50 Picture Perfect Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

birthday photoshoot ideas

Want some help finding a trendy birthday photoshoot? If so, here are 50 picture-perfect birthday photoshoot ideas!

We’ve included some photoshoot ideas that range from specific set themes for certain people, to the open-ended concepts that can suit various preferences. Whatever your preference, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your taste.

In this list, you’ll also find some color-themed photoshoot ideas that gives the more understated and elegant look.

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Let’s dive in!

Barbie Girl Photoshoot

birthday photoshoot ideas

This baby pink Barbie girl photoshoot brings in all things pink and girly for one of our more dreamy birthday photoshoot ideas.

Silver Photoshoot

best birthday at home

This silver birthday photoshoot idea is perfect for girls who want something cool without being too girly.

Vintage Glam Shoot

easy elegant birthday for girls

Nothing says turning 30 in style than a vintage Hollywood inspired 30th birthday photoshoot. 

RIP to My 20’s

aesthetic birthday shot for girls

Turning 30? Have an all-black “RIP to my 20’s” 30th birthday photoshoot with black balloons and cake. 

21 is Calling

cute 21st birthday shoot

You better answer the phone, 21 is calling, and it’s here to give you the best year of your life.

Getting Glammed Up

fun birthday party photoshoot

Get all glammed up for your birthday with this fun and creative getting ready photoshoot.

Projector Photoshoot

creative photoshoot idea

Save the money on all the expensive decorations and use this creative projector birthday photoshoot idea instead.

Trendy Cowgirl Photoshoot

cute and casual at home birthday photoshoot

Think pink for this trendy cowgirl birthday photoshoot. The more the pink the better.

Floral Marquee Letters

casual birthday photoshoot

We love the idea of using giant floral marquee letters as the background for your 24th birthday photoshoot.

Have Your Cake

best girl birthday party simple

You can have your cake and eat it too in this 21st birthday photoshoot idea for girls.

Pajama Party Photoshoot

birthday photoshoot ideas

Ring in 19 with a pink pajama party photoshoot that you don’t even have to leave your comfy bed for.

Birthday Donuts

simple at home birthday photoshoot

We’re not fans of cake either so we’re all about using birthday donuts as the focal point for your birthday photoshoot.

Trendy Black Birthday Shoot

black and white birthday photoshoot

We’re all about channeling our inner goth if it means recreating this super cool birthday photoshoot idea.

21st Birthday Celebration

simple and aesthetic photoshoot for birthday

Pop open a bottle of bubbly for this unique 21st birthday photoshoot idea that takes place in a bathtub. 

Bathtub Birthday Photoshoot Idea

simple photoshoot idea

Another creative take on the bathtub photoshoot trend is by filling it with bubble inspired white balloons.

Getting Wiggy With It

fun lipstick photoshoot idea

Get wiggy for your 23rd birthday with this creative and fun photoshoot idea.

Older Wiser Hotter

creative photoshoot for birthday for girls

The only three things you need to tell yourself on your birthday: that you’re older, wiser, and hotter.

Silver Balloon Letters

unique birthday photoshoot for girls

Whether you’re turning 17, 27, or 37, giant silver balloons make for the perfect birthday photoshoot backdrop.

Feeling Golden

simple gold birthday shoot

In the words of Harry Styles, “You’re So Golden,” and so is your 30th birthday photoshoot. 

Confetti & Cake

best photoshoot for girls

All you need for your at home birthday photoshoot idea is a pretty mini-cake and tons of confetti.

Birthday Details

creative black and white birthday

It’s all in the tiny little details in this simple and gorgeous 20th birthday photoshoot.

Realistic Birthday Shoot

birthday photoshoot ideas

We couldn’t relate more to this realistic birthday shoot that features a delicious plate of pasta and a glass of our favorite champagne.

Dolled Up in Pink

birthday idea for girls

Get all dolled up in pink with one of our bright and creative 28th birthday photoshoot ideas.

Cooking Queen

aesthetic at home birthday

We hereby declare you the queen of cookies with this super sweet and delicious birthday photoshoot idea.

