50 Best Festival Nail Ideas To Try This Year

festival nail ideas

Need a trendy nail design for your next festival? Come pick from these 50 best festival nail ideas that are super popular right now!

Whether you’re looking for simple and easy designs, creative ideas, or something funny to put on your nail, you’ll definitely find your favorites in this list.

From short to long nails, take a look at some of the best nail inspiration for festivals!

Before we start, you’ll want to check out these resources to nail your festival look:

Let’s dive into the nail ideas!

Groovy Festival Swirls

festival nail ideas

Get into the festival mood with a retro 70’s inspired festival nail idea you’ll want to wear all year long.

Pastel Hearts Design

festival nails

Wear your love for music and festivals on your nails with this neon pastel festival nail idea that will have everyone wanting to copy! 

Flaming Hot Nails

festival nail designs

Go bold at your next 2024 festival with this neon flaming hot nail idea, perfect for the girls who want to stand out. 

Electric Love Nails

summer festival nail ideas

Feel electric at your next summer festival with a nail design that brings the lightning bolt energy straight to your nails.

Metallic Mermaid Nails

metallic nails

We love the metallic mermaid shimmer of these festival nails and how they’ll be glistening all day long in the summer sun.

Ombre Metallic Nails

best festival nail ideas

Metallic nails have taken social media by storm and if you’re looking for festival nail ideas in 2024, then you have to add this ombre metallic manicure to your list.

Metallic French Tip Nails

metallic French tip

If you love the metallic trend but want to change it up, try doing a metallic French tip to match your 2024 summer festival outfit.

Pink French Tip Nails

pink festival nails

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that a baby pink French tip manicure with rhinestones is the Barbie inspired nail idea you need to try at your next festival.

Rhinestone French Tip Nails

rhinestone festival nail ideas

If you want a more classic manicure for your festival nail idea list, then try a simple white French tip but with the addition of pearl rhinestones.

Animal Lover Design

animal nail designs

Show off your love for animals with a fun festival nail design that’s truly one of a kind and unique.  

Galaxy Inspired Nail Art

galaxy space nail design

Feel out of this world with a galaxy inspired festival nail design that you’ll be wanting to take pictures of all weekend long.

Be a Star 

festival nails with stars

Be a star at your next summer music festival with a star studded French tip nail design, perfect for 2024.

Fun and Funky Festival Nail Ideas

fun festival nail inspiration

If you want a funny and funky nail design for your next summer festival, then try this one of a kind manicure that you won’t see on anyone else.

Lisa Frank Inspired Nails

Lisa Frank inspired nails

If you’re an OG, then you know Lisa Frank, and these nails channel all of that crazy neon rainbow energy that’s perfect for any festival.

Trippy Rainbow Nails

rainbow nail ideas for festival

This trippy rainbow nail design is perfect for girls with short nails who still want to do something bold and fun for their festival look.

Rainbow Dots Design

rainbow dots nail art

If you’re looking for a simple and easy manicure that isn’t too bold, then try this unique and fun rainbow festival nail design.

Colorful Rhinestones

rhinestone festival nail designs

Have fun with your festival nail design with a simple manicure that takes things to the next level with colorful rhinestones.

Purple Ombre Nails

simple festival nail ideas

These purple ombre nails are one of our favorite funky festival nail ideas that we’re definitely going to be trying in 2024.

Aura Nails

festival aura nails

Show off your aura with this festival nail design that is sure to represent your festival mood all weekend long.

Blue Pearl Inspo

trendy festival nails

We’ve been loving the pearl inspired nail trends in 2024 and can’t wait to try this out the next time we go to a music festival.

Green Chrome Nails

green festival nail ideas

You can thank Hailey Bieber for introducing the world to chrome nails and for adding this green chrome festival nail idea to your list.

Mermaid French Tip Ombre

mermaid French nails

What happens when you mix a French tip, with an ombre, and with the love for all things mermaid? Your new favorite festival nail design!

