15 Cool College Dorm Room Ideas for Guys to Get Inspiration (2024)

Moving into your dorm soon? Here are 15 cool college dorm room ideas for guys to get some inspiration this year!

These are practical ideas to get started. Congrats on getting into college by the way!

Hopefully these ideas will help you get inspired to decorate a guy’s dorm room the way you like, and feel motivated to start your first college semester off strong.

Let’s dive in!

A Hint of Red

Red Dorm Room for Guys

Copy this dorm bedding here!

Adding little hints of color into your dorm room is a great idea to brighten the place up.

The whole theme of the room can remain neutral, while little splashes of color are integrated into the decor. The motivational posters are pretty neat too!

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Matching Sides

Matching dorm room for brothers

Moving in with a best friend? Or how about a brother?

These matching beds are the coolest way to match up and keep an organized shared space. Definitely consider this dorm room idea if you already know your roommate.

Desk to Bed

Desk to Bed dorm room ideas for guys

If you’re a little tight with space, a desk to bed style is probably the best idea for you.

The simple design and decor is one of the best dorm room ideas for guys who just want the minimum while also saving the most amount of space.

Grey and Black

Black and Grey Dorm Room Ideas for Guys

Copy this grey comforter set.

This simple grey and black dorm room is an awesome way to decorate your dorm without overdoing it.

Keeping it simple can often be the best route when in college, since the rest of college might be a little hectic.

The Sports Fan

Sports fan dorm room idea

If you’re into sports, you should copy this dorm room inch for inch!

The blankets, posters, and sports caps really bring out the spirit of being in college. Especially if your sports team colors match your school colors.

Copy this Design: Sports Team Decorations

Gaming Setup for Dorm Room

dorm room ideas for guys gaming

This is one of the coolest gaming setups that actually fits the space of a dorm-sized desk!

If you know you’re going to be gaming, use this setup as inspiration for your dorm room when you move into college this year.

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Music Lover’s Dorm

Music Lover Dorm Room

This is one of the coolest dorm room ideas for guys who are big music lovers!

The guitar setup with the amp and headphones is what truly makes this room stand out. Take inspiration from the decor around the walls to help match the music style.

Simple Grey

Simple Grey Dorm Room Bed

Copy this simple grey comforter set.

The simple grey design of this dorm room bed makes the room feel bright and alive without sacrificing the use of bright colors.

Consider using this dorm room idea if you’re a minimalist who wants to keep it clean and basic.

Bed to Bed & Desk to Desk

bed to bed setup for dorm

There’s no question that space in a dorm room is hard to come by. This bed to bed setup is a great way to open up a lot of that space by lining up 2 beds vertically.

You can do the same with the desks if the dorm room space will allow it.

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Grey & Blue

Copy this gray comforter set and navy blue sheets.

One of the most rustic, yet modern combinations that you can have in your dorm room this year is a perfect place to start.

Adding that little pop of blue into your beddings, posters, and decorations will brighten up the whole room and minimize the classic grey that often takes over a room.

Modern with Lights

Modern room with LED lights
This is not a dorm room, just an example of the lights!

Adding LED lights under your desk, ceiling, or bed makes for one of the coolest dorm room ideas for guys!

LED lights make dorm rooms (that are usually dark) feel a lot brighter and way more fun. The lights can even be moved from time to time to try out different spots and light combinations!

Copy This Design: LED Strip Lights

The Poster Lover

Posters on Dorm Wall

If you had tons of posters plastered all over your wall at home, then you’ll definitely like this dorm room decor.

Moving into a dorm should feel like home, and if you had posters at home, add them to your wall in your dorm room. Otherwise, it’ll feel like something’s missing.

High Loft Bed

High Loft Bed

Putting a dorm bed in a high loft design will save you lots of space. In fact, it’ll save you so much space that you can literally walk under your bed.

Better yet, you can even place a tv, fridge, or other large appliance in that saved space to declutter the rest of the dorm.

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Low Loft Bed

Low Loft Dorm Bed for Guys

If the room is not ideal for a high loft bed, try going for a low loft!

I recommend everyone try to loft their bed because of the immense space saving that occurs when you do.

A low loft is ideal for guys who want to store a few boxes or drawers in areas that otherwise wouldn’t fit in the dorm.

Copy This Loft: Low Loft Bed Risers

Modern Black

Modern black dorm room

Copy this gray comforter set.

Guys, this room looks insanely cool! The touches of black that are added throughout the room make it stand out with word “modern” splattered all over it.

Adding modern decor on table tops and desks will be the savior of this dorm room idea.


Hopefully these 15 dorm room ideas for guys have given you a sense of how far you can go with decorating a dorm while also saving space at the same time!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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