25 Best Frat Cooler Ideas in 2024

frat cooler ideas

Do you want to be the college student with the best fraternity cooler? If you do, here are the 25 best frat cooler ideas in 2024!

In this list, you’ll find painted coolers that relate to your favorite tv shows, as well as one’s that express your creativity with a wide range of colors and pictures.

Plus, we’ve included some unique painted frat cooler designs that will be sure to catch your eye.

Don’t forget to grab a white cooler so your paintings appear much stronger and are easier to see.

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Let’s dive in!

If You’re Reading This…

frat cooler ideas

When you’re reading this, call a pledge, because a college cooler should never be empty.

If a frat friend of yours or boyfriend is a fan of Drake, and is no longer a pledge, you’re going to want to do this in his cooler. 

Wolf of Wall Street Cooler

frat cooler painting

The Wolf of Wall Street, but make it beach themed and put it on a cooler.

This is one of our favorite frat cooler ideas that everyone can appreciate.

Time to Par-Tee Frat Cooler

fraternity cooler simple

If he’s a golf guy, he’s going to par-tee when he sees this cooler design.

This creative frat cooler painting is fun, unique, and one that all the frat brothers will love.

Save Water, Drink Beer

unique painted frat cooler

A motto every fraternity brother lives by.

You can customize this beer cooler painting with his favorite beers and colors.

American Pride Cooler

frat cooler painting ideas

Nothing says, “I love America,” more than a fraternity cooler painted with an American flag, American beers, and Jack Daniels Whiskey.

If he’s from the South, he’ll definitely love this cooler idea.

It’s 5:00 Somewhere Cooler Idea

frat cooler ideas

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, which means it’s time to have a seat, open a cold one, and enjoy the rest of your night.

It also means that this is the perfect neon painting to put on top of any fraternity cooler.

Fiji Water Frat Cooler

best fraternity cooler

It’s a missed opportunity if you don’t put the Fiji Water logo on a FIJI’s fraternity cooler.

I mean, how can you pass this up? It’s too funny!

Formal Postcard

frat cooler painting ideas

If you’re designing the fraternity cooler for an upcoming formal, you’ll want to try this painted postcard design.

We recommend going a step further and customizing it with the colors, scenery, or name of the location you’re going to.

Beer Pong Cooler

creative and awesome cooler for fraternity

If he’s in a frat, he plays beer pong.

If he plays beer pong, he’ll love this funny frat cooler idea.

Kona Brewing Cooler

frat cooler ideas

If you can’t bring him to the beach, bring the beach to him.

This Kona Brewing inspired cooler not only looks amazing, but will remind him of his favorite place.

Welcome to Vegas

painted beer cooler fun

Ah, the city that never sleeps. Perfect for any fraternity brother.

No list of frat cooler ideas is complete without a Vegas inspired painting.

Stadium Shot

unique fraternity cooler

If he plays football, he’s going to absolutely love this unique painting idea.

We certainly do not have the talent to paint anything this incredible, but if you do, please try this cooler idea.

The Masters Cooler

frat cooler painting ideas

Only golf guys will get this reference.

Nothing would make a golf-loving frat guy happier than The Masters logo painted with their fraternity name.

Fraternity Flag Cooler Idea

simple and creative painted cooler

Frat members take pride in their fraternity and they want to show it off.

This easy cooler painting might not be the most artistic but it will surely make them the happiest.

Mountain Man

awesome and best beer cooler

If he’s a mountain man, he’ll love this frat cooler idea.

Even if he isn’t a skier, this frat painting can work if the formal you’re going to is somewhere in the mountains.

The Cat in the Frat

frat cooler painting ideas

This might just be one of the best frat cooler ideas we’ve ever seen.

Give your cat in the frat the cooler of a lifetime with this simple, funny, and unique painting.

Super Smashed Bros

creative beach bear cooler

If Mario and Luigi went to college, this would be them.

For all the gamers out there, this frat cooler idea is an absolute must.

Cooler with a Warning

creative and best frat cooler

We’re just warning you, the contents of this cooler are going to make the night a good time.

The best part? You won’t remember even reading the warning label tomorrow morning.

Solo Cup Anatomy

frat cooler ideas

The anatomy of a solo cup, the most important anatomy lesson for any frat guy.

This funny beer cooler painting will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Captain’s Cooler

frat cooler painting ideas

If it’s the captain’s orders, you have to do it.

And our order of the day is that if he loves his Captain Morgan drinks, you’re going to want to try this frat cooler idea. This is definitely one of our favorite frat cooler ideas on this list. 

Uncle Sam Cooler Idea

simple frat cooler

We don’t know about you, but somehow while staring at this cooler, we feel we have to finish our drink as quickly as possible. 

That’s the power of Uncle Sam.

Truck Painting

awesome frat cooler

If there’s anything he’s the most proud of in this world, it’s his truck.

We guarantee you this truck painting will be his favorite side on his new fraternity cooler.

Bottle Cap Bottom

fraternity cooler formal

Not many people think to do the inside of a frat cooler, but you should.

This easy bottle cap bottom won’t take much time to make, but it will take a few nights to collect all the caps you need.

Dog Inspired Cooler

unique fraternity cooler

Saturdays are for the… good boys.

And we don’t mean fraternity brothers, we mean the good boy who loves drooling, treats, and belly rubs.

Okay, maybe we do mean a frat brother.

Michael Scott Cooler

best unique frater cooler

We are Michael Scott fans, and if he’s smart, he’d be one too.

For any fan of the office, you’ve got to add at least one side dedicated to the beloved show.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite frat cooler idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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