25 Easy Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks in 2024

Valentine’s Day makeup looks

Need help finding a makeup idea for Valentine’s Day? If so, here are 25 easy Valentine’s Day makeup looks in 2024!

From the classic subtle soft pink look, to the more sophisticated and bold bright red lip look, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your unique sense of style.

Also, we’ve included some links below to more makeup ideas if you don’t find yourself in this list.

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Let’s dive in!

Duo-Tone Pink Makeup

valentine's day makeup looks

If Barbie met Valentine’s Day, this would be the result.

This duo-tone pink Valentine’s day makeup is not easy, but it’s absolutely stunning.

Watch a few makeup tutorials on YouTube to nail this look.

Subtle Soft Pink Makeup

Simple V-day makeup

We love a soft and romantic Valentine’s day makeup idea, especially one that looks this good.

The soft pink eyeshadow paired with the pink shimmer blush is a match made in heaven, perfect for Valentine’s day.

Neon Pink Makeup

Soft valentine's day face paint

For the girls who love their bold makeup looks, this Valentine’s day makeup idea is for you.

The pops of neon pink on the lips and eyeliner are guaranteed to catch that special someone’s attention. One of our favorite Valentine’s Day makeup looks for the year.

Barbie Pink

Simple V-day makeup

If you thought the Barbie era was over, think again.

Channel your inner Margot Robbie Barbie with this gorgeous soft pink makeup look for Valentine’s Day this year.

Bright Red Lip

Cute valentine's day makeup ideas

Leave it to the OG Victoria’s Secret model and angel, Candace Swanepoel to set the best makeup inspo for this Valentine’s Day.

Her decade-long career modeling for Valentine’s Day campaigns makes this bright red lip a staple for that special day.

Red & Pink Valentine’s Day Makeup

Cute valentine's day makeup ideas

Don’t just choose one color for your Valentine’s day makeup this year, use multiple!

This is a perfect example of how pink eyeshadow and blush can be perfectly complemented with a bright red lip for a Valentine’s day makeup idea.

Pink Glitter Eyeshadow

valentine's day makeup looks

If there’s one tip we can give you for your Valentine’s Day makeup look this year, it’s to add glitter!

Glitter is an easy and simple way to enhance your makeup and draw in someone’s attention.

Exaggerated Pink Blush

Best valentine's day makeup

We’re not usually fans of exaggerated blush, but we are loving this pink makeup style for Valentine’s day.

Although not easy to pull off, if you can, we envy you!

Dusty Pink Makeup

Soft valentine's day face paint

If you’re not into the bright and vibrant pinks and reds for Valentine’s day, stick with the more muted tones, like dusty pink.

This dusty pink Valentine’s day makeup look is romantic, cute, and truly to-die for.

Valentine’s Day Eyeshadow Hearts

Simple V-day makeup

For all the girls who love to challenge themselves with makeup and be creative, you have to try this makeup heart Valentine’s day eyeshadow.

Although not easy, it is super cute and impressive. 

We also love how she paired it with matching hair clips.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Hearts

Cute valentine's day makeup ideas

Another creative way to add makeup hearts to your Valentine’s day face paint is by adding them onto your cheeks.

You can add them into your blush and make them in any color, but we prefer red, pink, or white.

BFF Valentine’s Day Face Paint

Soft valentine's day face paint

If you’re looking for a creative and eye-catching Valentine’s day face paint that you and your BFF can do for an Instagram photoshoot, you’re going to want to save this.

The pink and blue juxtaposing Valentine’s day face paint makes for a truly stunning picture with your BFF.

Not only will you rake in those likes, but you’ll have fun doing it with your closest friend.

Pink Smokey Eye

Soft valentine's day face paint

It wouldn’t be a list of Valentine’s day makeup ideas without a classic smokey eye, but in pink.

This is an easy way to add color to your Valentine’s day makeup that’s still romantic and cute.

Orange Eyeshadow

Best valentine's day makeup

Even if you’re not a fan of orange and pink, you can still participate in a Valentine’s day themed makeup look.

This orange eyeshadow paired with a nude lipstick is just the right hue to pass for Valentine’s day.

Plus this soft and romantic makeup look is easy to achieve and can be done in minutes.

Red Valentine’s Day Makeup

valentine's day makeup looks

Red is the new “it” color for girls in 2024 so clearly the perfect time to rock it is this V-Day.

You can make this red makeup look as subtle or as bold as you want.

Pink Winged Eyeliner

Best valentine's day makeup

We are truly suckers for a good winged eyeliner.

This Valentine’s day makeup idea is bold and creative while still being cute and romantic.

Red Makeup Stripes

Cute valentine's day makeup ideas

If there is any eyeliner trend we’re envious of, because we can never get it down, is the striped eyeliner.

This red striped makeup on top of the baby pink eyeshadow is truly one of the most perfect Valentine’s day makeup ideas.

Blue & Pink Makeup

Soft valentine's day face paint

We are so into the two-toned makeup in 2024, especially when it looks like this.

How could you not want to try this blue and pink two-toned Valentine’s day makeup idea when it looks this good?

Rhinestone Eyeshadow

Best valentine's day makeup

If you want a little extra something for your Valentine’s day makeup look, just add some rhinestones!

Rhinestones are the perfect accessory to any eyeshadow look and can work for any occasion.

Red, Pink, and White Eyeshadow

valentine's day makeup looks

The elite color combination for V-Day? Red, White, and Pink of course.

This color combination makes for the perfect makeup look for Valentine’s day, regardless of what your plans are.

Pink & Purple Valentine’s Day Makeup

Simple V-day makeup

We love a pink and purple makeup moment, and who knew it would be so perfect for valentine’s day?

The added shimmer in the eyeshadow and lips takes this entire look to the next level.

Romantic Makeup

Cute valentine's day makeup ideas

You don’t need to add a bunch of colors to your eyeshadow and eyeliner to get a gorgeous romantic makeup look for V-Day.

This is an overall simple and easy makeup look but the added muted red lip shows that even just a hint of color can make for the perfect makeup moment.

Lavender Haze

Best valentine's day makeup

Taylor Swift would approve of these types of lavender Valentine’s Day makeup looks, and not just because of her song, Lavender Haze.

She’d approve because this subtle and cute lavender makeup is simply gorgeous.

Pops of Red

Best valentine's day makeup

The subtle pops of red in this makeup look is what makes this our favorite on the list of Valentine’s day makeup ideas.

This can even be a makeup look you rock all year round, that’s how good it is.

Retro Inspired V-Day Makeup 

valentine's day makeup looks

This Valentine’s day makeup look list wouldn’t be complete without one of Selena Gomez’s most iconic makeup looks.

This retro inspired makeup idea is subtle, cute, and romantic. 

All without being over the top or complicated.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite makeup look for Valentine’s Day after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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