25 Aesthetic Baddie Room Ideas in 2024

Baddie Room Ideas

Don’t know how to decorate your room and need some help? If so, here are 25 aesthetic baddie room ideas in 2024!

Explore our collection of room ideas, featuring decor that incorporates shades of blue to enhance the ambiance.

From subtle accents to bolder statements, find inspiration for creating a space that reflects your personal style and makes a lasting impression.

With simple yet chic choices, you can design a stylish room without investing excessive time in the decorating process.

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Let’s dive in!

Maximalist Tattoo Inspired Room

Baddie room ideas

If you’ve ever walked into a tattoo shop before, these types of baddie room ideas probably remind you of it.

That’s the entire goal of this colorful maximalist interior design trend.

Orange Neon Room

Best baddie rooms

You don’t need a maximalist interior design style to have a baddie room aesthetic.

Just adding neon LED lights, like this orange LED strip, can bring that baddie vibe into your room.

Pink LED Baddie Room Idea

Simple room aesthetic

Another neon LED color that makes for a fave baddie bedroom idea is pink!

The pink LED strip behind the bed is a great example of how one little decor item can transform your space.

Retro Baddie Bedroom

Easy room idea with LED lights

This funky and retro inspired baddie room inspo should be saved to your Pinterest ASAP.

Not only are colorful retro aesthetics becoming trendy again, they’re a fun way to show off your vibrant and bold personality.

Disco Baddie Room

Baddie bedroom ideas

We are obsessed with this disco ball ceiling decor idea and think it would be amazing inside your bedroom.

If you consider yourself a disco baddie, you know you have to try and DIY this.

Minimalist Pop of Color Room

Easy room idea with LED lights

Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring, all you need is a pop of color.

This green and pink color combination completely transforms this minimalist bedroom into the baddie room of our dreams.

Patterned to the Max

Baddie room ideas

Talk about the opposite of minimalism.

This room idea for baddies is one that’s filled with color, personality, and best of all, patterns.

Pink & Black Bedroom

Simple room aesthetic

Pink and black has always been, and will always be, an elite color combination for baddies.

This color combo for bedrooms gives the perfect amount of color while staying true to a specific baddie aesthetic.

Boho Baddie Room

Best baddie rooms

You can have a boho aesthetic and still be a baddie, we promise.

In fact, this might just be the best display of a boho baddie bedroom.

Neutral & Pink Baddie Room Idea

Simple room aesthetic

White neutral baddie room idea is fairly easy for any girl to do in their room.

Just stick with white and beige furniture but add that pop of neon pink in your room decor.

White Baddie Bedroom

Easy room idea with LED lights

Well we think we might’ve just stumbled upon one of our favorite baddie room ideas of all time.

We are big fans of a clean white room aesthetic but we never thought to add faux orchid stems as accent pieces.

This is one DIY we will absolutely be trying.

Gray & White Baddie Bedroom

Easy room idea with LED lights

Another easy and fairly minimalistic baddie bedroom idea is this gray and white room aesthetic.

This can create the perfect canvas for you to then add color to, whether it be purple, green, blue, or all of the above.

Just use an LED lightstrip from Amazon.

Flower Stem Wall

Baddie room ideas

A real baddie knows that a unique DIY is the key to the perfect room, and this might just be the most perfect DIY we’ve ever seen.

Statement Wallpaper

Best baddie rooms

Statement wallpapers are for the baddies and baddies only.

If you don’t already have a fun and colorful statement wallpaper in your room, what are you doing?

Moody Baddie Oasis

Simple room aesthetic

Looking for a moody oasis you can go to after a long day to just relax and unwind?

Then, you’re definitely going to want to try this dark green baddie room inspo.

Baddie bedroom ideas

Another favorite color to create the perfect moody bedroom oasis is navy.

Navy is an easy color to pair decor with but we think gold and green will be your best options.

Art Inspired Bedroom

Baddie bedroom ideas

Every art loving baddie will appreciate the inspiration in this modern bedroom idea.

Thrift the frames from local thrift stores and print free art prints on nga.gov!

Cute Baddie Bedroom

Baddie room ideas

Whoever said baddies couldn’t have cute feminine rooms seriously has no idea what they’re talking about.

This black, white, and pink bedroom has the cutest accents all over. The more you look, the more you find!

Black & Red Baddie Bedroom

Easy room idea with LED lights

Looking for a baddie woman cave that you can relax, unwind, and be your best self in?

Look no further than this black & red baddie room inspo.

Thrifted Modern Bedroom

Best baddie rooms

What makes this baddie room idea so special is that all the items are thrifted and unique, so you won’t find another room exactly like this.

Glam Maximalist

Simple room aesthetic

If you’re a baddie who likes all things glam and Old Hollywood, this maximalist room aesthetic is screaming your name.

Green Botanic Baddie Bedroom

Baddie room ideas

This green botanic baddie bedroom idea is everything we could ever want and more.

The white, green, and black color scheme is perfectly complemented by the gold accents and leopard print wallpaper arch.

Modern Floral Room

Easy room idea with LED lights

Flowers, but make it modern with a hint of baddie.

There is nothing we love more than a trendy, modern, and mature take on a floral adorned bedroom. Definitely one of our favorite baddie room ideas for the season.

Vibrant Boho Baddie Room Idea

Baddie bedroom ideas

The vibrant boho baddie room is a combination of two popular design trends into one stunning, gorgeous, and perfect aesthetic that we’ll never get over.

We recommend thrifting a ton of the decor to save money and make it more unique.

Coastal Coquette Room

Best baddie rooms

For the small bedroom girlies who want a cute baddie room idea, the coastal coquette aesthetic was practically made for you.

With beach inspired decor and a light and easy feel to the room, you can definitely unwind after a long day here.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite room idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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