50 Best Graduation Nail Ideas in 2024

graduation nail ideas

Trying to find a nail idea for your graduation and need some inspiration? Here are the 50 best graduation nail ideas in 2024!

From the simple French tip designs, to the colorful and unique nail designs that include cute flowers, you’ll be sure to find one that fits you perfectly.

Plus, we’ve included some graduation themed nail designs that would match any color and definitely make you stand out.

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Let’s dive in!

Daisy French Tip

graduation nail ideas

A French Tip is a classic graduation nail design, but if you’re looking to add a little something extra, we’re loving the addition of the cute white & gold daisies.

Nude French Tip Graduation Nails

best nails for graduation

Another great alternative to the classic French Tip for your graduation nails is by doing them in nude and adding delicate white leaves as accents.

Lavender & Rhinestones

graduation nail inspiration

Lavender & rhinestones all on one hand? And a floral design? Perfection. These are the perfect graduation nail ideas for 2024.

Olive Green

graduation nail designs

If there’s any color we’re loving as graduation nail inspiration, it’s this gorgeous olive green.

Glitter Tips Nails

best simple nails for graduation

In 2024, glitter is always a safe and gorgeous go-to for classy graduation nails.

Pearl French Tip

cute classy white nails for graduation

One of our favorite takes on the classic French Tip is with the viral pearlescent nail polish.

Mini Gold Hearts

white graduation nails

We’re loving the mini heart trend and it’s safe to say this nail design has stolen our hearts.

Milky White Nails

graduation nail design

If you’re looking for a simple and classy graduation nail idea, try a milky white gel nail polish.

White Swirls

white graduation nail inspiration

Swirls have been one of the biggest 2024 nail trends and they’re absolutely perfect for graduation.

Blue Flowers

blue graduation nail designs

Who can resist such a cute and simple blue floral nail design? 

We’re definitely crushing on this for graduation.

Blue & Gold Marble Nails

blue and white nails for graduation

Marble is a nail trend we can absolutely get behind, especially when it looks this good.

Hailer Bieber Nails

graduation nail ideas

The white chrome Hailey Bieber nails are not only the trendiest nails in 2024, but they were practically made for graduation.

Thin Gold Tip

cute and simple nail design

Keep things classy for your graduation nails with just a simple addition of a thin gold tip.

Simple Nude Nails

simple graduation nail design

Sometimes, less is more, and for graduation we’ve been loving the simple nude nail trend.

Dusty Rose

graduation nails for simple

Dusty rose is a combination of pink and nude that we’re currently crushing on.

simple blue graduation nails

If you want to make a statement without going too big, try the squared French tip manicure with a navy blue polish.

Abstract Art

cute nail designs

Graduation nail ideas shouldn’t just be serious, they should be fun and playful like this abstract nail design.  

Black French Tip

black cute graduation nails

One of our favorite graduation nail inspirations that we’ve seen is the classy black French Tip with the addition of daisies.

Much like the white version we mentioned earlier, but this one is just a bit edgier.

Graduation Galore Nails

unique pictures on nails design for graduation

Nothing says graduation more than going all out with your nail design and having graduation related art on every single nail.

School Colors

cute graduation nails

We love the idea of incorporating your school colors into your graduation nail design.

Floral French Tip

classy graduation nail designs

A French tip made from tiny flowers? Sign us up.

Gold Leaf Nails

best nails for graduation

It doesn’t get classier than adding in gold leaf for your graduation nails.

Pink & White

graduation nail inspiration cute

The best nails for graduation are obviously the ones with a pink & white color combination, glitter, and mini flowers.

Pastel Manicure

classy pink and white nails

We will never be over how gorgeous this pastel manicure is. 

On our way to the nail salon right now!

Yellow Flowers Nails

cute gold graduation nails

What better way to brighten up your graduation day than with a bright & sunny yellow floral manicure?

Rhinestone Nails

graduation nail inspiration pink and cream

You might have seen this first in Euphoria but dare we say this is the perfect graduation nail idea?

Silver Stars

best nails for graduation

It might be simple and dainty, but this silver star manicure makes a big splash with how stunning it is.

Silver Glitter French Tip

graduation nail inspiration

We’re drooling over how gorgeous this silver glitter French tip manicure shines in the light.

White & Gold Graduation Nails

graduation nail designs white

This white and gold graduation inspired nail design that will get you ready to party in no time.

Muted Green Nails

gray classy nail designs

The muted green is a soft and classy nail color that will look fantastic with any dress you wear for graduation.

Ombre Blue Nails

graduation nail inspiration

We’re a sucker for an ombre nail, especially when it’s with a baby blue that’s this gorgeous.

Pink Chrome

cute pink nails for graduation

Chrome is the name of the game for nail trends and the pink version is a winner for graduation.

Asymmetric French Tip

graduation nail ideas

If you love the look of a classic white French Tip but want to make it a bit more unique, try going for an asymmetric design.

French Tip & Pearls

white simple nail design

The French Tip and Pearl nail combo might be the best nails for graduation we’ve ever seen.

Hot Pink Swirls

classy graduation nail inspiration

Nothing makes for a better statement than a hot pink swirl manicure.

Shades of Brown

graduation nail ideas

One of our favorite classic, simple, and elegant graduation nail ideas is just going with different shades of soft brown.


classy nail design

Mauve is the simple and elegant color we’ll never get enough of in 2024.

Sultry Gray Nails

gray and white simple nails

Don’t sleep on sultry gray, it’s here to stay.

Black & White Hearts

graduation nail inspiration

You can never go wrong with a simple black and white manicure for graduation.

graduation nail inspiration

Adding in your school logo or emblem creates a fun and unique manicure that’s perfect for graduation.

Black & Silver

black and glitter nail design

Adding in a silver nail to a black manicure instantly makes it that much more stunning.

Smokey Nails

graduation nail ideas

Somebody call the fire department because these smokey nails are on fire.

Metallic Gold Nails

graduation nail designs

What’s graduation without a metallic gold manicure to make you feel like a true star.

Gold French Tip

gold simple nail ideas

If you love the look of gold but don’t want to do it all over, try a cold chrome French Tip instead. 

This is one of our more subtle, yet chic graduation nail ideas that people love.

Gold Marble Nails

unique cute nail design

If there’s anything we’re a sucker for, it’s for a gold marble manicure.

Pastel Cherry Blossoms

cream nail inspiration

There’s nothing sweeter than a pastel cherry blossom nail design, especially if you’re graduating in Spring.

Black Abstract Swirls

swirly cute nails

Keep it fun for graduation with a playful black abstract swirl nail design.

Electric Blue

best nails for graduation

Feel electric on your big graduation day with a manicure that will make a statement.

Rainbow Nails

simple nails for graduation

Why choose one nail color for graduation when you can have the entire rainbow?

White & Teal

white and green nail design

If there’s any color combination that’s perfect for graduation and Summer, it’s white and teal.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite nail idea for graduation after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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