown, and red, make this simple nail design the perfect manicure for the Fall.

We recommend using this design on top of long, acrylic nails for a dramatic effect, but you can also rock it on short, natural nails too.

Neutral Pumpkin Nail Art

Thanksgiving nails

It wouldn’t be a list of November nail designs without some pumpkins!

Having pumpkin nails doesn’t have to be kitschy or crazy, they can be cute and simple, like this inspiration photo!

The subtle pumpkins on top of a modern and elegant neutral acrylic nail set is the way to go if you want classy fall nails in 2024.

Matte Brown Ombre Acrylics

November nail designs

We are suckers for a good matte nail set, especially when it looks this good.

This subtle nail inspiration is just simple enough to not be too “out there” but has the wow factor you’re looking for.

With the French Tip shine accent, you truly cannot go wrong with this stunning November nail idea.

Green Ombre Dip Nails

Simple nail designs

So many people often overlook green as a fall color, and they are making such a mistake.

This glossy green November dip nail design is the perfect example of how green can be the star color for fall.

Rock these short and natural, or go for an almond-shaped acrylic nail set.

Tortoise Acrylics

Best design for nails

If you couldn’t already tell, we love tortoise print for fall, especially with nails.

These modern and elegant tortoise print acrylics are the perfect November nails for any girl who wants an elevated and classy look.

Matte Pink Ombre Acrylics

Cute nail art

Orange and brown aren’t the only colors to rock for fall.

Let this matte pink and purple ombre nail design inspire you to step outside the quintessential fall colors and get creative with your November nail design.

Maroon November Nails

modern nails for Fall

The best month to rock the trending maroon nail color is November, period.

Maroon has become such a popular nail color, and we know why. It’s because it looks this good.

If you aren’t trying maroon gel nails in 2024, what are you even doing?

Glazed Donut Nails

November fingernail designs

Just reading the name of these nails gets us in the mood for something sweet.

Hailey Bieber might have made the glazed donut nail trend, but we’re keeping it going, and you should too.

Try this November nail design the next time you’re going to the nail salon.

Orange Glitter November Nails

modern nails for Fall

One thing about us is that we’re always going to be suckers for a good glitter nail design.

The way the neutral and orange glitter work together is truly stunning, especially on top of the perfectly shaped almond acrylics. This is definitely one of our favorite November nail designs from this list.

Orange & Gold Thanksgiving Nails

Simple nail designs

Gold is our personal favorite color for Thanksgiving nails, but with one caveat.

It has to be paired with a complementing color, just like this nail inspiration that we’re obsessed with.

The orange is truly a match made in heaven with the gold shimmer.

Fall French Illusion Nails

Best design for nails

It feels like every month there is a new nail trend circulating social media, and this month it’s the French Illusion trend.

Lucky for us and you, this nail trend is actually one that’s fun, interesting, and unique.

Matte Orange Claws

November nail designs

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why this long and sharp acrylic nail shape is called a claw.

Claw nails have become more and more popular on social media, and if you’re wanting to rock them in November, we recommend doing so with a matte orange gel color.

Brown Fall Flowers

Simple nail designs

Floral nail art will always have a special place in our hearts, especially in fall and spring.

This brown November nail art idea is a cute and easy manicure for any girl, regardless of nail shape or length.

Micro Heart French Tip

Best design for nails

This November nail design combines two of our favorite things: micro hearts and a neutral colored French tip.

There are so many ways to get creative and have a unique French tip, but this might just be our favorite for fall, especially with the alternating browns. 

November Swirls

modern nails for Fall

Swirls, if that’s how you call them, have taken over social media by storm in the nail community in 2024.

These can be made with any color and in any variation to fit the month and season, but if you’re wanting them for November, we recommend using brown and white colors.

You can even try this fun nail design at home, just make sure to use a thin brush to get the swirls done correctly.

Fall Flannel Nails

November fingernail designs

Nothing says fall quite like a flannel.

Don’t just wear a flannel on your body, put a flannel on your nails with this plaid nail art idea.

You can even get creative with these November nail designs and have the pattern match an existing flannel in your closet.

Dark Brown Chrome Nails

November nail designs

Dark chocolate chrome nails for fall? Sign us up.

If you didn’t gasp at how gorgeous and beautiful these nails are, like we did, then you might need to look again.

These are truly some of the most jaw-dropping fall nails we’ve ever seen.

Neutral Checkered Nails

Simple nail designs

If there is any print you should have on your 2024 November nail design list, it’s checkerboard.

It’s easy to fall in love with a November fingernail design when it looks this good.

You can get creative with different colors, but we’re partial to the neutral beige and white.

Autumn Leaves

Cute nail art

We’ve found the perfect autumn nails that you’re going to instantly FALL for… get it?

On a serious note, we can’t help but FALL in love with this autumn colored leaf nail design.

We promise to stop with the puns if you promise to try out this cute and trendy November manicure idea.

Lavender French Manicure

November fingernail designs

One nail trend you can catch us rocking all year long, no matter the season, is a French tip manicure.

There are so many ways to be creative with it but this lavender pastel look is dripping with style.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite nail idea for the month after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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