25 Simple Baddie Nail Ideas in 2024

Baddie Nail Ideas

Looking for a cute nail idea to go with your outfit? If so, look no further, here are 25 simple baddie nail ideas in 2024!

Explore blue nail inspirations that complement your ensemble, from subtle accents to bold designs that add flair to your style.

For simpler options, find easy yet fashionable nail concepts for a polished look with minimal effort.

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Let’s dive in!

Powderpuff Heart Nails

Baddie nail ideas

If you’re an OG baddie who watched the powerpuff girls, you’ll be able to recognize this nail idea in seconds.

These might be the hearts in the ending credits on the powderpuff TV, but they also make for a super fun baddie nail design.

Two Tone French Tip

Baddie nails

There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous two tone pink French tip acrylic set to make you feel confident.

This is one of our favorite Spring and Summer baddie nail ideas you’ll definitely want to bookmark. 

Neon Flame Manicure

nail art for girls

If you want to feel hot, hot, hot, this baddie nail idea will bring the heat.

The neon flames are a creative take on a French tip that only a true baddie can rock.

Groovy Blue Manicure

girl nail designs

If you thought you couldn’t channel your inner 70’s disco queen as a baddie, think again.

The coffin shaped acrylic set is the perfect backdrop for a groovy blue French tip manicure.

Purple Baddie Nails

Best nail designs for girls

If there’s one acrylic shape that will give you the baddie nail look no matter what color or design you choose, it’s the claw shape.

We are obsessed with how this trendy purple color looks on this baddie nail idea.

Short Gold Accent Nails

Simple and trendy nail art

You can have a short manicure while still having baddie nails, and if anyone tells you differently, show them this inspo pic.

The gold accent on these nails is exactly the vibe you should be going for with your nails.

Pastel Baddie Nails

Baddie nail ideas

BRB we are picking our jaws up off the floor over this stunning ombre pastel baddie nail idea.

We’ve seriously never seen such a gorgeous baddie nail design in 2024.

Swirly Coffin Nails

Baddie nails

These long coffin baddie nails are ones you’re going to want to try this year.

Gold might’ve been the color of 2023, but silver is the accent color to stay in 2024.

Pink & Blue Ombre Nails

nail art for girls

For a medium length baddie nail idea, you’ve got to try this pink & blue ombre set.

The sharp almond shaped look on this set is what helps make this a nail idea fit for a baddie.

Duo-Tone Green Nails

girl nail designs

Whether it’s St. Patrick’s day, Christmas, or really any time of the year, it’s always a good decision to rock a duo-tone green manicure.

The duo-tone green look is what takes this trendy coffin nail design from simple to baddie.

Neon Green Details

Best nail designs for girls

If you’re looking for a trendy baddie nail color to add to your manicure, let it be neon green.

You can’t look at this nail idea and not think “baddie.”

Sunset Baddie Nail Art

Simple and trendy nail art

A baddie nail design inspired by the sunset? Sign us up.

Let this be your reminder that a pink and orange ombre sunset design is the best decision for Summer.

Blue Tone Acrylics

Baddie nails

Why choose one blue nail color when you can have multiple?

From shiny periwinkle, to soft light blue glitter, this baddie nail idea allows you to be as creative as you want. Definitely one of our favorite unique baddie nail ideas for the season.

Heart Nail Art

nail art for girls

If you’re wanting baddie nail art that will stand out and look great all year round, specifically around Valentine’s Day, try this idea.

We don’t know about you guys, but we can’t resist heart nail art, glitter, or a French tip.

Red & Gold Abstract Nails

girl nail designs

Abstract is the name of the game for baddie nail art in 2024 and this nail inspo is *chef’s kiss* – true perfection.

The 3D gold baddie nail art is what really sets this manicure apart.

Comic French Tip

Baddie nail ideas

If this is your first time seeing the comic book inspired nail trend, you’re welcome.

The comic French tip is definitely one of the most baddie nail designs anyone can do.

And we can guarantee no one else will be rocking it.

Green Marble Nails

Baddie nails

If you’re looking for a medium length baddie nail idea, we think we’ve found the perfect one for you.

The trendy marble nail design was made for the baddies and the baddies only.

Aurora Nails

nail art for girls

If you thought we’d make a list of baddie nail ideas and not have aurora nails, you’re tripping.

Aurora nails are the ultimate baddie nail idea, but don’t just take it from us, take it from all the celebs and influencers who have rocked this look in 2024.

Purple Shimmer Nails

girl nail designs

Purple? Shimmer? Almond shaped acrylics?

Talk about the ultimate baddie nail idea trifecta.

Holographic Glitter Nails

Best nail designs for girls

There’s one nail trend that we’re loving more than any nail trend in 2024 and that’s the use of a holographic gel color.

Holographic colors have been in the world of baddie fashion and we’re so happy it’s made its way into the nail scene.

Rainbow Chrome Nails

Simple and trendy nail art

We can’t possibly make a list of baddie nail ideas without chrome.

Chrome is the “it” girl baddie nail trend, but instead of just using one chrome color, step up your nail design and use the rainbow.

Metallic Rainbow Nails

nail art for girls

So if chrome isn’t baddie enough for you, metallic might be.

We love nothing more than a unique metallic manicure, especially since we know the only people who can rock this nail idea are the true baddies.

Graphic Baddie Nail Art

Baddie nail ideas

A graphic nail design is one that the bold baddies can always appreciate.

You’ve got to get creative and have fun with a graphic nail design like this and not be afraid to go ALL OUT!

Spanish Nail Design

nail art for girls

For our girls who love to incorporate Spanish culture into their lifestyle and fashion, we’d love to see you rock this baddie nail art.

The latina influencer is strong and we’re here for it.

Silver Chrome Nails

nail art for girls

We’re ending the baddie nail idea list with one of the most elite baddie nails of all time, silver chrome.

It doesn’t get any better than this if you want the baddie nails of a lifetime.


Hopefully you’ve found your favorite nail idea after reading this post!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions leave them down below. Thanks for reading!

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