25 Stunning Baddie Outfits in 2024

Baddie Birthday Outfits

Struggling to find a cute outfit to wear this year? If so, here are 25 stunning baddie outfits to try in 2024!

Discover a variety of outfit ideas tailored to rock your day in style. From chic ensembles to casual attire, find options that complement your personality and make you feel confident and fabulous.

Additionally, explore effortless outfit choices for those who prefer a more relaxed vibe.

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Let’s dive in!

Black Leather Mini Skirt

Baddie birthday outfits

An all black baddie outfit isn’t the same without a sexy black leather mini skirt.

A black leather mini skirt is the addition you’ll want to add to your all black look in Fall and Winter.

Tube Top & High Waisted Jeans

Baddie birthday outfits ideas

Your next Spring and Summer casual outfit has never looked so good.

The white tube top tucked into the high waisted split hem jeans is such a look, especially with the chunky belt.

This is one of our favorite baddie outfits that we’re definitely trying this year.

All Black Fall Outfit

Baddie instagram birthday outfits

Fall and Winter were made for the all black baddie outfits and this one might just be one of our favorites, especially for black girls.

The turtleneck, mini skirt, tights, and chunky boots all go together so well and remind us that you can absolutely just wear all black and look amazing.

Red Leather Winter Outfit

Baddie 21st birthday outfits

Red leather pants for Winter? Absolutely.

This is one baddie outfit we’re absolutely recreating, but we won’t be waiting until Winter.

Layered Corset Look

Slay baddie birthday outfits

If you have a Summer corset that you’re obsessed with and want to wear all year round, consider layering it on top of a sleek white button down.

The layered look was made for those colder months and we promise it looks just as good as in the Summer.

Matching Red BFF Baddie Outfits

Boujee baddie 18th birthday outfits

If you consider yourself a baddie with an equally baddie BFF, this is a look you both should try.

The red and white versus the red and black is such a vibe and makes you two the perfect baddie duo.

Crop Top & Jeans

Baddie instagram birthday outfits

A casual outfit to run errands in doesn’t have to be boring, and it shouldn’t be.

Take inspo from the baddie herself, Tammy Hembrow, and pair a white crop top with your favorite baggy jeans for an outfit everyone will be obsessed with.

Pink & Orange Glitter Outfit

Baddie birthday outfits

Who said a pink dress couldn’t be a baddie?

This oversized pink sequin shirt paired with orange accessories is a reminder that being a baddie is truly just about your vibe and confidence.

Sequin Night Out Look

Baddie birthday outfits ideas

Looking for a night out look that channels your inner baddie and won’t look like everyone else’s outfit?

The sequin crop top is the perfect pairing to the pink satin low rise pants.

Sports Inspired Baddie Outfit

Night out baddie birthday outfits

The sports inspiration is strong in these types of baddie outfits.

We love the matching biker short set layered on top of an oversized letterman and Jordans.

Y2K Baddie Outfit

Slay baddie birthday outfits

Y2K fashion seemed to be just a fad but now we know it’s here to stay.

This is a cute baddie outfit idea you can wear for Spring and Summer when you’re seeing friends, going on a date, or channeling vacation mode.

Groovy Green Outfit

Baddie birthday outfits ideas

Let this be your inspiration for the perfect going out baddie outfit for Summer.

You can’t get any better than this cute and trendy outfit for when you’re wanting to go out with friends during the warm and sunny days.

NFL Baddie Outfit

Baddie instagram birthday outfits

For all of our NFL fans, you can rock your NFL attire and still be a baddie.

Elevate your comfy NFL gear with a pair of pop of color heels and matching accessories for the ultimate baddie look.

Matching Leather Set

Baddie birthday outfits

If there’s one thing you need in your closet for the perfect baddie outfit all year round, it’s a leather set.

You can have it be more casual and comfy, or go for something a bit sexier and edgier like this yin & yang inspired unique set.

Pink Metallic Outfit

Boujee baddie 18th birthday outfits

For the city girls obsessed with all things fashion, this pink metallic outfit is one you’re going to love.

This outfit not only proves you know fashion, it channels your inner Barbie girl baddie without being too much.

White Summer Set

Baddie 21st birthday outfits

Every girl, not just the baddies, should have a white set in their closet for Summer.

Not only is a white set easy to style and accessorize, but it looks incredible on everyone, no matter your skin color or size.

Leather Pants & Chunky Boots

Night out baddie birthday outfits

For Fall and Winter, you only need to pair two things for the perfect baddie outfit idea, leather pants and chunky black boots.

Oversized Monotone Set

Baddie birthday outfits

Real baddies know that you don’t need to wear something skin tight to have an outfit that matches your aesthetic.

This oversized monotone set is the perfect example of how being comfy can still be trendy and cute.

Layered with Leggings

Baddie birthday outfits ideas

Leggings are a staple for most girls in 2024, but to take your leggings and take them up to a baddie level, you’re going to need to add some layers.

High socks, dad sneakers, a matching sweatshirt, and a jean jacket all contribute to elevating this casual and comfy everyday look for the modern baddie.

Crop Top & Maxi Skirt

Slay baddie birthday outfits

We will never stop being obsessed with maxi skirts, especially in Summer.

Paired with a micro crop top and chunky sandals and you’re ready for whatever the day has in store. Definitely one of our more unique baddie outfits for this year.

Biker Shorts & Oversized Jackets

Boujee baddie 18th birthday outfits

Biker shorts can be a part of a baddie outfit, but when you style them just right.

With a biker shorts set, add on a casual hat and an oversized denim jacket and you’re good to go, in seconds.

Asymmetric Tops

Night out baddie birthday outfits

Straight hemlines are so 2023, we’re baddies in 2024 and we want something that channels our vibe, and that’s an asymmetric hemline.

Let asymmetric tops be your next closet staple if you’re looking for one of our more unique baddie outfit ideas.

90’s Baddie Outfit

Slay baddie birthday outfits

Real baddies know that it all started in the 90’s with the oversized denim shorts and the white simple tank and sneakers.

This retro inspired baddie outfit idea is a throwback look everyone loves and is great for school, Summer, and just being casual around town.

Baggy Jeans & a Little Top

Baddie birthday outfits

The only recipe you need to know for the perfect baddie outfits are baggy jeans paired with little tops.

Y2k Co-Ord

Baddie birthday outfits ideas

It doesn’t get more baddie than a Y2K inspired coordinating sweatsuit set, especially in a legally blonde inspired pink.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite outfit idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!


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