25 Best Friendsgiving Backdrop Ideas in 2024

Friendsgiving backdrop ideas

Looking for a cool backdrop for your Friendsgiving party? Here we give you the 25 best Friendsgiving backdrop ideas in 2024!

We’ve included ideas ranging from the classic thanksgiving themed backdrops, to the more color coordinated party themed backdrop.

In this list, you’ll be sure to find one that would match your vision for your Friendsgiving.

Plus, you’ll find some more simple backdrop ideas if you’re into the less extravagant, but still charming options for your Friendsgiving.

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Let’s dive in!

White Arch & Balloons

friendsgiving backdrop for photo

Arch backdrops have become one of the trendiest backdrop designs for parties because of how easy they are to make, and how affordable they are.

We consider this white arch with Fall colored balloons one of the best Friendsgiving backdrop ideas in 2024.

Letter Wall Balloons

friendsgiving backdrop decorations

Letter Balloons are such a fun way to bring life to your wall and turn it into an easy backdrop.

With rose colored letters and color coordinating balloons, this Friendsgiving backdrop idea is one of our favorites!

The best part is that you can get all of these balloons shipped straight to your door from Amazon.

Barbie Friendsgiving Backdrop

best backdrop for friendsgiving

In the spirit of all things Barbie in 2024, why not have a hot pink backdrop for Thanksgiving with friends?

The hot pink color really brings this backdrop to life and makes for such a fun photo experience.

This would also look even better if you also had everyone dress in Barbie pink colors.

“Friends” Giving Backdrop

friendsgiving backdrop ideas

For all of our fans of the iconic 90’s sitcom, why not have a “Friends” themed Friendsgiving party?

This is a simple, easy, and affordable backdrop idea for Friendsgiving.

You can even play a little game where everyone has to choose who is the Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe of the group.

Paper Streamer Backdrop

simple backdrop decorations

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great backdrop idea for Friendsgiving.

This orange, brown, and yellow paper streamer backdrop looks incredible, even if it is simple!

Pumpkin Pie Backdrop

cute and easy backdrop for thanksgiving

For all of our pumpkin pie sweet tooth lovers, we have found your perfect Friendsgiving backdrop idea.

We all know that no Thanksgiving meal is complete without a delicious pumpkin pie dessert.

Create a fun and unique Friendsgiving photo backdrop that everyone will adore. 

Boho Friendsgiving Picnic

best friendsgiving backdrop ideas

If you really want to go all out and have a Friendsgiving party that no one will forget, you’ve got to step it up with the Friendsgiving backdrop decorations.

This orange/rust colored arch paired with balloons and table top florals is to-die for.

Lights, Balloons, and Streamers

friendsgiving photo backdrop

Channel all things Fall for your dinner party with the trifecta of Friendsgiving backdrop decorations:

  1. Hanging lights
  2. Balloons
  3. Fall colored streamers

When you bring these three together you make one of our favorite Friendsgiving backdrop ideas.

Fall Colored Balloon Arch

best friendsgiving idea for decor

There’s nothing like a balloon arch to bring a party to life.

This Fall colored balloon arch is one of the best Friendsgiving backdrop ideas in 2024.

Although it will take a lot of time and patience, it’ll be well worth it in the end.

Outdoor Fall Picnic

orange and easy friendsgiving decorations

There’s nothing we love more than an outdoor picnic in Fall, especially for Friendsgiving.

This Friendsgiving backdrop idea isn’t just about what’s hanging on the fence, it’s about all of the elements coming together.

From the pumpkins to the haystacks, this Friendsgiving photo backdrop is perfect.

Fall Themed Photo Booth

friendsgiving backdrop ideas

Similar to the outdoor picnic, this Friendsgiving photo booth takes all of those elements but condenses it into the perfect picture-taking location.

With a hay stack you can sit on with friends, the options for photos here are endless.

Grab a few pumpkins, wrap yourself in a blanket, or pose with the fall wheel.

Ombre Leaf Garland Backdrop

simple colorful backdrop

When you think of Fall what is one of the first things that come to mind?

If it was “fall-colored leaves” then you’re exactly right!

Take one of the best elements of Fall and turn it into this gorgeous DIY Friendsgiving backdrop idea.

Hanging Leaves & Lights

friendsgiving backdrop decorations

We’ve got the perfect Friendsgiving backdrop idea for you if you’re looking for a simple and affordable DIY.

Just use a large clothing rack to hang a sheer curtain, string lights, and orange and brown colored faux leaves. 

Balloon Garland Backdrop

easy and simple backdrop for thanksgiving with friends

If you already have a wood fence outside, you already have half of this backdrop idea for Friendsgiving completed. 

Now all you have to do is get white, orange, and brown balloons of varying sizes to create an oversized balloon garland

Backdrop with Photo Booth Frame

friendsgiving photo booth

We’ve found a perfect Friendsgiving photo booth idea that’s easy to create and so fun!

Use paper streamers as your backdrop and create a paper floral frame that your friends can use to take pictures with. 

Not only is this easy to put together, it’s such a fun idea for any group of friends!

Pumpkin Backdrop

best and simple backdrop decor

There is nothing we love more in the Fall than the mini orange pumpkins.

These are such a staple of the season and if you get a ton of fake ones from Amazon, you too can put together this backdrop for Thanksgiving with your friends.

Or you can simplify this by getting a mini pumpkin printed curtain and hanging it over a clothing rack.

Hanging Balloons

friendsgiving photo backdrop

A Friendsgiving backdrop doesn’t just have to be on a wall, it can be dynamic and take up space.

These hanging balloons are the perfect example of how you can easily bring your entire room to life.

Simple Black & White Backdrop Idea

simple and best friendsgiving party

If you’re looking for a simple and more classic backdrop idea for Friendsgiving, we’ve got you covered.

This minimalistic and cute backdrop only requires two things: a “Give Thanks” garland and black DIY bows.

By using a black color scheme throughout your Friendsgiving dinner, this will all come together perfectly.

Thanksgiving Banner

friendsgiving backdrop ideas

Keep it easy and classic with a Thanksgiving banner as your Friendsgiving backdrop.

You can get one of these from Amazon or Etsy and hang it up on your window, wall, or use a plastic stand.

Gold Decorations

best friendsgiving backdrop

Gold is practically the color of the season in Fall.

You can never go wrong with going all out on gold Friendsgiving backdrop decorations for your dinner party.

Sunflower Photo Booth Backdrop

friendsgiving backdrop decorations

Sunflowers are one of our favorite flowers so of course we’re in love with this Friendsgiving backdrop idea.

This is such an easy and fun DIY that you can do with your friends.

Red, Gold, and Orange Decor

friendsgiving photo backdrop

Some of our favorite colors of Fall are red, orange, and gold.

Combine these three colors to create the perfect Fall trifecta for your Friendsgiving decorations.

Classy Backdrop

backdrop simple for thanksgiving with friends

This simple, but super classy and elegant, backdrop is perfect for the girls looking for a more refined Friendsgiving dinner.

The taper candles and faux florals help elevate this tablescape into the perfect Instagramable dinner.

Colorful Tassels

best friendsgiving backdrop decorations

Don’t underestimate the power of tassels.

Tassels can help elevate any one of our Friendsgiving backdrop ideas without taking up too much space like balloons.

Indoor Rustic Photo Booth

friendsgiving backdrop ideas

You can bring the perfect rustic Fall photo booth setup straight to your living room.

With some crates, pumpkins, and hanging faux leaves, you too can make the perfect photobooth for your Friendsgiving dinner.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite backdrop for Friendsgiving after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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