10 Packing Hacks for Traveling – Packing Tips and Tricks

It’s summer time, but more importantly it’s vacation time. Pack your bags and go explore. Running out of space in your suitcase or not packing efficiently can ruin everything. I just finished packing for my trip so I thought I’d share what I did. Here are 10 Packing Hacks You Should Use When Traveling:


  1. Double-Folded Shirts

This will help if you are traveling somewhere that your clothes will stay in your suitcase. After normally folding your shirt, fold it in half and place it vertically in the luggage. This way, you can see all the shirts in front of you and you don’t have to look under a pile. Don’t do this with nicer button up shirts though.


  1. Pipe Cleaner for Suitcase

Grab a colorful pipe cleaner and wrap it around the suitcase handle. This way when you are at baggage claim, you can spot yours easily. This saves a lot of time compared to guessing out of 100 black suitcases.


  1. Pack by Outfit

If you are going on a short trip, pack your clothes by outfit. You can pack the outfits together much more efficiently in a suitcase this way. You’ll also know exactly which outfit to wear for the day without even thinking. The next step will show you how to pack it in an efficient manner.


  1. The Skivvy Roll

Lay out your shirt. Place the Pants and underwear in the middle of the shirt. Place your socks with the holes facing outwards right where the t-shirt sleeves are. Roll everything up from the top down leaving the socks hanging out the side. Invert the sock holes over the entire roll and there you go. Super efficient and easy way to pack for a one-day trip or short vacation. I like to make one for long trips too and keep it in my backpack for an emergency change of clothes.


  1. Bring Plastic Bags

Make use of the extra plastic bags you have laying around and bring a few with you. Use one for laundry. You can use one for wet clothes from swimming or whatever else you can think of. It’s much better than just throwing it on the floor or putting back in your suitcase all wet and dirty.


  1. Roll Nice Shirts

For the shirts that are nicer button ups, roll them. This way it won’t wrinkle in the suitcase. Folding them will make creases and wrinkles in the shirt when you might not have a chance to iron it. Usually people will say to roll every shirt you have, but step #1 is much more space-saving when you have a lot of shirts.


  1. Stuff Fragile Items Between Clothes

When you’re packing cologne, sunscreen, and other glass/fragile items, stick them in the middle of your clothes. This way when they move around in the suitcase, they can only hit soft and cushioned clothes. It’s way safer than packing it in a separate zipper on top or underneath everything.


  1. Pack Little Extras in Shoes

If you’re running out of room, but have a few extra socks, jewelry, cables, etc., stuff them in your shoes. Shoes have empty space that can be used as valuable storage. Use them as last minute pockets.


  1. Times 1.4

If you’re not sure how many pairs of underwear and socks to bring, use this math trick. Calculate how many days you’ll go without laundry on your trip and multiply that by 1.4. This will give you the amount you should bring.

Ex: 5 Day Trip x 1.4 = 7 Pairs of underwear and socks


  1. Pack Heaviest Items by Wheels

If you pack the heavier stuff on the bottom of your suitcase and on the same side of the wheels, you’ll save some stress. This puts the center of gravity by the wheels meaning it will feel lighter when you roll with it. Nobody wants back pains from rolling around their suitcase everywhere. Let your wheels do the work for you.

Use these hacks before you pack and have an awesome trip to wherever you plan on going. If you have any questions or comments let me know down below!

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