50 Easy & Creative Festival Makeup Ideas in 2024

festival makeup ideas

Going to a festival soon and need inspiration to look cute? Here are 50 easy and creative festival makeup ideas in 2024 that you can copy from!

Some of the makeup ideas require just makeup, while other include add-ons like glitter, rhinestones, and matching outfits to go with the look.

Either way, you’ll be sure to find your favorite makeup idea for your next festival!

Here are a few basic festival necessities to nail your next festival look:

Let’s dive in!

Easy Festival Rhinestones

rhinsetone festival makeup ideas

Rhinestone gems are making a comeback, especially for festivals. This glittery eye makeup trend is perfect for anyone looking to make a shine at their next festival!

Glitter Eyes

Glitter eye makeup

Glitter eye makeup is a great festival look that is fun, flirty, and easy to do!

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Colored Mascara for Festivals

colored mascara ideas

If you’re looking for an easy makeup trend, then look no further than the simple, but oh-so-amazing, colored mascara trend!

Hues of Blue

blue festival makeup ideas

A fun, sexy, and creative way to spice up your festival makeup look is by using different shades of the same color, but we recommend blue since it makes everyone’s eyes pop! 

Duotone Eyes

duotone eye makeup

What better way to get creative and colorful with your festival makeup look than by using two different colors on your eyes?!

Colorful Wings

colorful eye makeup for festivals

A sexy way to spice up your festival makeup and make a splash is through colorful winged liner, bonus points if it matches your outfit!

A Barbie Festival Moment

pink barbie makeup ideas

Live your childhood fantasy at your next festival with a Barbie inspired makeup look featuring shades of bright pink! It’s one of the best festival makeup ideas in 2024!

Let’s Hear it for the Limes

green eye shadow ideas

Whoever said neon was dead has clearly never lived their lives in lime green makeup, frolicking around a festival (but you sure will!)

Glitter Eyeshadow

glitter eyeshadow

Trust us, you can never get enough glitter, especially with this creative, sexy, and glittery makeup trend (that you can totally wear outside of a festival too!)

Eyeliner Pearls

festival makeup ideas with pearls

If you’re ready to take a step up from glittery makeup gems, try using small pears to accentuate your eyeliner at your next festival.

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White Eyeliner

white wings eye makeup

There’s no better way to make a sexy statement at your festival than with bright white eyeliner, perfect for anyone looking to stand out. 

A Starburst Moment

easy gem eye makeup look

Frame your eyes with star shaped gemstones to create a fun, creative, and glittery look you’ll be taking pictures of all day!

Butterfly Inspired

butterfly festival makeup ideas

We love butterflies, even more when we can dress up with butterfly inspired makeup looks!

All Things Euphoria

euphoria makeup ideas

Feel euphoric at your favorite festivals when you rock a Euphoria inspired makeup look!

Ariel at the Festival

stars and glitter makeup

Get that Under the Sea look and be the next Festival Ariel with this mermaid inspired eye makeup trend.

Glitter Everywhere

festival makeup ideas with glitter

Make a fun, bold, and glittery statement with an all-over glitter look that isn’t just limited to your face makeup!

Face Framing Pearls

creative pearl makeup ideas for festival

Pearls aren’t just meant for jewelry, they’re also meant to give you a sexy, fun, and creative new festival makeup look.

Sonic Blue

blue festival makeup ideas

Jump on the sonic blue clothing trend with this similar makeup look for your next festival.

Inspired by Graffiti

graffiti hearts eye makeup

Whether you’re making colorful neon graffiti hearts, or some other icon, this graffiti inspired makeup look is perfect for any and all festivals!

Rainbow Queen

rainbow festival makeup looks

Be the next rainbow festival queen and go all out at your next festival with a bold colorful rainbow eye makeup look!

Creative Clouds

fun makeup ideas with clouds

Who doesn’t want their head in the clouds with this cute, fun, and colorful sky inspired eye makeup look?

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Lilac Love

lilac makeup inspiration

Create a sexy, feminine, and colorful festival makeup look with lilac everything!

