25 Perfect Baddie Photoshoot Ideas in 2024

Baddie Photoshoot Ideas

Need a unique photoshoot idea for an event this year? If so, here are 25 perfect baddie photoshoot ideas in 2024!

Discover a range of photoshoot ideas that utilize diverse color schemes to enhance your outfit. From rich greens to warm tones, these concepts offer creative and vibrant options to make your photos pop.

Additionally, explore straightforward photoshoot themes for a hassle-free experience, ensuring you capture stunning images that showcase your style with ease.

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Let’s dive in!

Boss Money Baddie

Baddie photoshoots ideas

If you are that “it” girl boss babe baddie who wants to show it off, this is a photoshoot idea you NEED to try.

With the dollar bills flying around and old money aesthetic, this is one of the best baddie photoshoot ideas that will get a lot of love.

Effortless Boss Baddie

Baddie photoshoots

If you want to channel your inner boss baddie but don’t want it to feel effortless, you’re going to love this photoshoot idea.

Windblown hair, soft florals, and a black modern power suit are all you need for this baddie photoshoot.

Red Floral Photoshoot

Baddie photoshoot poses

Red is one of our favorite accent colors for any baddie photoshoot idea.

With chunky red platforms, a red bralette, and matching red florals, we guarantee you will love every picture from this photoshoot.

Spotlight on You

Poses for Instagram

2024 is your year and the spotlight is on you, literally.

This is one trendy baddie photoshoot idea that can easily be done at home with a blank wall, a direct light, and a tripod.

Cupcake Birthday Photoshoot

Selfie poses

We are loving the trendy cupcake baddie birthday photoshoot that we’ve seen all over social media.

This is an especially perfect pose for Instagram if you’re wanting to show off your birthday nails too.

Projector Birthday Photoshoot

Baddie photoshoot inspo

Have a projector that you haven’t used in a while?

Well dust it off and break it out because this baddie birthday photoshoot won’t look the same without it.

Carefree Hotel Baddie 

Baddie photoshoot poses

Who doesn’t love the iconic carefree hotel pictures?

The pizza, wine, robe, and hotel room make for a fun and effortless photoshoot idea for baddies.

Plus who wouldn’t want to have a pizza and wine glass in hand? Sign us up.

50’s Inspired Photoshoot

Baddie photoshoots ideas

For all of our retro and 50’s loving baddies who want a unique photoshoot idea, this is the one for you.

Grab some hair rollers and a vintage robe and you’ve got everything you need for this baddie photoshoot idea.

Old Hollywood Glam Photoshoot

Baddie photoshoot poses

If there is one baddie photoshoot idea on this list that is our absolute favorite, it’s this one.

You simply cannot beat this stunning and iconic baddie photoshoot inspo.

Birthday Mirror Photoshoot

Baddie picture inspo

This is another baddie birthday photoshoot idea we’re obsessed with for 2024.

Not only is it iconic, but the standing pose is flattering and shows off your special birthday outfit.

Barbie Bathtub Baddie

Baddie birthday photoshoot

Try saying this three times fast: barbie, bathtub, baddie.

Although that might be complicated, these types of baddie photoshoot ideas are perfect for your next birthday or celebration.

Bubble Bath Baddie Birthday

Baddie photoshoots ideas

This is another take on the bathtub baddie photoshoot idea but one that’s a bit more fun, flirty, and risque.

So if that all sounds up your alley, save this to your birthday pinterest board.

Simple Y2K Photoshoot

Baddie picture inspo

Channel your inner 90’s and Y2K popstar with this throwback inspired baddie photoshoot idea.

It’s giving icon, baddie, and legend, all at once.

Streetwear Baddie

Baddie photoshoot poses

If you’re a streetwear sneakerhead and want a photoshoot idea that really captures your baddie aesthetic, this is definitely the one for you.

Just match the accent colors to your favorite pair of sneakers, it doesn’t just have to be purple.

Romy & Michelle Inspired

Poses for Instagram

Grab the Romy to your Michelle for this baddie photoshoot idea that Instagram and TikTok will LOVE!

And if you don’t know who those two are, go and watch the 90’s movie ASAP!

Outdoor Mirror Photoshoot

Baddie photoshoots

There is something that feels so magical and ethereal about a photoshoot in nature with a mirror.

Talk about an amazing mirror selfie pose.

Vintage Baddie Photoshoot

Photoshoot ideas for baddies

We love a vintage inspired baddie photoshoot idea that makes you look like a powerhouse girl boss.

So pull up a chair and get someone to pour you another drink, this baddie pose isn’t going to shoot itself.

Birthday Baddie Picnic

Baddie photoshoots ideas

If your birthday is in Spring and Summer, this baddie birthday photoshoot is an idea you definitely need to try at least once.

Not all of us are blessed with warmer birthdays so take advantage of it!

Black Birthday Baddie Photoshoot

Baddie picture inspo

Our favorite baddie photoshoot ideas will always involve a large cake and a lot of black.

Barbie Birthday Photoshoot

Poses for Instagram

You can be Barbie while being a baddie too.

In fact, there is nothing more baddie than a boss Barbie woman in hot pink, especially if there’s a matching vintage cake around.

Cowgirl Baddie Photoshoot

photoshoot idea

Hello? We can’t come to the phone right now, we’re in the middle of a cowgirl inspired baddie photoshoot.

If you don’t know how to take standing poses, using props like a cake or this phone can help!

Confetti Photoshoot Idea

Baddie birthday photoshoot

This is one celebratory baddie aesthetic we want to try ASAP.

The only part we’re not looking forward to is the clean-up.

Disco Baddie Photoshoot

Baddie aesthetic

Whether you’re taking photos for the new year or channeling your inner disco girl, might we suggest this baddie photoshoot inspo?

We promise the mess will be 100% worth it when you see how your photos turn out.

Let Her Eat Cake

Baddie photoshoots ideas

Marie Antoinette fans will appreciate the reference and this inspired baddie photoshoot idea.

So sit back, grab a cake, or four, and get ready to pose for Instagram and the camera.

Vogue Baddie Photoshoot

Baddie picture inspo

Don’t just hold the Vogue magazine, feel like you’re on the cover of it.

That’s the kind of confidence you’re going to need if you want to pull off this baddie aesthetic.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite photoshoot idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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