Dripping Nails Design

drip nails for festival

Go unique with your next festival nail design and try this dripping French manicure.

Metallic Hearts

metallic nails with hearts

The minute we saw this metallic heart manicure, we knew we had to add it to our festival nail idea list for 2024. 

Blue Chrome Flames

blue flames nails

The blue chrome flames manicure has to be one of our new favorites for any festival nail design.

Zebra Print Nails

zebra print nail ideas

Who knew zebra print would make a comeback in 2024 and that it would be for festival nail ideas?

Colorful Summer Festival Nails

summer music festival nail ideas

This colorful summer inspired manicure is the perfect nail idea for any summer music festival.

Cherry Queen

nails with cherries design

The red nail theory is in full swing on TikTok but try adding some cherries to it for a unique festival nail design you’ll love.

Fun Cowgirl Nails

funny festival nails

This funny and cute cow inspired festival nail idea has our hearts melting from cuteness.

Two Looks

two manicure nail designs

Rock a two look manicure for your festival with each hand having a fun and different design.

Duotone Nails

duotone festival nail inspiration

We are loving how unique these duotone nails are and how perfect they would be for any music festival.

Funky and Colorful Festival Nails

short festival nail ideas

Having fun with your short nails with a fun, funky, and colorful festival nail design that will surely stand out from any crowd.

Neon Blue Waves

neon festival nail ideas

This neon blue ocean inspired festival nail idea is great for anyone who wants to bring their love for the beach to their next summer festival in 2024.

Floral French Tip

best French tip nails for festivals

The floral French tip is the perfect festival nail design for any girl looking for a fun and feminine manicure.

Green Queen

green festival nail designs

Be funky this next festival with a unique green manicure that you’ll want to keep getting long after the festival is over. 

Rainbow Water Drips

rainbow festival nails

You can’t get any better than this incredible rainbow water drip nail design for your 2024 festival.

Gold Glitter French Tip

easy gold festival nail ideas

Who doesn’t love a gold glitter French tip manicure that pairs perfectly with their gold festival jewelry?

Pink & Red Flowers

pink nail ideas for festival

We are obsessed with how this pink and red flower manicure is the perfect 2024 festival nail design.

Yin & Yang Nail Art

yin and yang nails

Channel your inner yin & yang with this colorful festival nail idea that is sure to wow the crowd.

Colorful Hearts

colorful heart nails

It might take forever to get done, but this jaw-dropping colorful heart manicure is a true festival showstopper.  

Neon Festival Smoke Nails

best neon festival nail ideas

This neon smoke inspired festival nail design is easy and simple enough to achieve for anyone to try at home!

Lava Lamp Neon Nails

blue neon nails

Whoever said lava lamps are no longer cool clearly never saw this super cool neon festival nail design.

Green Marble Nails

green marble nails

Our jaw dropped to the floor when we saw this amazing green marble manicure that’s truly the perfect festival nail design for 2024.

Easy Hot Pink Nails

easy festival nails

If you need some simple festival nail ideas, you can always go with a hot pink nail polish that will stand out and still look amazing.

Peachy Design

peachy nail designs

Whether you have short or long nails, you have to try this funky peach inspired festival nail idea ASAP.

Neon Eyes Nail Art

neon eyes nail design

If you have longer nails or are looking to get a longer acrylic manicure, you have to try this neon eyes festival nail design.

Simple White Swirls

white festival nails

Go for a more classic manicure for your next festival with this simple and easy white swirl nail design.

Hot Red Festival Nails

simple red nails for festival

Stand out in 2032 with a red hot festival nail design that will have you taking nail pics all weekend long.

Black Swirls

black festival nail ideas

Keep it simple with a black swirl manicure that is easy to style for your 2024 festival look.

Neon Swirls

neon swirls nail design

Add a bit of bold to your festival nail design with a neon swirl manicure that isn’t too wild.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite design from these 50 festival nail ideas!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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