Gold Queen

easy gold makeup look

Add in a sexy gold look to your festival makeup with bright and shimmery gold eyeshadow. It’s one of the easiest festival makeup ideas to copy!

Brushed Gold

brushed gold eye makeup

If you’re going to go big, go gold with this brush stroke inspired metallic gold makeup look!

Sun Inspired

sun eye makeup

Embrace the sexy, bold, sun goddess that you are with this sun inspired eye makeup trend, perfect for all festivals.

Celestial Babe

celestial space eye makeup ideas

We read your horoscope and it’s saying to embrace your inner planetary goddess with a colorful and bold makeup look inspired right from the night sky.

Gold Star for You

gold star eye makeup

Embrace your inner star queen by giving yourself a creative gold makeup look brought to you by micro star stickers. 

A Silver of Happiness

shiny silver eye makeup

Add in that extra bit of sexy into your makeup festival look with a bold metallic silver eyeliner.

Creative Twin Flames

fire festival makeup ideas

Give yourself that sexy, spicy, and bold festival makeup look with eyeshadow flames, perfect in any color!

True Heart Eyes

heart eyes makeup

Be the real life, but real cute, version of the heart-eye emoji with this heart inspired festival makeup idea.

70’s Queen

70s makeup ideas

Make a fun, colorful, retro statement with a throwback to the 70’s for your next festival makeup idea.

You’ve Got the Edge

black festival makeup ideas

A gothic and edgy inspired festival makeup idea for the girls who aren’t afraid to make a bold statement

Mod Makeup

mod makeup looks

Let’s take it back to the 60’s with a mod makeup look that’s sure to make a fun and feminine statement at your next festival outing

Eyelid Eyeliner

orange eyeliner makeup ideas

Keep your festival makeup ideas simple, but fun, with a colorful neon outline of your eyelid. 

Blacklight Babe

blacklight glow in the dark festival makeup ideas

When the lights turn off, your makeup turns on with this blacklight ready makeup perfect for all over your body!

Polka Dot Queen

polka dot makeup ideas

Rock the dots at your next festival with this fun and playful makeup idea!

A Bit of Everything

festival makeup ideas

Rainbows, stars, and glitter, oh my! This makeup look has it all, and you’ll be rocking it soon!

Lisa Frank Inspired

rainbow stars makeup look

Bring back your Lisa Frank love with this teen inspired makeup look perfect for all festivals.

Leopard Love

leopard festival makeup

Make your festival mark with a fun and sexy leopard print makeup look.

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Cowgirl Cutie

cowgirl makeup ideas for festival

Bring the cowgirl to the festival with this western inspired makeup idea.

Earning Your Stripes

tiger stripes eye makeup

This tiger inspired makeup look is a fun and bold way to bring color into your festival look.

All Out Graphic

creative festival makeup ideas

Be the bold festival baddie you were meant to be with a graphic look only you can pull off.

Do it for Daphne

daphne makeup ideas

Go beyond a simple makeup look with a full Daphne cosplay at your next festival.

Green Queen

creative green festival eye makeup ideas

Because who doesn’t love a green inspired festival look with matching makeup and nails?!

Keep it Simple

easy festival makeup ideas

With a sprinkle of color in the corner of your eyes, these simple and easy festival makeup ideas are still guaranteed to make a bold festival statement.

Highlighter Yellow

highlighter yellow eyeliner makeup

Highlight your eyes with this easy, but fun, festival makeup idea.

Creative Eyelash Extensions

creative eyelash extensions look

Add some color into your eyelashes with fun and flirty eyelash extensions in 2024!

Ombre for Everyone

ombre makeup ideas

Bring the ombre look to your makeup with a gentle fade in color from your eyes, all the way to your lips!

Mushroom Makeup

mushroom festival makeup ideas

Take a trip at your next festival with this mushroom inspired makeup idea.

Fairy Festival

fairy festival makeup inspiration

Have a magical time at your next festival with a fun and flirty fairy makeup look.


Hopefully you found inspiration for your next festival makeup look in 2024!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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