Cake Smash Birthday Shoot

simple birthday photoshoot at home

Don’t be afraid to get messy with this cake smash birthday photoshoot idea that’s perfect for any girl with a sweet tooth.

Blue Birthday Backdrop

blue creative birthday photoshoot

Bring in your favorite color to your birthday photoshoot backdrop with blue streamers and accessories.

Red, Silver, and Black

cute photos for birthday party

The three colors you need for a standout birthday photoshoot are red for your backdrop, black for your dress, and silver for your balloons.

Toast to 27

aesthetic 27th birthday for girls

Have a toast to your 27th birthday with this easy at home photoshoot that only requires a few balloons.

Disco Birthday Girl 

unique silver photoshoot for girls birthday

Be the dancing disco queen on your birthday with this silver disco styled birthday photoshoot.

Outdoor Photoshoot

outdoors cute photoshoot for birthday

Take your birthday photoshoot to the great outdoors with some balloons and a mini-cake.

Birthday Picnic

cute outdoors simple birthday

Go outdoors and have a birthday picnic with your best friends and turn it into the perfect photoshoot moment.

Beach Picnic Photoshoot

birthday photoshoot ideas

We’re obsessed with the beach picnic birthday photoshoot for girls who live near the beach.

Birthday Princess

best pink birthday photoshoot

Don’t forget to remind everyone that you’re the birthday princess on your special day.

Golden Cowgirl

cool 24th birthday photoshoot

We’ve officially found our favorite birthday photoshoot idea and it’s golden cowgirl themed. 

I Got Older…

simple and aesthetic 24th birthday

Have a funny birthday photoshoot with a cake that says, “I got older, just never wiser.” Which might just be true for us.

Rooftop Photoshoot

best outdoor 21st birthday photoshoot

Another great way to go outdoors and get creative for your birthday photoshoot is by going to your parking garage rooftop.

Pop of Color Birthday Photoshoot

birthday photoshoot ideas

Stand out in your birthday photos by being the pop of color against your silver & black birthday backdrop.

Birthday Queen

aesthetic photoshoot for birthday for girls

You can’t be the birthday queen without a literal throne and crown in your birthday photoshoot.

336 Months Old

creative at home unique birthday photos

This hilarious take on baby portraits has to be one of the funniest birthday photoshoot ideas we’ve ever seen.

Newspaper Backdrop

very creative at home photoshoot for birthday

For all the newspaper loving girlies, turn your old newspapers into this creative photoshoot backdrop.

Memory Polaroid Wall

silver unique photoshoot for birthday

We love the idea of bringing in your favorite memories to your birthday photoshoot with a polaroid wall.

Birth Year Balloons

simple gold at home birthday

This creative take on a birthday backdrop creates a simple yet stunning birthday photoshoot idea.

Spa Photoshoot

elegant 33rd birthday photoshoot

Once you ring in your 30th birthday, the one place you’ll want to celebrate is the spa.

Car Girl Photoshoot

unique at home photos for birthday

If you’re a self-proclaimed car girl who takes pride in what she drives, use it as the backdrop for your birthday photoshoot.

At the Club

cool outdoor photoshoot idea

If you’re ringing in your birthday at the club, use it as the background for your party-girl birthday photoshoot.

Out of This World Photoshoot

birthday photoshoot ideas

Have a birthday that’s out of this world with this creative and colorful photoshoot idea. 

Pity Party Photoshoot

unique photos for birthday

You can only throw yourself a pity party for one day, and only because it’s for this funny birthday photoshoot idea.

Simple Cool Girl Photoshoot

aesthetic black and white birthday photoshoot

This simple birthday photoshoot idea doesn’t require much, but it does look super cool.

Black & White Birthday Photoshoot

unique birthday for girls

We’re obsessed with these simple and stunning black and white birthday photoshoot ideas. 

Money Photoshoot

cool at home 22nd birthday

If there’s one thing we want to wish for on our birthday, it’s more money, and this birthday photoshoot idea is the perfect way to put that out into the universe.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite birthday photoshoot idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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